How to Make a Smoky Eye Make-up: Step-by-Step Instruction

Makeup "smoky eye" is a classica method of applying shadows, at which the effect of an open, languid, eye-catching view is achieved. With it, you can emphasize the natural beauty and shape of the eyes. Its versatility lies in the fact that it fits any color. Any color of eyes, hair and skin can be combined with this method. His appearance refers to the era of silent cinema, but every year the "smoky eye" is gaining increasing popularity.

smoky eye

Recommendations for choosing a shade

When choosing such a make-up for the eyes, you need beforein total to be defined with color of shadows and a pencil which will be used. For light eyes it is better to choose not too dark shades, for dark, on the contrary, you can choose enough intense colors. Also, the choice of saturation will depend on the size of the eyes. Smaller is better to emphasize light flickering textures, since dark colors can make them even smaller. When the eyes are large enough, the use of dark shades is appropriate.

Blue eyes are best accentuated by beige, brown, gold, lavender, purple. Choose their coolest shades better.

For brown eyes, almost any color,but it is better to choose warm shades. For daytime make-up, gray, brown shadows are ideal. For the evening you can choose plum, bronze, graphite.

For green eyes, it is better not to choose blue andpink shadows, as well as green ones that do not underline the shape, but, conversely, turn them into semblance of big spots on the face. It is better to use neutral shades - sand, ivory, brown.

technique of smoky eye makeup

Makeup Technique

The technique of smoky eye makeup, or, as it is stillcalled "smokey-ice", suggests the absence of clear boundaries when applied, all transitions should be carefully shaded. When applying a pencil, you should not deviate from this rule, it is good, if it does not stand out with a clear line.

The basic rule is to apply morelight shade on all eyelid. The mobile area is highlighted with a darker color. The darkest color tinted the outer corner of the eye. Pencil is better to use soft, so you can later easily blend it. By such a smooth transition, a haze effect is created. The look becomes feminine and soft.

With this makeup can not do wellcolored eyelashes. Mascara is selected depending on the color of the hair and eyes. Blondes better choose brown, brunettes - on black. At imaginative variants it is supposed to use color ink - green, dark blue, violet. In some cases, you can resort to the use of false eyelashes, for example, going to the evening party. In this case, the effect of smoky makeup will be even stronger.

light smoky eye makeup

Use of technique in daytime make-up

In the classical version, the smokymake-up was used mainly for evening outings. But now, with the help of various means, you can enter it into the day image. Light smoky eye makeup will look very advantageous at work, in the office, at a business meeting.

To do this, you need to choose lighternatural shades. If there is a need to use intense colors, then you need to apply a very small amount and carefully shade them with the main color.

Pencils used as podvodki, you must also choose neutral tones, black is best avoided, replacing it with brown, gray or dark blue.

Smoky eye makeup: step by step instruction

The photos in the article show the reader the flawlessness and depth of the look of the owner of the "Smokey-Ice". It is important to learn how to do it correctly. So, to perform make-up you need to prepare:

  1. Base for shadows.
  2. Shadows.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Several brushes for applying shadows.
  5. Ink.

In order to perform the "smoky eye" make-up, you need to follow this instruction step by step:

  1. Apply a make-up on the eyelid. It will help to more evenly apply shadows and prevent them from rolling away during the day.
  2. A light shade of shadows needs to be covered by the entire eyelid, retreating a certain distance from the eyebrows.
  3. In the center of the rolling age, a darker or more colored shade is applied and shaded right and left.
  4. The outline of the eye from above and below is the darkest shade.
  5. Pencil draws the intermittent space, with the help of a brush, a smooth transition from a clear dark line to a smoky slightly above the growth of the eyelashes is achieved.
  6. Light pearly shadows traces the inner corner of the eye. They are also applied to the space under the eyebrow.
  7. All the transition lines are carefully shaded with a clean brush.
  8. Eyelashes stain in several layers.

smoky eye makeup step by step instruction photo

Smoky make-up for green eyes

Step by step (above in the article) has been described a universal method of applying a make-up of a fig-ice. It can be used by working with absolutely different colors and shades.

In order to give expressiveness to green eyes, you can use the following method:

  1. The main tone, it can be white, ivory, beige, all the upper eyelid is allocated.
  2. Then contrast shadows are applied - dark gray,purple, chocolate. They need to be carried along the line from the inner century to the outer one, and the intensity should be greater on the outer one. They also put the lower eyelid.
  3. A pencil of blue, purple or brown color brings the whole contour of the eye, including the lower eyelid. Next, brush the pencil shading until the clear line of application disappears.
  4. The ink stains the eyelashes in two layers.

smoky make-up for green eyes step by step

Basic recommendations on makeup technique

When choosing a make-up "smoky eye", you need to remember that the emphasis in this case is made on the eye. This means that the rest of the face is better not to be highlighted.

The lips are applied neutral shades of lipstick or shine. The use of bright colors is excluded. Blush it is better not to use at all or to impose them in the minimum amount.

You need to start make-up from the eyes. Shadows have the property of crumbling when applied, creating an untidy appearance. Therefore, after the end of the eye makeup tonal remedy is applied. The skin tone should ideally match the neck tone, there should be no mask effect on the face. The use of a light invisible powder at the end of the makeup will make it more resistant.

Make-up in the technique of "smoky eye" - beautifuloption for every day, and for an evening out. Observing the above rules, any girl can give her look expressiveness and beauty.

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