How to seduce a wife?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 19, 2014
How to seduce a wife?

If, after several years of happy life, you began to notice that your wife is trying to get away from intimate relationships, then this is the first signal of her separation from you. If you love your spouse, you should think about how to seduce your wife and regain your former passion.

Seduction possibilities

Among the main options for seduction are the following:

  • romantic dinner. Dinner is the simplest thing a man can do for his woman. Try at this time as much as possible to make compliments and caress your soulmate.
  • memories of the past. This option can be an addition to a romantic dinner. Try to remember how good you were together, and also do not forget about unusual places where you had intimate intimacy (emotional memories excite women).
  • trip to a restaurant / cafe / cinema / theater. Invite your soul mate to a public place where she will be visible (unless, of course, she likes to be the center of attention).Also, before this event, you can go shopping, so that the wife could walk in a new outfit.
  • unusual sex. Intrigue your wife. Invite her to ride a car or listen to the birds singing on the shore of a lake or river. You can also cook a small picnic, which will end with stormy and passionate sex. Another option may be to book a room in a hotel where you will only be alone, and no one will disturb you. If you have problems in sexual terms, you need to think about how to solve them. You can learn about this from the article How to Fuck a Wife.
  • dream. Remember what your wife dreams of and make her dream come true. Women love caring men and long remember their actions. There is nothing to come up with, the main thing is to look and listen to what your wife says.
  • intimate gifts. In order to seduce his wife, you can present her a beautiful set of underwear. After the wife unpacks the gift, ask to try it on, and then you can proceed to caress.
  • other women. Show little attention to other women, thus making your wife jealous. At this time, do not forget about it, showered with compliments and extol it. A woman in a moment of jealousy is ready for any sexual adventure.This way you can seduce your wife for sex.

The described options can be used both individually and in combination, so do not be afraid to experiment.

In the seduction of his wife there are only pluses, as it only brings diversity to your intimate life.

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