How to play tam-tame?

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How to play tam-tame?

Many people love ethnic music, where you can often hear the rhythmic sound of drums and the rolling sounds of the gong. Fascinating rhythms of Asia and Africa do not leave Europeans indifferent. Ethnic instruments became known in Europe around the middle of the 20th century and since then have not lost their popularity. Today we will tell about the instrument there and there and how to play it.

How to play tam-tam: instruction

What do you imagine when you hear the word "there-there"? Probably a little African drum covered in leather? In fact, this is a false idea. For Africa there-there has nothing to do. There-there appeared in Asia, namely in ancient China. His second name is gong. The gong is a fairly large metal disc suspended from a pole. On this disk beat a beater, extracting a sound. The peculiarity of the gong is that it vibrates for a long time and the sound continues to sound, gradually calming down.

Now let's look at how to play there.

  1. It is necessary to rhythmically strike the beater in the center of the circle, extracting the booming sound.Practice extracting sound - try hitting hard and weakly, then you will learn how to adjust the volume of the sound.
  2. In addition to individual beats, you can extract a longer sound, slightly tamping the beater on the body during the extinction of the sound. So you make the gong vibrate for a long time, making a measured hum.
  3. In order to play more complex rhythms, you can use small drum sticks.
  4. Sometimes musicians use a metal rod, which they drive on the surface of the gong, getting peculiar sounds.

How to play the djembe: instruction

Now let's talk about African drums, which many mistaken for tam-tam. African drums have many names - it depends on the area of ​​their distribution, the material from which they are made. For example, in Africa they play djembe, bongos, dun-dunah, etc. The most famous drum is the djembe. Djembe is a traditional musical instrument of the people of Mali. The drum has the shape of a cup, on which a skin membrane is stretched on top. Usually goat skin is used for this.

  • Djembe is played with two hands. You can play both standing and sitting.If the player is sitting, the drum is clamped between the legs, if it is, it is suspended on a special belt. The main condition is that the musician should be comfortable. Also, keep the shoulder girdle relaxed.
  • When playing on tamtham three sounds are used: low (bass), high (tone) andthere-thereslap - a ringing sound (slap). To play tomtam, you need to learn how to correctly extract these sounds. The pitch of the sound depends on the area of ​​the drum that is being hit.
  • The bass is removed with the whole palm, the fingers should be brought together, the hand should be held straight. The beat is applied to the center of the drum.
  • The tone is also created with the whole palm. The thumb should be taken slightly to the side so that it does not hit the edge of the tool. The sound extraction zone is approximately 2 \ 3 from the edge of the drum.Djemba
  • Slap. To perform this type of blow, you need to relax your fingers a little and spread them apart. The blow must be applied to the very edge of the drum. You need to be trained to reproduce these beats, as well as accurately identify them by ear.
  • When you learn to play with your right hand, train your left. It may turn out bad at first, but over time you will hone your skills.
  • After that, start alternating alternately left and right hands, tapping complex melodies.

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