How to make fish cutlets from river fish?

How to make fish cutlets from river fish?

  1. Nothing like this. Stuffing shop is when there is no money at all. But small fish twist times 2 in a meat grinder add there spices and other ingredients - it will be much tastier.
  2. Scroll fish, onions, garlic, greens
    carrot small on a small grater
    a white milk bun in a milk
    all mix stuffing, carrots, buns, eggs, salt pepper, mix well
    I cook so delicious and juicy turn out !!!
  3. I did this: raw fish separated from large bones and 2 times passed through a meat grinder. When I missed the second time I added pork and a roll.
    Then there is an egg, seasonings to taste from this form the patties and the pan.
    Z. Y. The bones did not feel at all, they scrolled into dust)))
  4. Yes, an ecological disaster has come! Is the fish so stinking with mud or hands not from there? From river fish, delicious cutlets are obtained, especially from pike, pike perch, cupid, carp, catfish. Shop minced stuff from the skin and milled 60 times cartilage and bones. It is not difficult to make fillets, especially when having a powerful meat grinder.
    . This means: on 1 kg fillets - 3-4 bulbs, two slices of white roll without peel, 100 gr of milk, 100 gr of butter, 300 g of fresh lard, (in catfish do not, it's fatty) salt, pepper, mixture of spices for fish, egg, bread crumbs. We pass once through a frequent lattice fillets, onions, soaked in milk roll, bacon. We put salt and spices, beat it out well, put it in the cold for half an hour, get it, form wet cutlets in cutlets, inside each teaspoon of plums. butter, dipped in a whipped egg and breadcrumbs, fry on a heavily heated glass. oil on both sides, add to the dishes, put in microvoltage for 2 minutes. Then the crust is on top, and the juice is inside. Here if you cook once in this way, everyone will ask for supplements and fall in love with meatballs. By the way, at the expense of plums. they do not smell like fish at all, they are more like chicken.
  5. Better not experiment, there are many small bones in it, and if you want a cutlet from fish, go to the store and buy there minced fish, and time will save and taste better
  6. In the same way as from the sea ....
  7. to pass through a meat grinder, it is better twice, or finely chopped with a knife. The taste in either case will be different.

    On 500 g fish you need two large bulbs, two eggs, one boiled carrot, greens, vegetable oil for roasting, salt, pepper, favorite spices.

    Minced meat mixed with finely chopped onions and carrots, add two eggs, salt, pepper, spices and very well mix, better to beat off the table in a plastic bag. This will help the stuffing to form. Then, form small oval cutlets and fry them on both sides in vegetable oil. Serve with ketchup, sour cream sauce or mustard, separately to serve natural greens and vegetable salad.

  8. Fish cutlets (perch, pike, pike perch, carp)

    Let the fish in the cream of 5 minutes under the lid. Separate the flesh from the bones, removing the large bones, and turn in a meat grinder with toast from white bread and onions.

    How to make fish cutlets from river fish? Fillet, onion, soaked

    To hammer in a forcemeat an egg, salt, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. A teaspoon to scoop small cutlets, discourage them, throwing from palm to palm, roll in breadcrumbs, and fry in butter until they blush. But do not overcook, not to be bitter! Garnish with mashed potatoes, green peas, pickles, greens

    500 g fish, 100 g cream 33%, 100 g white bread, 50 g butter, 1 egg, 1 bulb

    Many people like to add ground minced mushrooms.


  9. And I would not advise from the river to do this, the transfer of fish and katleti is not very pleasant to eat, with so many bones, and pull them out with tweezers and more than one hour.
  10. and to get rid of the smell of mud, put your fish fillet in water with lemon juice (1 a liter of lemon 1 water) plus 2 tablespoons salt for an hour and there will be no smell))))))))))))))
  11. Just as from the sea. Just be prepared for the smell of tina. The damn the river, the stronger the smell. But it may not be.
  12. Everything in the recipes is wonderful! Try instead of rolls to add soaked oatmeal flakes - the taste of oatmeal is not felt, utility is increased, cutlets will not fall apart. And in the middle of a raw cutlet put a piece of butter - in the process of frying it will melt and soak the whole cutlet. Excellent. I did so - a friend told me that I did not think that fish patties can be delicious!

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