How to paint boards from larch?

Sawn timber from coniferous trees are especially popular today, their demand is due to the growing interest in environmentally friendly finishing. In addition, the boards of Siberian larch have excellent performance characteristics - they do not deteriorate under the influence of negative environmental factors and practically do not need additional processing. Floor coverings of this breed are resistant to moisture, therefore, they are often used for furnishing, baths, saunas, and bathrooms.

How does the material behave when painting

parquetFinishing materials made of Siberian larch are durable and wear-resistant; nevertheless, many craftsmen prefer to cover them with special protective compounds. Painting prolongs the life of the lining or floor covering, prevents cracking and swelling. On the modern market there is a large variety of quality compounds intended for coating boards made of Siberian larch.Special tools based on natural oils are suitable for painting lumber.

Parquet, decking, lining, imitation lumber and other products made of larch can be used in their raw form - they are durable, absolutely not afraid of moisture and do not need complex care. However, even the highest quality finish will not interfere with proper impregnation and painting. Processing increases the refractory quality of the material, as well as a positive effect on its aesthetic and performance.

What can be painted larch

Painting is a great way to protect a wooden product from adverse external influences: intense solar radiation, temperature changes, destruction by insects. For processing Siberian larch can be used:

  • lacquer or enamel (substances create a translucent protective shell on the surface, can be applied both on smooth and artificially aged surfaces; they are well absorbed and dry quickly);
  • oil (coating lumber with linseed, teak or tung oil is carried out in the workshop, the process is quite time-consuming);
  • impregnation (means is applied on the entire surface of the product in several layers);
  • acrylic paint (does not have an unpleasant smell, allows you to get the desired shade, withstands low temperatures).

When choosing a tool for painting finishing materials from Siberian larch, it is necessary to take into account the goals that need to be achieved. On the market are compositions that increase the refractory qualities of wood. You can also find a coating that prevents the negative effects of moisture. However, this type of protective equipment is less relevant for larch - in conditions of high humidity conifer becomes stronger and harder.

Painting wooden finishes is one of the most important facing works, it can be used to extend the life of the structure and make it aesthetically attractive. Compositions for processing are divided into transparent, translucent and completely hiding the structure of lumber. For the care of products from the Siberian larch there are antiseptics (for protection against harmful insects, mold, fungi), flame retardants (for fire protection), paints and varnishes for interior and exterior use.

Varnishes and paints used to cover the outer lining, prevent the destructive effects of climatic conditions (temperature changes, increased humidity, ultraviolet radiation). Among the sought-after products can be distinguished primer, linseed oil, emulsion based on beeswax. Special varnishes and paints are also used to protect the interior finish of larch, their main task is to prevent abrasion of the surface.

How to prepare larch for painting

parquetBefore you start painting products from conifers, you must perform a number of preparatory work. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the tree is dry, as well as the absence of fungi and mold on it. Then the knots and resin should be removed and the rough areas sanded with sandpaper. If the lumber is processed a second time, then you need to get rid of the remaining coating, you can do this with a technical dryer and a spatula. Before coating with varnish or paint, it is advisable to degrease the surface.

Paint and varnish products before applying to the surface must be passed through a special filter.This procedure will remove clots from the composition, which may damage the integrity and evenness of the coating.

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