How to make rings?

Rings - favorite accessories of almost all girls and women. But sometimes it is difficult to find just one that would fit perfectly in style or color to your outfit. Therefore, the question arises how to make the rings yourself? We offer several ways to make exclusive handmade jewelry.

DIY ring

Before you begin, you need to prepare all the necessary materials and tools. To create a ring, we need:

  • several beads (amethyst works well);
  • wire, the size of which must match the size of the beads;
  • pliers with a thin spout;
  • round nose pliers;
  • wire cutters;
  • special metal shape having a circumference equal to the size of the ring. Any metal thin tube may fit.

So, when everything is ready, you can get to work.

  • Cut off a piece of wire with a wire cutter, a length equal to three girths of your finger.
  • We twist our piece of wire around the metal form (round ring base).
  • The ends of the wire need to bring in the middle and strung on them one by one bead.
  • Now every wire needs to be turned through the bottom of the ring and out in the opposite direction.
  • With the help of flat-nose pliers, wire the wires through the center of the ring and fix them in this position.
  • Take another piece of wire. With it, we will make the side helix rings, which will serve as an additional pattern. To do this, the wire needs to be turned crosswise across the base of each bead, after which the ends should be withdrawn asymmetrically to each other.
  • Now the wire for the spirals is ready (the ends should not be shorter than 2.5 cm). Take the pliers with a thin nose and fold one end of the wire to the base of the ring. Then we move in a spiral, trying to press the wire as tightly as possible. We perform the same actions with the second end. As a result, we got two beautiful spirals.

This is where the do-it-yourself ring is completed. With this technology, you can create your own individual jewelry. Experiment and use different materials on the texture, combine colors and styles.

Beaded ring

Now we would like to tell you how to make a beaded ring. All that we need for this:

  • red crystals size 10x4 mm;
  • beads - shuttles of red color, size 10x4 mm;
  • orange crystals with a diameter of 3 mm;
  • scissors;
  • nylon thread.
  • We string a red crystal on a thread.
  • Then on each end of the thread we place another 1 of the same crystal.
  • We pass the ends into a bead-shuttle.
  • We thread one more crystal over the thread, but already orange and thread the threads into a bead-shuttle. We continue this sequence until the length reaches the finger girth.
  • After that we close the ring by crossing the threads in the crystal and making a knot on it.

Here is our ring and ready. It can be further decorated with large faceted beads. They will shimmer beautifully in the sun. Secure the threads in a sturdy knot so that the ring does not break. Hide the protruding ends of the threads in the adjacent beads. And the bundle itself can be fixed with colorless nail polish. So your product will be stronger and will last much longer. Thanks to our master class, you learned how to make rings with your own hands. Use these skills and make nice gifts to your close people.

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