How to relax after a hard day? How to learn to relax? Tips from a psychologist

Probably, everyone heard the expression “If you want to live - know how to spin!”. This is the motto of those who want to succeed in this world - to earn as much money and fame as possible. However, only a few are aware of the fact that from such a "rotation" you can lose all your strength and health. Especially if a person does not know how to relax after work, or does not understand why it should be done.

But timely rest is the key to success. Believe me, any sane psychologist will confirm this. So let's talk about what to do if you are tired: how to relax quickly? What techniques to use? And what exactly should be avoided?

how to relax

This crazy world

To begin with a small rhetorical retreat. We all know that in the modern world you need to be better than others,in order to defend their place in the sun. After all, in almost all areas there is fierce competition, which pushes people to constant competition. Note that this is quite normal, since it is precisely the predisposition to competition that allowed a person to win in the interspecific evolutionary race.

However, this does not mean that constant competition will lead a person to a better future. For any battle you need strength, otherwise it will be lost in advance. Alas, our body and consciousness cannot be constantly in tone - they need rest for recharging. Speaking in terms of metaphors, a person can be compared to an engine. If you constantly use it at full capacity, it will quickly break down and will no longer be able to benefit.

But, unlike the car, a living organism after a “breakdown” will not be so easy to repair, and sometimes even impossible. Therefore, the first thing people need to realize is the fact that they all need a good rest. And no matter how much they want to get another promotion or achieve their goals.

Fatigue: what is it like?

Before you learn to relax, you need to learn that there are two completely different types of fatigue: physical and moral.The first is peculiar to those who work with their hands, and the second to intellectuals. In addition, for some people, these two types of exhaustion coexist, because this is the specificity of their work. For example, the profession of dough mixer includes both heavy physical activity and constant concentration of attention.

But back to our topic. The bottom line is that you can not remove both fatigue in the same way. After all, what helps with physical exhaustion is not always suitable for raising morale. Therefore, let us first consider those methods that allow the body to relax, and then proceed to those that soothe the soul.

how to learn to relax

30 minutes calm

All of us, going home after a hard day, think about how to relax and clean up. At such moments, it seems that your body is about to stop moving and will simply fall to the ground with a dead weight. We think that now we will be well understood by those who, from morning to night, work in factories and are engaged in hard physical labor. And the only thing you want on such days is to fall into a warm bed and fall asleep until the next morning.

Alas, such bliss is available only to a few.After all, one has only to come home, as a whole mountain of daily duties falls on us.

Therefore, the majority of people returning home, first of all begin to customize household chores. And this is their mistake. Because of such actions, our body is subjected to great stress, because in fact it notifies that it does not deserve rest. And believe me, this turn of events is clearly not to his taste.

Therefore, relaxation specialists advise not to rush into homework. First get some rest. For example, 30-40 minutes of simple idleness on the couch will allow the body to replenish some of the lost forces. In addition, our body will understand that the work has remained far behind and now you can calm down.

how to relax and calm down

Eat right

Before learning to relax, a person must understand one important thing: any work consumes energy. The more energy we spend, the less they remain in our “tank”. And more importantly, it is impossible to rest normally, having an empty reserve. Therefore, the right diet is the key to a good day.

Thus, the ideal option would be a small snack immediately after work. At the same time, if the change was very difficult, then it is best to eat in a restaurant or cafe.Firstly, it is not necessary to spend the remnants of forces on cooking dinner, and secondly, the relaxed atmosphere of such institutions helps to quickly forget about problems and troubles.

It is also important that we eat. According to nutritionists, in the evening light snacks and fruit are best suited. This is due to the fact that they are full of carbohydrates, which are the ideal fuel for our body. The main thing - do not overdo the food, otherwise you will have to think about how to lose those extra pounds.

Massage is the best medicine for the body.

How to relax your body after hard and exhausting work? Well, the most effective medicine is massage. It was he who allows to relieve tension from the muscles, thereby leading a person to the state of nirvana. Therefore, if you feel that your body is on the verge, ask your soul mate to give you a general massage. Believe me, 10-15 minutes of bliss, and the body will once again begin to obediently obey your orders.

