How to paint the car?

At a certain point before each motorist there is a question regarding the painting of his iron horse, especially if he is used. How to paint the car yourself, if you have never done anything like that before? Of course, you have to spend a lot of time before you get all the necessary skills. That is why let's consider a step-by-step action plan for painting your own car with the help of available tools.

Preparation for painting

  • Prepare the car for painting. This step involves a thorough process of washing out the car. We need to remove dried dirt from the body with detergent and water. It is also necessary to get rid of the bitumen and fatty spots that have appeared on the surface of the car over time.
  • Then it is necessary to remove the rear and front bumpers, decorative grille from the radiator, headlights, position lamps, radio receiver antenna and turn indicators from the car. If on the wheel arches of your car is anti-shock protection, then it should also be removed.It will open access to the wings of the wheel openings and flanging of the wings. After these parts are removed from the vehicle, they will need to be flushed and set aside carefully.
  • We clean the defects on the body before the painting process. After that, you need to put the car in a lit place, examine it carefully and determine the condition of the previous coverage. If on the surface you find defects, such as cracks, dents, chipped paint, they will need to be marked with colored chalk or with quick-drying acrylic paint, which can be found in cans in any store. Review the surface of the machine several times and if the defects are found again, then you need to repeat the procedure.
  • Now we proceed to the next stage. Take a sharpened screwdriver or chisel, in which the width of the sting is at least 3-5 mm. With its help, as well as with the help of sandpaper, we proceed to the stripping of the most difficult parts of the car. It should be noted that the stripping area should be located as close as possible to the surface of the defective place. This will significantly reduce not only labor costs, but also materials.Only after this procedure will it be possible to paint the car completely. After cleaning with sandpaper will be done, it will be necessary to wipe the body again with a cotton cloth, which will be moistened with white spirit in advance. Align the body defects with an auto shuffle.
  • The next thing you need to do in the process of how to properly paint the car, this is the puttying of the most damaged places. We need for this rubber spatula and a special putty for the car. Best for this procedure fit finishing putty. We put a small amount of material in the container, mix it with water and let it brew for 30-40 seconds. After that, we begin with a vigorous movement with a turn of 90 degrees to put the material on the surface of the car. As a result, we must achieve a smooth and even surface that would slightly protrude above the surface of the body.
  • Now we leave the treated place to complete drying, which occurs only after 30-45 minutes. Readiness can be checked with sandpaper. If there is no sticking of the grains to the putty, the material is completely hardened.You can control the stoppers with a rag soaked in white spirit. Now it remains only to apply to the surface the thinnest layer of primer using an aerosol can. It smooths the transition from the primer to the true surface of the car and makes it almost completely invisible.

Painting machine

The final stage of preparation for painting the machine.

  • As you noticed, it is much more difficult to prepare a car for painting than to paint it directly in one or another color. Here, we will need to clean the body of dust again, seal the places that are completely uncolourable with gauze and newspapers on the car. It will also be necessary to “hide” the wheels. The boundaries of where it will be painted, and where not, should be located approximately along bending lines or in unaffected parts of the body.
  • Now it remains for us to sand the old paintwork again with emery cloth until it becomes completely matte. Last time we clean the body of dust and wipe it with a specially prepared cloth, previously moistened in white spirit.
  • The next thing we do is choose what color to paint the car and get the appropriate autoenamel, which has the ability to dry without baking.Today there is a whole palette of special colors for the car, ranging from traditional to ultrafashionable matte.

The last stage - painting the car yourself using spray cans with paints.

  • Now we just have to paint the car. After reading the instructions for use, it is necessary to dilute the enamel to the required thickness using a solvent. The solution should not be too liquid and too thick. It is necessary to find a middle ground in this matter.
  • The next thing we do is filtering our paint through the mesh to get rid of the lumps, and pour it into a special tank that has a paint gun at the end. The pressure used to paint the surface of the car should not be more than 2.5 - 3.0 atm. (Bar.). If you use special spray cans for painting, you can safely exclude this procedure. However, it is worth noting that in this case you will need a much larger amount of paint.
  • You can never hurry in the process of painting the car. The correct color will appear only after applying the second layer. Full drying occurs only after 24-36 hours at a temperature not lower than + 20C.

Now you know how to paint a car with a can or with traditional paint yourself and at home. The main thing is to approach this matter as much as possible responsibly and you will succeed!

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