How to pickle herring at home: recipes and tips

Many are interested in how to salt herring at home. It should be noted that there is nothing difficult in the preparation of such a tasty fish to pickle herring

General information

There are quite a few ways to salt herring. Someone makes such a product using only one salt, and someone uses additional ingredients in the form of lemon, aromatic spices, seasonings and even acetic acid. Today we will present to your attention a few simple recipes that will tell you how to pickle herring properly.

Selection of the main product

Before salting herring, it should be chosen correctly. It is recommended to buy such a product as fresh as possible. For this you need to pay attention to the eyes of the fish. If they are cloudy, then the product has long been on the counter. You also need to slightly open the gills and see what color they have. Fresh herring has pinkish gills.If they are dark brown, then it is better to refuse such a product. An important role in the choice of fish for salting plays and shade of her abdomen. Yellowish fat in the bottom of herring suggests that it is not the first freshness.

Why it is not recommended to purchase a finished salted product?

The question of how to pickle fresh herring, most often interests only those who care about their health and the health of their loved ones. After all, most people are accustomed to acquire such a product already in finished form. We do not recommend doing this, as many manufacturers often use a spoiled product for salting fish, interrupting the smell with all sorts of flavors, citric and acetic acid. That is why in order to avoid poisoning, we advise you to purchase a fresh ingredient and salt it to pickle herring in brine

How to salt herring in a dry way?

As mentioned above, there are a huge number of options for how to quickly and tasty pickle such a product. One of the popular ways is dry salting. That is, before salting the whole herring, there is no need to make a special brine.

So, for the preparation of such a fragrant snack, we need:

  • 3-4 fresh herring (depending on the number of family members who will use it);
  • salt, fine, or iodized - add at discretion;
  • crushed allspice - add to taste.

Main component processing

Before you learn how to pickle whole herring, it should be subjected to thorough heat treatment. To do this, the fish must be well washed, and then gut all the insides and cut fins. Putting your head and tail back or not is your own business.

Salting process

After the fish has been processed, it must be placed in a glass or ceramic container, and then maximally open the belly and lubricate with a sufficient amount of fine salt. If desired, such a product can be flavored and allspice. Similarly, it is required to process the surface of all fish. Then it should be tightly closed with a lid and left at room temperature for 12-15 hours. After this time, the herring needs to be placed in the refrigerator and kept in the container for exactly 24 to pickle whole herring

How to properly serve?

Now you know how to salt herring in a dry way. After the fish is completely saturated with spices, it becomes softer and some of the liquid comes out of it, it can be safely removed from the container. The product needs to be cut into portions, put in a bowl, and then pour a small amount of refined oil and mix thoroughly. Next, salted herring must be placed on a plate and sprinkled with fresh onions, cut into rings or half rings. Serve such a dish to the table preferably with boiled potatoes. Bon Appetit!

Detailed recipe: how to pickle herring in a fragrant brine

In order to make such a dish as tasty as possible, it is necessary to boil the fragrant broth in advance, with which the fish will refuel. It should be noted that not everyone knows how to pickle herring in brine. After all, most people are used to making this snack in a dry way. However, using the following recipe, you will see that with the help of a simple brine preparation, fish is much tastier, juicier and more tender.

So, to independently make such a snack, we need:

  • fine sea salt or cooking - 150 g;
  • medium-sized herring as fresh as possible - 2 or 3;
  • drinking water at room temperature - about 1 l;
  • sharp white onion - 2 pcs .;
  • sugar sand - a large spoon;
  • bay leaves - several pcs .;
  • allspice peas - 5-6 pcs.

Properly buy herring

recipe how to salt herring

Before salting herring in brine, it should be purchased in ice cream or chilled. If you prefer the first option, then make sure that this product is of high quality and is in a condition suitable for safe use. To do this, pay attention to the surface and the flavor emanating from the fish. If there are stains, as well as a strange or unpleasant smell, then it is better not to take it.

Component preparation

Frozen product must be thawed before salting. To do this, it must be placed in an airtight container and kept in the refrigerator for several hours. Next, the fish must be well washed, gutted and cut fins, including the head. By the way, experts recommend salting herring in brine, previously chopped it into pieces with a thickness of 3-4 centimeters.So the product will cook much faster and get much more tender.

Brine preparation

Before making such a fragrant snack at home, you should prepare a pickle separately. To do this, you need to put enamelware on the stove, pour ordinary drinking water into it, and then add sugar, potted pepper, salt and bay leaves. Bringing the liquid to a boil, it must be immediately removed from the heat and left at room temperature until it cools completely. While the brine cools, you can do the processing of vegetables. Thus, onions should be cleaned and then chopped into half rings or rings.

Salting fish

After the broth has cooled completely, you should take a few wide glass jars, put the processed herring loosely in them, and then pour in freshly prepared brine. Moreover, through each layer of fish it is recommended to cover it with several rings of to pickle herring

Final stage

After the container with the saddle is filled with brine, it must be tightly closed and left at room temperature for a day.After this time, the snack must be kept in the refrigerator for the same amount of time. On the third day the fish will be completely ready to eat.

It should be noted that to store such a product for a long time is not recommended. If you want to increase the shelf life of homemade herring snacks, then it is recommended to additionally add acetic acid in the amount of several large spoons, and pour a little vegetable oil on top. By adding these ingredients, you will get not salted, but pickled fish, which will have a stronger aroma and spicy taste.

Salt caviar herring at home

Roasted herring caviar is dryish, but salted, on the contrary, very tasty and juicy. It is ideal for a festive table, to which it can be presented as a cold snack. Moreover, with such a lightly salted product, various sandwiches are very to pickle fresh herring

So, before salting the herring caviar, you need to prepare:

  • Herring caviar as fresh as possible - about 300 g;
  • drinking water - about 300 ml;
  • salt large - a large spoon;
  • any vegetable oil - a large spoon;
  • lemon - ¼ part of the fruit;
  • bay leaf - 1 pc.

Brine preparation

Just like fish, herring roe can be salted dry. However, it turns out much tastier and juicier if you use pickle. To prepare it, you need to pour ordinary water at room temperature into a bowl, then add salt and mix everything thoroughly until the spice is completely dissolved. It is also necessary to chop fresh lemon into thin rings.

Salting process

After the pickle is ready, you should take a glass or ceramic container, put fresh herring caviar, bay leaves, and lemon circles there. Next, you need to pour in the salt brine and add vegetable oil. Tightly closing the container, it must be left at room temperature for several hours. Next, the eggs should be placed in the refrigerator. After 15-18 hours the appetizer will be fully usable.

how to pickle herring caviar

What can be made from salted caviar?

You can make tasty and hearty sandwiches from lightly salted caviar cooked at home. To do this, take a long loaf, chop it into pieces with a thickness of 1.5 centimeters, and then smear a thin layer of butter or mayonnaise.On top of the sandwich, you should put lightly salted caviar, which you need to pre-mix with a spoon to obtain a mushy mass.

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