How to sew a suit of Santa Claus with his own hands?

To create a truly beautiful and unique costume of Santa Claus, you need to know a few basic secrets. It is necessary to choose the right textiles, come up with a unique pattern and make at least the minimum decor of the dress. Using such principles, you can create a costume for both an adult and a child. In addition to the variant with tailoring, you can resort to other types of work on the costume - it all depends on the characteristics of the event and the time margin.

What material is best to sew a New Year's costume

The principle of selection of materials for creating a New Year's image depends on the importance and scale of the event, which will be presented attire. If the celebration of the New Year will be made in the family circle, then you can make a costume from what is on hand. Possible use of old clothes. If the costume is necessary for visiting a large-scale party or corporate party, then it is better to make an outfit from a new material.

The costume of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden is best made from a fabric that meets the following parameters:

  1. It is desirable that the texture was not too dense, but soft.
  2. The best option would be a soft fabric like velvet or synthetic mahra.
  3. The color should match the subject, have a glossy effect to create a festive atmosphere.

In addition to a few desirable points regarding the choice of textiles, it is worth considering the features of the dress model. The budget option for the purchase of textiles will be an atlas.

Algorithm for creating costumes New Year characters

After the path to create a suit is chosen, and the main material is selected, it is worthwhile to decide on the algorithm of work. This is desirable for those who do not know exactly how to sew a Santa Claus costume, or for the first time.

A well-designed scheme with prescribed steps will facilitate the work and speed it up:

  1. Create a sketch by making a basic outline of the model.
  2. Measure the parameters of the person for whom the outfit will be made.
  3. Prepare patterns and make the pattern in accordance with the size.
  4. Connect the prepared parts, by hand-drawing on the markup.
  5. Duplicate the seams with a sewing machine.
  6. To make a decor of a finished product.
    version of the new year's suit

In order not to spoil the costume and make a correction in time, you need to try on at every stage.

What can be useful when creating the most simple version of the costume

Before proceeding to the direct tailoring, it is necessary to determine the model. The standard version is a set of the following products:

  1. Coat to toe.
  2. Sash belt.
  3. Mittens.
  4. A cap.

A long shirt and wide pants may be present, but usually these elements are not visible under the coat, so it is not necessary to make them. For tailoring festive clothing per person, medium parameters usually require about 2 meters of the base material, 0.5-1 meters of material for finishing.

mittens pattern

Additionally can be useful:

  1. Threads in the color of textile materials.
  2. Braid, ribbons, beads, ribbons.
  3. Glue gun with silicone rods.
  4. Scissors, safety pins, needles.
  5. Figured patterns, preferably at number 6.
  6. Ruler, measuring tape.

In the process, you may need other tools, materials - it all depends on the level of skill and experience of the creator of the attire.

How to start direct production of a suit?

In order to sew an adult costume of Santa Claus, you need to be able to handle a sewing machine and make a pattern. You should first take measurements. Mandatory and decisive points will be:

  1. Just need to know the length of the shoulder and forearm. Thanks to these measures, a sleeve will be formed.
  2. Mandatory parameters are chest volume and torso length.
  3. The volume of the hips, buttocks and the distance from the waist to the toes - this is the basis, which will help to determine the size of the hem.
  4. Regarding the cap, it is enough to measure the girth of the head and the distance from the eyebrows to the top of the head.
  5. The size of the mitten can be determined using a simple method. Cut out a hand with a protruding thumb on paper. In the process of sketching need to take a large enough stock.
  6. The length and width of the belt is determined by the preferences of the seamstress.
taking measurements

After the measurements have been taken, it is necessary to prepare patterns. Patterns are paper bases of elements and parts that are made in accordance with the parameters. Then ready-made patterns need to be applied to the fabric and make a pattern.