However, how to relax if a person lives alone? In this case, there are two options: first, you can go to a special salon, and secondly, learn self-massage techniques.Naturally, the first method is more efficient, but it requires money. The second requires training, but at the same time it allows you to master the skill that will remain with you forever.

 how to relax without alcohol

What is available to everyone ...

We live in a world where everyone has a hot shower or bath. Alas, only a few know that warm water removes physical fatigue well. And this is the best solution for those people who do not know how to relax and calm down without leaving home.

In addition, the effectiveness of this procedure can be increased by adding mineral salts to water. They not only relieve fatigue from the muscles, but also give the skin a glow. Thus, you can relax well and take care of your health.

The danger that lies behind the nervous system overloads

Unfortunately, in our country, many tips from a psychologist remain out of sight of ordinary people. But it is these experts who warn the most about how dangerous psychological overloads at work can be. For example, did you know that a lack of positive emotions certainly leads to depression? And she, in turn, is a complex psychological disease that is quite difficult to cure in the later stages?

Therefore, everyone should know how to emotionally relax and bring their thoughts in order. Fortunately today there are many techniques and techniques that can help in this. So let's talk about how to relax and calm down in those days when it seems that the whole world turned against you.

how to relax after work

No thoughts about work

The problem with most people is that they cannot put aside their thoughts about work. Even being outside the office or workshop, they are still mentally in it. A line of images connected with the unfinished report, offensive words of the director or unsuccessfully executed order is circling in their head. And it is precisely these thoughts that do not allow a person to tune in to rest, which is why the brain gradually begins to “boil”.

Therefore, if you do not know how to relax after a hard day, the first thing to do is start by forgetting about it. Just get him out of your head. Understand, today you will not be able to solve these problems, and therefore there is no point once again to wind yourself. Establish a rule: all matters are decided only during working hours, and all free minutes should be devoted only to yourself and those close to you.

Add more colors

How to relax if all life is a gray canvas? When the only entertainment after work is watching TV or watching social networks for many hours? If you really want to get rid of emotional fatigue, add bright colors to your life.

You should not take this advice as a call to engage in extreme sports. No! Pleasure can be obtained even without risk to your own life. For example, go to the cinema or theater. Believe me, the world is full of interesting things that are worth your attention. This is especially necessary when the day was worse than ever.

Perhaps someone will say that this requires strength, which, after work, so very little remains. But the truth is that it would be much better to gather the will into a fist and go to the park, rather than feel sorry for yourself and suffer the whole evening from bad thoughts in your own apartment. Just catch yourself thinking that time is fleeting, and therefore it is necessary to spend it with maximum benefit for yourself.

how to relax after a hard day

You are not alone!

Another little trick is that it is best to relax with friends or in a circle of loved ones.After all, communication helps a person to forget about his problems, work and even fatigue. Therefore, if you are broken, call someone and arrange a joint walk.

At the same time, it doesn’t matter exactly where the meeting will take place: in a bar, park, pizzeria, at the fountain or at home. The main thing is that the people around you bring you happiness. However, remember that on such days it is better to avoid those friends who love to complain about their lives. Otherwise, it will not be possible to relax, as the problems of others will only aggravate the situation.

What is meditation?

Previously, only the wise men of the East were devoted to the secrets of meditative techniques. And although today the veil of secrecy was asleep, people still do not use this amazing technique. The thing is that they simply do not believe in its relaxing power or they do not have enough patience to master it. But it is she who is the best way to relieve both mental and physical stress.

Therefore, if you have very hard work, do not be lazy and learn at least the simplest form of meditation. Believe me, it will not take much time, but the effect of this will exceed all your hopes and expectations.

 you are tired how to relax quickly

What not to do, or how to relax without bad habits?

In conclusion, let's talk about what you should not do. To begin with, many do not know how to relax without alcohol. For some reason, in our country there was a wrong opinion that this particular drink is the best way to relieve mental and physical fatigue. However, any doctor will say that it is not.

After all, in fact, alcohol only overloads the body, not allowing it to move away from daytime stress. Thus, instead of relaxing a person gets another test, after which he will feel even worse. Therefore, on such days it is better to protect yourself from alcohol, leaving it until better times.

Instead, go to fresh juice. It will not only allow you to replenish your reserve of strength, but will raise your spirits at the expense of those vitamins that it contains. In addition, an excess of juice in the body does not lead to a sharp headache in the morning, which is also nice.

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