How to remove voice from song: list of programs

The modern music industry regularly releases a huge number of tracks for every taste. Some of them are gaining such popularity that they are honored to be sung in karaoke, and more than once. But how to remove the voice from the songwithout compromising quality? Need to really try. There are several different options for this that are worth exploring before choosing.

how to remove a voice from a song

How to remove a voice from a song

To cut the vocals from the track you like, there are several ways. This is the removal of voice through online services and additional software, which, in turn, is paid and free. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, most users prefer special programs, as they allow you to perform more functions than online services. Therefore, first of all, it is recommended to pay attention to the following list of software that will answer the question "how to remove a voice from a song?".You should take the choice of the program seriously, paying special attention to their possibilities, since the quality of the resulting "minus" directly depends on this.

Adobe audition

how to remove voice from song

There are situations when you urgently need a backing track of a song. Many will say that you can simply find it on the Internet and not bother creating. But some songs without vocals are completely absent from the Global Network or have such a terrible quality that it is simply impossible to apply a minus anywhere. Then there are questions: “What to do? How to remove the voice from the song? It is for such emergencies and there is a program Adobe Audition. It does not require special knowledge and is quite easy to use.

To implement the necessary actions with this program, its version must be at least 3.0. It can be easily found on the web. Functional Audition allows you to drown out the vocals in the song and make it almost invisible. However, if you play it in headphones, the voice will still remotely sound. In addition, the program has some pretty useful features that will certainly come in handy when working with musical compositions.

Antares auto tune

remove the voice from the song quality

This program is very easy to find in free distribution. It allows you to make professional backing tracks.Compared to other options, Antares auto tune removes the voice from the track almost perfectly. True, have a little tinker. But it's worth it. Here you can choose intonation, control frequencies, etc. In order to prevent users from having difficulties with how to remove a voice from a song, the program itself is able to determine at what frequency the deviation occurs and edit it. For more convenient work, all channels are depicted on a graph that can be easily read. After the backing track is ready, another voice is overlaid on top of the resulting melody using Antares auto tune.

Such software is designed specifically for professional processing. Most often it is used to create new tracks. Regular programs simply muffle the sound in the center, which is often enough. Therefore, if there is a question about how to cut a voice from a karaoke song, then it is better to choose simpler methods that reduce all actions to pressing one or two buttons.

Magic vocal remover

how to cut a voice from a song

Magic Vocal Remover - paid program to remove vocals. On the Internet you can find its demo version, which is quite enough to handle a couple of songs. Its advantages are that you can work with several audio files at once, and save the songs not on the computer,and in a special online storage. You can process all MP3 formats. After the composition is processed, additional software can be used to play the minus in karaoke mode. Therefore, if you need a program for a single case, then feel free to use this option.

How is the removal of vocals

After the program has been selected, it is necessary to figure out how to cut the voice, so as not to have to bother with the creation of a backing track.

In most songs, the vocals are placed in the center of the compositional panorama. The work of almost all services and software is based on removing one channel from another, thereby drowning out the wave on which the voice is located. If you use a program with a wider range of functions, then the gap from which the channel was cut can be smoothed so that the change in the song is not too highlighted when listening.

Is it possible to remove a voice from a song with high quality

remove voice from song program

When removing vocals with simple programs, it’s almost impossible to achieve the perfect effect. It will be quite difficult for a non-professional to create a net minus. Since most programs simply remove the channel with the voice, about 70% of the sounds of other instruments that sound in the composition are cut out along with this channel.Of course, a small effect from such a silencing of the vocalist’s voice can still be obtained, but it is impossible to use the resulting minus in broad application. Also, the removal of vocals directly depends on the quality of the track itself. Therefore, if you do not have the necessary skills to work with such software, then it is easier to find the desired composition in the Global Network so as not to waste time. After all, the quality of the resulting minus will be no better than those presented on the Internet.

Cutting vocals can be considered more theoretical than practical. Therefore, to answer the question of how to remove a voice from a song without harming the quality is definitely not possible. However, those users who are interested in this issue, in the form of an experiment can try to get rid of the voice in any composition. Having done well, perhaps they will achieve a good result and still find a way to remove the voice from the song.

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