How to make gooseberry jelly. Mistress on the note.

Nowadays, almost any household plot can be found shrubs, in which in the summer berries appear, sometimes covered with small coarse bristles. People find different uses for them, but the gooseberry jelly is the most delicious.

Simple procedure

gooseberry jelly

Some believe that the berries are only suitable for jam. Therefore, in the summer, during the harvest period, the hostesses stock up on sugar, and a tedious process begins, as a result of which the buckets with fresh fruits turn into a fragrant sweet mass. But the gooseberry is not like the other berries. Under its thick skin there is no juice, but a frozen gelatinous mass, tender and pleasant to taste. It makes various jams and jam. But the most delicious is considered to be a gooseberry jelly. It is very gentle and not at all cloying. To prepare such a delicacy, only three main ingredients are required:

per kilogram of fresh berries 800 grams of sugar and 0.8 liters of water.

The process is quite simple and does not require special training:

  1. Gooseberry first you need to sort out and wash well. This procedure requires special attention. On some fruits, bloom occurs in the form of a film. It must be removed or put aside such a berry.
  2. Put the prepared products into the basin and pour them with plain water.
  3. Capacity to put on the stove. Bring content to a boil. Then the fire should be made a little weaker and boil the mass under these conditions for 20 minutes.
  4. Then the resulting mixture should be filtered. To do this, it is best to use the usual gauze, folded it in 3-4 layers. Berries remaining on the fabric, you can slightly squeeze.
  5. Pour the liquid fraction back into the same basin, put it on the stove, and continue to boil it until its volume is halved. During boiling it is necessary to add sugar in small portions.
  6. Gooseberry jelly is poured into sterilized dishes and rolled up.

In an airtight container, it can be stored for a long time.

Alternative way

Some housewives, not wanting to waste time on long-term boiling of the product and filtering the hot mass, use another option.It is much easier and saves time. Gooseberry jelly is obtained in minutes. In this case, the work will require additional equipment. First, clean berries must be passed through a juicer. With one press of a button, the pressed pulp remains in the tray. Further, all operations will be carried out with the participation of two components: gooseberry juice and sugar in a 1: 1 ratio. First, the liquid must be boiled and boil a little over high heat, constantly removing the foam. Then pour sugar and continue boiling for 10 minutes, without reducing the intensity of the flame. At the final stage, hot jelly should be immediately poured into glass jars and sealed tightly. It is better to use, of course, metal covers. They provide maximum insulation and complete product safety.

Preparations for the future

gooseberry jelly for winter

At home, as a rule, make gooseberry jelly for the winter. This is a great opportunity to save a piece of solar heat for the whole year until next summer. Each housewife for this has its own special method. One of the most common options is to have:

on four kilograms of berries and a half glasses of water and two and a half kilograms of sugar.

The process is conducted in the following sequence:

  1. It all starts with the preparation of berries. They need to sort out, and then carefully cut all the branches with scissors.
  2. Pour the treated gooseberries in a clean bowl, pour water. Leave food in this position for 40-45 minutes.
  3. After that, the water must be drained and the fruits rinsed and dried.
  4. Prepared berries pour in a wide container and put on fire.
  5. Add water and wait until the mass boils.
  6. Reduce heat and heat until the berries begin to open and release juice.
  7. Next, remove the container from the stove and knead the gooseberry in it, using a simple tolkushku. The resulting mash is wiped through a sieve.
  8. Pour the remaining liquid mass into the pan, add sugar and cook for 30 minutes over low heat.
  9. At the end, pour it into the prepared container and cork.

It turns out very soft gooseberry jelly. For the winter, such a product can be placed in a cellar or stored at room temperature.

Different recipes

gooseberry jelly recipes

Gooseberry itself has a neutral taste. There is no pronounced sourness or special flavor.Therefore, most often this berry is used in a mixture with other fruits. Currant is best for this. The result is not only tasty, but also very healthy gooseberry jelly. Recipes and food ratios can take any. For example, an option when required:

per 600 grams of gooseberry 1.1 kilograms of sugar, as well as a pound of black and red currants.

Such a jelly is made as follows:

  1. All berries individually wash and remove their existing tails and processes.
  2. In one bowl, fold the red currant, and in the other gooseberry with black berry. Mash well products using convenient means.
  3. Squeeze the juice out of the red berries with gauze, and rub the remaining fruit through a very fine sieve.
  4. Combine the obtained products, add sugar to them and boil the mixture for 40 minutes at a low boil.
  5. The finished product is packaged and rolled up.

With this ratio, you get a pleasant sweet-sour mass. It is good to spread it on bread and just eat with a spoon with tea. If the amount of sugar is slightly increased (by half a cup), then the jelly will be more thick and sweet.

Raw Dessert

gooseberry jelly without cooking

In order to prepare a delicious fruit and berry dessert, the products do not have to be heat treated. There is a recipe by which you can make a wonderful gooseberry jelly without cooking. Sometimes among themselves culinary specialists call such a dish “raw jam”. And to taste the finished dish was not empty and sugary, you can add some citrus. In this case, the following ratio of products will be optimal:

per kilogram of gooseberry 1 whole orange and 1.1-1.2 kilograms of sugar.


  1. Wash the gooseberries, dry and remove all the stems. And clean the orange and leave only the lobules without partitions (“fillet”).
  2. Grind products in a meat grinder and pour the mass into the pan.
  3. Add sugar, mix and leave in this state for 12 hours.
  4. Then to shift to the sterilized ware and to close usual nylon covers.

You can only store such jelly in a cold place. In an urban setting, a fridge is suitable for this. If the ratio of fruit and berry mass to sugar is 1: 2, then the jelly will retain its freshness for a long time at any temperature.

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