The most simple dress patterns for an adult

If there is no time or opportunity to make a pattern in accordance with all the rules, then you can use some techniques and tricks. The basis of any costume of Santa Claus is a coat, so it is worth making the correct pattern of this element.

approximate sketch of a pattern for a fur coat
  1. It is necessary to take a t-shirt of the person for whom the costume is being made, and place on a piece of fabric folded in half. Pre-summer accessory fold along the back, forming half.
  2. Outline in chalk or pencil the silhouette of a T-shirt. The lower part is extended in accordance with the parameters. Forming the bottom of the coat, it is necessary to expand the pattern.
  3. Sleeves need to be created on the same principle as the base of the coat - to increase the length of the circled elements in accordance with the required dimensions.

The rest of the Santa Claus costume pattern is made in the same way. For hats, character gloves, you need to choose the right things from the wardrobe. Belt-sash is sewn from the usual flat cut fabric.

Features of the creation of a children's costume

If there is an experience in tailoring an adult Christmas Santa Claus costume, then there should be no problems with creating a small copy for the child.In this case, you can show imagination and try to create a unique design of the dress. Such a need may arise if you want to make the dress comfortable or the baby is very small.

children's costume of Santa Claus

Children's costume of Santa Claus suggests the presence of the same items as the adult version: a fur coat, belt, hat, mittens. But in a small outfit there are several nuances. It is better to make a fur coat shortened so that the child can move easily without clinging to the hem of outerwear. Because of this, one more element is added - pants.

The further principle of operation is completely identical to the one already described. For the crumbs you need to think about an interesting design and a beautiful finish. Thanks to the decoration, the outfit will stand out among all such variations of Santa Claus clothes.

Options for those who can not sew

After viewing photos of Santa Claus costumes in magazines, some craftswomen feel uneasy. Not all needlewomen know how to sew equally well, so you need to think about the principle of creating a festive attire.

Besides the fact that the outfit can be stitched, it can also be tied. Of course, the time for a knitted version will take much more, but this product will look much more effective.To reduce the loss of time for the manufacture of some simple and at the same time three-dimensional areas, you can combine knitted items and textiles. In this situation, it is important to choose the right materials that will be the same in their characteristics: thickness, texture, quality.

You can skillfully decorate the finished product that was previously purchased in the store. It is enough to sheathe the hem of the bottom and the sleeves of the purchased robe, which has a similar cut to the coat of Santa Claus.

Knitted version of the costume of American Santa Claus

Costumes, which are made by means of unusual techniques, using unique materials: paper, bags, napkins, plastic, can become crazy, but original variants.

Special decoration of the New Year's costume

The peculiarity of the dress is the fur edge and beautiful patterns. If you make a Santa Claus costume with your own hands, then it is advisable to immediately consider the decoration options. To fur coat looked elegant, you need to make a wide enough fur collar. The edge of the sleeves and hem should also be voluminous.

Along the smell of a fur coat, you need to think of a decorative pattern that will serve as decoration for the entire outfit.For such purposes, you can use ready-made ribbons, braid, lace. It is advisable to pick up shiny elements with lurex, rhinestones or sequins. The pattern can be embroidered by yourself.

On the mittens, hat and belt, there should also be a fur trim in the form of an edge. The pattern, which is on the fur coat, must be duplicated on each item of clothing of the New Year's hero. In order not to think about decorating, you should use ready-made elements. You can sew snowflakes, rain, tinsel.

Zest, which will decorate the costume

To make the costume of Santa Claus unique and bright, it is worth considering interesting options for decorating. Since it is the jewelry that will make the dress memorable and distinguished among the variety of New Year's dresses.

An interesting option would be the decoration of fur elements garland, which runs on batteries. If you additionally embroider a suit with rhinestones, beads or sequins, then the illumination will be advantageously highlighted by the surfaces of the accessories.

option to create a unique costume

You can make a traditional decor and modern notes, making the costume of Santa Claus relevant and thematic. Suitable metal elements, like rockers.The presence of skin will make the suit look like a biker. There can be many variations, the main thing is to think over the whole image in accordance with preferences.

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