How to make a voice beautiful?

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How to make a voice beautiful?

Many people dream of becoming the owner of a beautiful voice. To achieve this goal will help proven exercises. They must be performed regularly - several times a day. Then soon you will be able to make your voice more sonorous, beautiful and velvety.

Voice exercises

It is recommended to perform the following set of exercises:

  1. First, relax the muscles of the neck, then take a few breaths and exhale and begin to play the sound "a". Do it quietly at a quiet pace. Then pull that sound (aaaa), bending your head forward at this time. Then experiment with other vowels that should flow easily.
  2. Start mooing. Be sure to knock yourself on the forehead, maxillary sinuses and chest with this hand. Exercise duration - 5-7 minutes.
  3. Melodious notes in the voice will help bring five big breaths through the nose and five breaths through the mouth.
  4. Say several identical consonants with different vowels. For example, "bbi", "bbbe", "bbba" and so on.
  5. Start in the morning to meow. Such an exercise will allow you to bring softer notes to your voice.
  6. Stick your tongue down, do it as far as possible, with the tip reaching for the chin. Then gently tilt your head forward and try to reach the tip of the nose with your tongue. Repeat this exercise 5-7 times.
  7. Close your mouth and start yawning in this position. Do 10 such exercises. During them, you should spread your arms to the side.

Additional exercises can be found in the article How to learn to sing.

Useful recommendations

You should also observe the following tips:

  • To make your voice beautiful, you need to properly place accents. You should not speak monotonously or too quickly, the pronunciation of 130-150 words per minute is considered optimal.
  • Learn to breathe properly. This should be done belly, shaking the lower press. Then your voice will be beautiful.
  • Start reading out loud - it will achieve excellent results. It is recommended to read not only books, but also notes from newspapers and magazines. This will fill the speech with various intonations.
  • Give up smoking, as this habit makes your voice hoarse and harsh.Similarly, the constant use of acute, fatty and salty foods.
  • Do not despair if after a few weeks of classes you will not see obvious results. After all, the formulation of a beautiful voice requires a more significant amount of time. Therefore, in such a case it is important to be persistent
  • Record your voice every day on the recorder and identify those keys that you dislike about it, and then try to avoid them in your speech.

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