How to open a PDF file?

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How to open a PDF file?

Files with the .pdf format (Portable Document Format) is a type of electronic document that was created by Adobe. In this format, documents are easy to view.

You have probably come across such documents more than once, especially if you are a schoolchild, student or office worker. Files of this format are quite common on the Internet. It can be not only text documents such as essays, coursework or textbooks, monographs and books, but also various magazines, tutorials with illustrations and much more. Therefore, the need for a program to open such documents is fully justified. Typically, such software does not take up much space on the device, and working with it is easy and fast. Programs for opening PDF-files for the most part are free and available for download on the Internet.

Let's look at possible ways to open and edit documents, or rather, special programs, applications and online services for phones, tablets, computers and other modern gadgets. So, how to open a pdf-file in the specified ways?

Ways to open and edit a pdf file on a computer

There are some of the most common programs with which the pdf-file will be available for viewing and editing. So, what program to open pdf file?

First of all, it is:

  1. - the most famous program. Moreover, it is the supplier of this program, as we already know, that the .pdf format was invented. This is a "native" program. Download this program on the official website of Adobe - When the program is installed, all files of this format will automatically open with its help. The program is available for Windows, Android, Linux MacOS operating systems. Let's just say - this is a standard program that should be installed on all devices. Without it, it is sometimes impossible to even play a Flash game or watch a movie online. The program is available as a flash player, which is used for these operations.
  2. - A program that allows you to correct typos and edit PDF-documents. It does not have such a wide functionality, as in the previously proposed program, but for processing of documents it will be quite enough.
  3. - also quite popular program for opening such files.The functions of this utility repeat the previous program. The main difference is that it does not slow down the speed of the computer and by itself works faster with files in .pdf format. To this program is for review.
  4. - A program for working with documents. To learn how to download the program, edit the file with the .pdf format, and also process the document, view the video tutorial.

For additional software include:

  1. - Another program to create and edit PDF documents.
  2. gDoc Fusion is a shareware program (for 30 days), which is suitable for viewing not only PDF files, but also MS Office products.
  3. - a simple program, made in the style of MS Word 2003, etc.
  4. - A handy program for reading documents. The functions are similar to Adobe Reader, it allows you to look through the document, search by words or pages. The program interface is simple and straightforward.

Ways to open and edit pdf files on Android

  1. Adobe Reader is also available for the Android operating system with all its functions.
  2. - a popular software for smartphones on the Android system. Available from the link or on Google Play.
  3. - in this program, you can view the text, make notes, annotations and copy it to the clipboard, protect files with a password and send them by mail and much more.

Ways to open and edit pdf-files online

  1. - a program with a simple and accessible Russian interface for working with any documents, including in pdf format.
  2. - online service for viewing documents in pdf format. To do this, go to the site and download the necessary document.
  3. - free online system for viewing pdf-files.

Auxiliary online services

  1. - search service, with the help of which you can open only a pdf-document.
  2. - document format converter.
  3. - online document signing service.
  4. - With the help of such a program, you can easily create and edit documents, as well as convert them to any other format for ease of reference.
  5. - a service that allows the use of cloud storage of documents.
  6. - this program will help to convert a document (text and graphic) to pdf format (and vice versa) for editing.

Also, if you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers, they have a built-in function for viewing such documents online. That is, if you find the necessary document in PDF format, then there is no need to download it, it will open in the next tab and will be available for viewing and saving. This will speed up work with documents on the computer and save disk space.

We hope that in our article you have found a lot of information and now you know how to open pdf-files in various ways.

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