How to paint the foam?

Recently, finishing materials made of foam plastic have become widespread, in particular, foam facing tiles and foam ceiling moldings are very popular with builders, which is explained by the simplicity of installation and the richness of the range of these products.

Polyfoam is an inexpensive material, lightweight and easily formed; it is thanks to these properties that it is possible to produce relatively cheap finishing materials of all kinds, even the most complex shapes and configurations. At the same time, it is the porosity and lightness of the foam that causes some difficulties in its coloring. Consider how and how to paint the foam.

Coloring foam

The fact is that all foam panels and baseboards are produced only in white, which is not bad in itself, but sometimes the white color does not correspond to the general decor of the room, and then there is a need to paint them. Here are unforeseen difficulties - sometimes after applying the paint, the foam begins to dissolve literally before our eyes. Not all masters know what can be painted foam without damage to its structure.

What to paint foam

The chemical formula of polystyrene is such that it is easily dissolved under the influence of white spirit, acetone and some other aggressive chemicals. Therefore, to paint the foam can not use products that contain the above ingredients in its composition. It is possible to paint polyfoam only the paints made on a water basis:

  • acrylic water emulsion;
  • acrylic water dispersion;
  • acrylic paints on latex basis.

Many manufacturers produce acrylic paints of white color alone, they give the necessary tone with the help of separately sold special colorings. Gradually adding such color to the white paint, you can achieve the desired color intensity, and by mixing several colors, you can get the desired shade of paint. In large stores selling building materials, experts will help you to do it right at the time of buying paint.

How to paint foam panels

  1. Paint need already pasted on the ceiling panel. The seams between the panels should be puttied and cleaned with fine emery cloth. Wipe the dust off the panels with a soft brush and wipe them with a rag.If there is a possibility and desire, the panels before painting can be coated with a special primer.
  2. If necessary, dilute the paint with water to the desired consistency. Check the tone of the paint and its thickness - with a brush, apply paint on a piece of foam and see how it fits.
  3. Paint the ceiling with a paint roller moving it in one direction. Unpainted areas that may form along the walls, paint over with a wide flat brush of natural bristles. Acrylic dries quickly. After the first coat of paint dries, another layer can be applied to it.
  4. If the ceiling tiles have a complex relief pattern, use a paint spray gun instead of a roller for painting them. Thus you can evenly paint all the panels in both convex and in-depth areas of their relief.

How to paint a foam skirting board

  1. To obtain the best result, you need to paint the baseboard already glued to the ceiling - in this case the paint will mask all the joints.
  2. Putty on the joints and sand the seams. To protect the walls and the ceiling, glue the masking tape with tape along the baseboard.
  3. Paint the baseboard in the longitudinal direction with a narrow flat brush with natural bristles. When the paint dries, paint the baseboard again, and after the second layer of paint is completely dry, remove the masking tape from the walls and ceiling.

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