How to open your production?

Today, people understand that it is not necessary to work for a lifetime, because you can open your own business. Prospects are very tempting, and the opportunity to work for themselves and independently control their income, influence it, attracts many people and they say to themselves: I want to open production and start moving toward a goal. How to start to create a successful business?

Evaluation of production prospects

Before starting your own business, ask yourself the question: is the game worth the candle? It seems to many that it is enough to open a business and the money will immediately flow in a river, and you will become rich and happy.

Unfortunately, as practice shows, about half of the enterprises are closed in the first year of operation, and another third in the second. Most of the firms are simply unable to find their clientele, so the business becomes unprofitable and you have to abandon it.

Also remember that any business is directly associated with risk, and the more profit you expect, the higher the risk that you will have to assume.If you are not afraid of failure and are ready to risk your time and money, then you should think about how to open your production.


First of all, it is necessary to clearly formulate for yourself what you will do. When thinking about how to open production, try to choose what you are well-versed in. If you have a great idea, but your own knowledge is not enough, you should have someone who will help you with this.

Ask yourself a simple question: why should consumers want to buy exactly your product? How will it differ from similar ones? Maybe similar in your city yet? It is important to understand that the higher the competition, the more difficult it will be to promote your own product to the market.

Often the great idea of ​​what kind of production can be opened is the production of goods that are not made in your city. In this case, you will have an example to follow before your eyes, which will allow you to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of the future business.

Business plan

Any enterprise begins with a business plan, in which you must take into account absolutely all aspects of the future work of the enterprise.A business plan consists of several important sections that need special attention:

  • In the first part of the business plan, you must specify the basic information about the company: its name, logo, motto, mission, business strategy. Of course, some items may be missing, but the name is required.
  • Describe in a separate paragraph the product or products that you will produce, as well as their main advantages over similar products on the market.
  • In the next paragraph you need to specify what equipment you need for work: machines, furniture, premises, additional items, etc. Consider how much it costs, and also if you take it on credit, how much you will have to pay extra for it monthly.
  • The next section is designed to calculate the number of personnel required for work, as well as the salary that you will pay to each employee.
  • It is also important to plan for approximate levels of monthly sales. These data should be based on an analysis of the situation on the market, so that you have a clear idea of ​​how long your business will pay off and whether it will pay off at all.
  • Justify in the next section the strategy of entering the market: how you will attract new customers and sell them your services.
  • Be sure to consider all the expenses of your business in the process of its work: the purchase of consumables, periodic repair and maintenance of equipment, paid vacation and sick leave, payment for premises and utilities, as well as any other expenses.

Make your business plan right. As this will allow you to clearly see the prospects of your business, as well as its weak points.

Room and equipment

After drawing up a business plan and a clear understanding that your business is promising, you need to find a suitable premise. Please note that it should not only be spacious enough, but also meet the safety requirements. You may have to make repairs in the room to bring it into line with the needs of production. Also purchase the necessary equipment and install it.

Staff search

It is impossible to open your own production if you do not have people producing goods. Take time to interview all candidates and select people who have the necessary qualifications and meet your requirements.

Other details

In most cases, to start production, you need certain cash injections, so you will need to find money. A business plan drawn up earlier will help you in attracting investors.

You will also need to go through the procedure of registering a company, as well as choose a form of taxation and issue all the necessary documents.

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