How to remove the wen?

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How to remove the wen?

Wen is a lipoma, which has a soft texture and develops under the skin in the connective tissue. How this tumor looks like can be found in detail in the article How a Wen looks. Themselves do not pose a health hazard. They arise for various reasons, which are voiced in the article From What Wen. But at the same time, adhesives are cosmetic defects, so those with whom they are present, in most cases, want to remove them. This can be done in folk and traditional ways.

How to remove the wen: traditional methods

Today, there are several traditional methods that allow you to remove the wen on the face. Their list is as follows:

  1. Classic surgical method. During it there is a complete removal of the wen. Be sure to clean the place where he was, from residual manifestations. This eliminates the possibility that the lipoma will reappear. All this is done under local anesthesia.With this method, you can remove the wen of any size. But it is important to note that there may be a scar after it. Therefore, choosing where to remove fat from the classical surgical method, it is necessaryRemove Wengive preference only to clinics with experienced doctors.
  2. Laser removal. Such an operation takes place under local anesthesia and takes no more than 2 minutes. After it remains a small scratch, which after a few weeks completely disappears.
  3. Radio wave method. He is the most progressive, since with him the probability of a wen appearing in the same place is reduced to zero. During the operation there are no pain, and complications after it occur very rarely. Scars and scars after radio wave removal do not occur.
  4. Endoscopic method. Operation with its help passes under localRemove Wenanesthesia. During her incision is made near the wen. It introduces a special tool, through which there is a complete removal of the lipoma. But keep in mind that with this method there is a risk of a scar.
  5. Puncture aspiration method. With this method, the doctor inserts a thick needle into the fat and pulls out its contents with a suction.The skin with this method is injured minimally, the seams after that do not overlap. However, there is a risk that the lipoma will not be completely removed and will grow again.

To decide for yourself which of these techniques to use, you should watch a video on carrying out operations with their help to get rid of Wen.

How to remove the wen: folk ways

Many do not know whether to remove the wen in the traditional or folk way. Ideally, you should use the first option, because during the cutting of lipomas all sanitary standards are observed, which eliminates the possibility of infection. However, if it is not possible to resort to traditional methods, you can use popular methods. But it is important to observe sterility and work with the utmost accuracy:

  1. Remove the wen at home will help aloe. Take a leaf of this plant, wash and break in half. Cut it to the wen. Secure the aloe patch and bandage. Walk with a bandage for at least 6 hours. Then change it. This procedure should be carried out before the complete disappearance of the wen.
  2. Take a raw egg and put it in a bowl. Then a newly picked sheetRemove WenWash the golden whiskers and finely chop them. Put the plant in a bowl with an egg and mix the ingredients. Apply the prepared mixture with a thick layer on a wen and apply a plastic wrap over it, and then leave the compress for 10 hours. Do such procedures every day until complete absorption of the lipoma.
  3. Take a clove of garlic, peel and chop it. It is necessary to make gruel from it and add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to it. Rub the prepared mass in the fat during the day. Continue the course for at least one week.
  4. Use soap and onions. You need to put this vegetable in the oven at an average temperature of 10-15 minutes. At this time, grated rub the soap. Cool and peel the baked onion, and then mix it with soap. It should be gruel. Apply it to the wen for several hours daily until it disappears completely.Remove Wen
  5. Excellent help in removing wen ointment Vishnevsky. It is required to be applied on the lipoma with a thick layer, and then apply gauze and glue with a plaster. It is necessary to walk with such a bandage for several days, periodically changing it to a new one.
  6. Use red pepper.Take this ingredient in the amount of one tablespoon and put it on the gauze. Sprinkle it abundantly with alcohol, and then apply to the wen for 10 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat this procedure is required 3 times a day for 21 days.

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