how to make lemonade at home?

how to make lemonade at home?

  1. two lemons (fresh, juicy), one and a half liters of water, six tablespoons of sugar and a couple of leaves of fresh mint. Mine lemons, cut each lemon in half and squeeze out the juice. We merge the juice into the jug. We try to drain one juice, make sure that the pits do not fall into the jug. Add sugar to this juice and mix thoroughly. Then add water. Water can be added to ordinary drinking purified or soda water. In the second case, you get a carbonated homemade lemonade.
    Stir water with juice and sugar. Then we take two leaves of mint, put them into a cup and use a mortar a little to squeeze out the juice and essential oils from the leaves. Then lay these mint leaves in a jug. Another time stir the lemonade.
  2. lemons 3 pcs. big size
    sugar 3-4 st. l.
    1 orange pieces.

    Fruit wash. With two lemons and an orange, thinly peel the skin. Fold the lemon and orange peel in a bowl. Using a citrus juicer squeeze juice from lemons and orange and add to the zest. Pour 3 art. l. Sahara. Pour in 700 ml of boiling water, mix, cover and leave overnight in a cool place. The next day, stir the infusion and add another 1 st. l. sugar, then strain through a large sieve. Pour lemonade over the containers and cool thoroughly. At the filing dilute to one third of carbonated water.

  3. and if the siphon is not then the citric acid, water and soda is sensitive. get a soda but an amateur
  4. buy a siphon, fill in the compote, insert a gas canister for the siphon, and here you have a great carbonated lemonade, or you can simply add fruit essence — the taste is awesome
  5. buy lemonade, pour lemonade into a glass and say what you did yourself.
  6. Such as before in bottles sold did not work, but such that it does not get poisoned easily))
    on 6 lemons it will take about 200 g of sugar and 2 liters of mineral water.
    With oranges to remove the zest and squeeze it in a mortar with sugar, squeeze the juice and mix with zest, pour a little water and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved, pour the remaining water and mix. You can add crutches. And if the enthusiasm to cheer can be diluted with dry red wine, about 1 to 3
  7. Lemonade #1
    Orange (lemon) is well to freeze in the freezer. Erase the potato grater,
    add 1 liter of cold boiled water, 0,5 a liter jar of sugar. To put on
    8 hours to insist. Then strain this mass so that you do not get cake. Drink
    Dilute 3 with liters of cold boiled water and add 2 teaspoons (without top)
    citric acid. For a lemon drink, no acid is needed and a little more sugar.
    Drink chilled.

    Lemonade #2
    Juice from lemons squeeze (it goes for marinating shish kebab), throwing pieces 5-6 these
    squeezed lemongrass in 3-l liters can be filled with boiling water and add sugar.
    You can take lemons and less, as you like. All this insists cools,
    lemons are removed. That's all.

    Lemonade in Hungarian
    On 1 a glass of 5-7 cherries, 1 a teaspoon of sah.

    how to make lemonade at home? boiling water, mix, cover

    50 gp. ice cream, 100 gp.carbonated water. (by vkysy)
    Remove cherries from cherries, arrange cherries by glasses, (sprinkle their edges
    sah. pudpoy) to the bottom put the ice cream and pour the soda.

    Sun citrus lemonade
    5 lemons
    5 limes
    5 oranges
    3 liters of water
    1 1 / 2 - 2 cups of sugar
    squeeze juice from 4-x lemons, oranges and limes.
    the rest is thinly cut, put aside - for decoration.
    add water to the juice, sugar. mix everything well.
    serve with ice and sliced ​​fruit.

    Homemade lemonade
    Lemon juice - 2 st. spoons
    Sugar - 3 st. spoons
    Carbonated Water - 2 Glasses
    Lemon - 1 / 2 pcs.

    In the glasses pour the lemon juice, add sugar and mix, and
    then pour the soda from the siphon. Serve a drink in
    cooled, putting in each glass of a slice of lemon.
    You can add some crushed edible ice.

    Lemons - 5 pieces
    Peel - Lemon 1
    Sugar - 0,75 glass
    Water - 0,75 liters

    Grate the grated zest and put it in the enameled cystra.
    Squeeze out the same juice from 4 lemons, add sugar, pour in water,
    put on fire and boil for 10 minutes. Then remove from heat
    filter the contents of the pan and refrigerate. The fifth lemon
    cut into circles. Serve the sieve with a few slices of lemon.

    Drink "Pop"
    Citric acid - 1 / 3 tsp (or 1 a spoonful of lemon juice)
    Drinking soda - 1 / 2 tsp.
    Sugar powder - 4 tsp.
    Carbonated water - 1 glass

    In a glass to pour in powdered sugar, add citric acid or
    lemon juice, baking soda and, stirring, pour cold
    carbonated water and immediately serve.

how to make lemonade at home? get a soda but an amateur

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