How to plant grapes?

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How to plant grapes?

Grapes - a popular fruit-bearing plant, which is suitable for planting on the dacha, and at home sites. To start harvesting from it a few years later, it is necessary to choose the right place for it. It is also important to make it fit according to the main recommendations.

Location selection

It is necessary to take into account that the grape is a light and heat-loving plant, therefore it is necessary to choose a place for planting with this in mind. To accommodate saplings or cuttings, choose the southern, western or south-western side of any buildings. During the day, they will heat up from the sun and will give the plants extra heat overnight. As a result, you can get ripe and sweet berries much earlier. You can also plant grapes on the western, south-western and southern slopes. At the same time, cuttings and seedlings should not be placed in their lower part, as well as near trees. The distance from them should be at least 4 meters.

Soil selection

The soil is also important for vigorous grape growth and good fruiting.It is better if it is sandy, clay or muddy, also suitable areas where there is a combination of them in varying proportions. Such soils carry water well and nourish the roots of grapes. However, they should not be acidic or marshy. On them, grapes can grow and fail to produce for a long time.

Also important is the depth of the location of groundwater. It should be at least 1.5 meters. If the level of occurrence of groundwater is higher, then it will be necessary to create an artificial layer of soil for the required thickness of soil, sand and fine crushed stone. As for the pH of the soil, it must be neutral or slightly alkaline.

When to plant grapes?

For planting grapes, you can choose spring or autumn. So, from mid-April to mid-May, cuttings should be planted. Whereas, starting in October, it is possible to plant seedlings. But it is important to do this before the onset of the first frost.

Planting cuttings

In the spring it is best to use cuttings for planting, in which the movement of juices has not yet begun. First, they will need to soak in water for 2-3 days, but you should first refresh their sections.Then at 12 o'clock it is necessary to put the cuttings in a solution of natural honey (25 ml of honey for 1 liter of water). After that, you need to act as follows:

  1. Prepare pits for cuttings. Their size should be: 80x80x105 cm
  2. Pour each pit with a mixture of fertilizer, humus and soil, pour and leave for 2 weeks.
  3. During this time, the soil will settle. In it, make the holes to a depth of about 60 cm, and then plant in them seedlings from the containers together with the earthy clod that will be present in them.
  4. Next to each plant, set the pegs and tie them up.
  5. Cover the wells with fertile soil, and then pour.

Planting seedlings

Deciding to plant grapes in the fall, you need to purchase healthy seedlings. Their root on the cut should have a white color, and eyes when pressed should not fall off. Then you need to do the following work:

  1. Find a suitable place for planting grapes according to the recommendations presented above.
  2. Dig a hole under the seedlings. For each of them, it should have approximately the following dimensions: 80x80x80 cm.
  3. Pour mineral fertilizers into the prepared hole, humus and soil - allgrapesIt is desirable to take these components in equal parts.
  4. After that, make a seal of the nutrient layer. To do this, you can use a tamper.
  5. Make a small layer of nutritious soil in the center of the pit and place a seedling in it.
  6. Begin to fill the pit and grapes with fertilizer, and then compact it.
  7. Pour 3-4 seedlings of water on the sapling planted.
  8. Be sure to cover it with a cut-off plastic bottle - this will allow it to get better, because it will not be exposed to the strong effects of negative environmental factors.
  9. Before severe frosts, be sure to fill each well with seedlings with a layer of peat, sawdust and pine needles, and then cover them with some moisture and windproof material so that they will not rot over the winter.

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