How to remove the steering wheel?

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How to remove the steering wheel?

The steering of the car is one of the most important elements of the whole design of the car. At the slightest malfunction, a complete diagnosis of the problem and its urgent solution is required. In this article we will talk about how to remove the steering wheel of a car in order to repair or change.

How to remove a wheel: instruction

Note that to remove the steering wheel, in principle, the power of every motorist. And on most models, the principle of fastening the steering wheel is the same.

  • Before removing the steering wheel, you must first disconnect the battery in order to avoid unpleasant electric shock. To do this, disconnect the wire from the negative battery terminal using hex keys.
  • How to remove the steering wheelNext, insert the key into the ignition, then turn the steering wheel 90 degrees in any convenient direction. On the reverse side of the steering wheel, and specifically, on its upper part, you will need to unscrew two nuts, each 5.5 mm. They hold the steering wheel on both sides, thus attaching it to the steering shaft. Be careful.On some car models, attaching the steering wheel to the shaft implies the use of a sufficiently powerful spring that can cause injury with a sharp loosening of the nuts until they are completely removed.
  • Loosen the nuts little by little. It is not necessary to completely unscrew them, since they are securely fastened in the steering wheel housing in order to avoid their loss.
  • Carefully remove the airbag device in the steering wheel. After that, turn it in the opposite direction. The horn and its wires should be pulled over. After these manipulations, you will notice a yellow connector, which you need to gently pull out of the steering wheel housing. Clamp the small latch and pull towards you, pulling it completely out.
  • Move the steering wheel to a horizontal position. Secure it and hold tight. It is necessary to remove the key from the ignition, after which the steering wheel will be locked.
  • In the middle of the steering wheel housing you will see a large bolt - this is its main fastening. It must be unscrewed, while not forgetting to hold the steering wheel with your hand.
  • In order to avoid arbitrary scrolling of the airbag slip ring, you need to fix this element with a pin.

Features of the domestic auto industry

Many supporters of Russian cars are interested in the question of how to remove the steering wheel on the "VAZ". Let's see what are the features of this process. The algorithm consists of the following actions:

  • How to remove the steering wheelFirst removed steering pad;
  • Then the nut loosens, fastening the steering wheel (located exactly in the center inside the steering wheel);
  • After that, remove the steering wheel from the steering shaft;
  • This time, the nut holding the steering wheel is completely unscrewed;
  • Steering wheel shot.

What you should pay attention to:

When the steering wheel is disconnected, it will also be necessary to disconnect the horn, since this device is located inside the steering wheel housing. It is likely that there will be a short circuit between the wires of the horn. Therefore, in advance you need to disconnect the battery.

In addition, do not forget to make sure that the wheels of the car are exactly relative to its body. This will save you time and energy when steering in place.

How to remove the steering wheel

You will need to unscrew all 7 screws in the steering column cover in order to completely remove all the necessary parts. On the VAZ cars, a strictly defined number of bolts is installed, so it is better to count them and put them in a safe place.

For faster and more convenient work on removing the steering wheel, it is best to use a socket wrench. In addition, remember that the steering wheel nut should not be completely and sharply loosened, since all the parts are tight enough and can cause injury when they are parsed.

Up to the moment of complete removal of the steering wheel, it is recommended to mark the position of the steering wheel relative to the shaft and turn switches. Another feature of domestic products - when removing, you will need to show considerable strength and apply a couple of blows to the steering wheel towards yourself. Only in this way will the steering wheel come off the splines, after which you can already completely unscrew the main nut securing the steering wheel to the body.

Listen to these tips, and you will be able to repair or replace the steering wheel yourself without recourse to service.

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