How to make a will

A will is a document that gives a person the right to own the property of the deceased. In order for it to have power, it is necessary to make it up correctly, and also to be sure to notarize.

How to issue a will on real estate?

To draw up a will for an apartment or house, you will need to show your passport and documents that give the right to dispose of the property. This list includes:

  • agreement of privatization, exchange, donation, purchase and sale; you should also have a deed of transfer;
  • certificate of state registration of your ownership;
  • certificate of inheritance;
  • certificate of full payment of a share in HBC or EHC;
  • the act of commissioning of the object after completion of construction.

If you wish to leave the heir to the house, you will need to show the notary the documents on the land on which he stands. When a share in housing is bequeathed, an agreement on the determination of shares should be attached to the above documents. If housing is your personal property,the heir must submit a notarized statement in which it must be written that he was not married at the time of the acquisition of the property. This document is not required when the house or apartment was donated or inherited.

Also for registration of your last will you will need to submit a floor plan with explication from BTI or a certificate of the book value of housing from BTI. A report on the assessment of the market value of real estate, which should be prepared by a professional appraiser, will also be suitable.

Making a will

Reflecting on how to issue a will, you should know that its written form is obligatory. It is necessary that the document was written by hand, then it will be very difficult to challenge. If a person is unable to do this because of weakness, it is allowed to write a will according to the patient, however, a notary must be present. Moreover, this point should be recorded in the document. In addition, it shows the passport details of the citizen who took the responsibility to sign the person’s will.

How to make a will?

To draw up a will for an apartment or house according to all the rules, the presence of two witnesses is recommended. But when the testator does not want anyone to find out about the content of the document, you can sign it in the presence of a notary and without them. If the life of the testator is in danger, the presence of witnesses is simply necessary, otherwise it can be challenged. This fact should be entered in the will, then third parties will not be able to cancel it.

Types of Testament

Wills are divided into two types - closed and open. The first type of document is written and signed by the testator himself. Then, in a sealed envelope, it is transferred to the notary. In this action, there should be 2 witnesses who sign on the envelope. After that, the notary puts the will in another envelope and makes a record of the testator and witnesses, the date and place of acceptance of the document. By law, an envelope can only be opened after 15 days from the submission of the testator’s death certificate. The whole procedure is carried out in the presence of 2 witnesses and heirs by law.

A person can write an open testament with his own hand, dictating its text to a notary. In the latter case, the testator must read the document.If this is not possible, the will is read by the notary himself and must make an appropriate entry. The document must indicate the place and date of its identification.

Who can leave a legacy?

Inheritance can be left to any person, organization. This may be a relative, an outsider, a public or commercial organization - Russian, international or foreign. It is also allowed to bequeath the property to the state - the Russian Federation, a subject of the Russian Federation, a foreign state, a municipality. You can even issue a will for a child, including one that has not yet been born. However, in this case, this moment should be recorded in the document.

In order for the heir to have a minimum of inconvenience with the design of the inheritance, you need to take into account many factors. Our article will help to make it - How to issue the inheritance.

Where can I make a will?

Leaving a legacy to a person, any person will wonder about where to issue a will. This can be done in any notary office. But in order not to cause inconvenience to future heirs, it would be better to organize it by place of residence.You can also invite a notary home if it is impossible to go to him, but you will have to pay extra for this service. Also, the duty will be twice as much, but you do not have to wait for your turn, and you will have all the necessary documents at hand. After all, often the notary requires documents that you think might not be needed. As a result, you will save yourself time.

If you are interested in the issue of a will, then surely you will be interested to learn about its competent preparation.

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