My Lands - is it real to make money. How to make real money in the game My Lands

Computer games - this is one of the mostwidespread for today kinds of entertainments. And, naturally, you have to pay for the pleasure, so gamers have to spend money on purchasing various products or paying for subscriptions. Of course, there are those games in which you can play for free, but in any case they take time. And how would like to be able to have fun in your favorite game, but at the same time get real money. Many people might think that this is just a dream that simply can never come true. However, in reality everything is possible, and this is perfectly proved by the project My Lands, in which you can actually earn real money, and if you are successful, then quite a lot. Naturally, many doubt such a statement - they are wondering about My Lands: is it realistic to make money there? From this article you will learn whether this is true or fiction.

Game My Lands

Is it real to make money?

The most important question that tortures very manygamers, when it comes to the My Lands project - is it realistic to make money on it? However, this is not quite the right approach, because to begin with you still need to familiarize yourself with the game itself, to understand if it will bring you pleasure in the process of passing, whether you are ready to spend your time on it. Because if this type of game does not appeal to you, then you will not have fun with the gameplay - and why should you spend your time on it if you can just go to work. So, My Lands is a fantasy strategic game with an economic bias. Here you are invited to choose one of the four races and establish your own state, which you will need to further develop. Here the emphasis is on the extraction of various resources, the competent expansion of the territories and the control of the already existing lands. Accordingly, if you like these games, then you can try your hand at My Lands. Is it real to make money in this game? This you now have to learn.

Real Money in My Lands

how to earn in my lands

First of all you should learn about whatis the equivalent of real money in My Lands. It is real to earn on this project, you will learn a little later, now you need to understand the basic rules and basic principles. After all, we are talking about real earnings, so you will need to study very carefully all aspects, in order to receive money in the end, and not lose it. So, in the game there are different types of resources, among which you should now highlight the Black Pearl. It is he who will be your main goal, you will need to hunt for him in the first place, since he will be your key to stable earnings on this game. One Black Pearl is equivalent to one cent - accordingly, you will need to collect a hundred pearls to get one dollar. To do this, you have to put a lot of effort, but as a result, you get real money, which you can bring to your electronic wallet. Are you interested? Then it's time to learn how to make money in My Lands.

Registration and promo period

to make money in my lands

If you are not yet fully sure whetherTo earn money in My Lands, then you can register your own gaming client absolutely for free. In any case, you will have to do this to start playing, but at this stage you will not need to make any investments. Within ten days you will be able to develop your state, collect all resources, except for the Black Pearl, to master and look. If you do not like it, then you can not renew the subscription and just finish the game. But if you liked it, and you are willing to spend your time and money on this game, then you can stay and continue reading this guide to answer the most important question: "My Lands - is it real to make money"? All the ways to earn money are to get the Black Pearl, so you will need to focus on it. But how to do it when the promo period ends?


my lands is it possible to earn all means of earning

So, your promo period is over - what to dofarther? How to make real money in the game My Lands? To do this, you will need to subscribe, which will cost you real ten dollars. Unfortunately, there is no other way, so if you want to start earning, then first you will need to spend. The subscription is valid for one month, but after it expires you will have to pay ten dollars to pay for it. But do not worry - if you follow this guide, you will not need to spend real money every time, as you will already earn them with this game. In general, the subscription is a key moment, as it gives you access to the Black Pearl and, accordingly, to real money. Therefore, you quickly forget that this is a game with payment. "How do I earn money by playing in My Lands?" - Here is a question that will interest you.

Rating Set

how to make real money in my lands

Now that you already have a subscription and youready to earn, you need to understand that all at once you will not be given. You will have to get a little more serious in My Lands - earnings in the game does not come just like that. The fact is that you can get money only if you can trade at an auction - sell your resources and buy others, including Black Pearl. How to get to the auction? To do this you will need to reach a certain level in the game. Now do not go into details - you only need to know that to get to the auction you need to get ten million experiences. At first glance it may seem that it is quite a lot, but if you develop correctly and do everything wisely, then you will have enough month of the first subscription to reach the established exponent of experience. And then you will finally be able to figure out whether you can make money playing in My Lands.

Game resources

pay game how to earn playing in my lands

You have ten million experiences and access toauction - what are you going to do there? For now, it is worth deviating from direct leadership to get real money and just look at what the economic system in this project is. The game has six basic types of resources, the seventh - Black Pearl. When you get access to the auction, you have the opportunity to trade all these resources. Accordingly, the first month you need to spend not only on the development of your state, but also on the accumulation of reserves of resources. Then, if you meet your first subscription, and you can also find reliable business partners, then you do not have to enter another ten dollars into the game, since you will be able to pay the second month of subscription with the money that you earn at the auction.

Auction Details

my lands in the game

Well, now you have absolutely everythingknowledge, necessary for successful earnings on this game. You need to collect resources, find reliable partners and trade with them, getting in return either those resources that you need, or directly the Black Pearl itself. The auction works always, it has a huge number of users who also want benefits for themselves, so that you can always find yourself a partner. The main thing is to set a goal before yourself, and then go to it without folding. When you start to earn stably, you can postpone the right amount of Black Pearl to pay a monthly subscription, and the rest can be displayed on your electronic wallet. One important point is that you can not deduce less than twenty dollars at a time, so you will need to calculate your actions in such a way that you get enough Black Pearl. Although, if you will achieve great success, twenty dollars you will earn very, very quickly - on average, successful players earn up to $ 500 per month, but even if you get less - there is still no reason to be upset, since you earned money , having fun.


Separately it is necessary to tell about ruins, whichare located randomly on the map. For them, the most fierce battles are fought, because there you can find a random amount of Black Pearl. Naturally, everyone wants to get there as early as possible, but this will not be enough, since every ruin is protected by a large number of dangerous creatures that you have to fight with. But you must understand that a successful campaign in ruins will bring you much more than the usual trade at auction.

Salt Lake

The last thing you should know about -this Salt Lake, the most important location in the game, which every gamer dreams about. Why is it so remarkable? The fact is that the Salt Lake produces on a permanent basis the Black Pearl itself. That is, if you get Salt Lake in your possession, it means that you will receive clean money every day, and not so little - almost five dollars. Accordingly, it is in the search for the Salt Lake that many gamers concentrate, and in no case should they be inferior, since this location can become a key for you. Lake alone in five days of the game will pay you a monthly subscription, and the rest of the money will go straight to your pocket. So do not miss your chance - in the game My Lands you can really earn real money.

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