How to sew takes?

Women have always paid great attention to headgear. And so far, the tendency to make them with their own hands is strong. This is easily explained, because a thing done independently and with a soul will not only be unique, but also be worn with great pleasure. In this article, we will look at how to sew a beret - a very popular classic headpiece. Berets can be very different: voluminous and compact, feminine and strict, from a variety of materials, so each person can easily choose the right model for themselves.

Make a pattern

Many knit hats, but it is much easier to sew. The beret's pattern usually consists of a bottom, a side (crown), and a kashpen (band).

Beret Pattern

This drawing is suitable for size 58 around the head. If you need a different size, then in the drawing you should change the length of the band.

Transfer the cut parts to the fabric of your choice and cut them, leaving 1 cm seam allowances on each side. Dig out the bottom and the crown of lining fabric with 1 cm allowances. The fabric for the beret must be sufficiently dense to keep its shape well.If you are planning tailoring from a thin fabric, then it must be pre-glue flizelinom.

Tailoring procedure

Consider how to sew takes your hands on this pattern:

  • Stitch the bottom and sides of the main fabric. Do the same with lining fabric details.
  • Smoot out seams on the main fabric and stitch it on both sides with decorative stitches at a distance of 2-5 mm.
  • Glue the shabby with interlining, to avoid its deformation in the process of socks, fold along in half and stitch its short sides so that a circle is formed.
  • Attach the band to the finished top of the beret, putting its face to the wrong side of the top. Unscrew the band around the front side and attach it so as to close the stitch seam.
  • Insert into the lining takes the wrong side to the wrong side of the main fabric, sweep, and then hem it on the inner edge of the band.
  • Decorate the band around or the crown of the finished beret with a bow, rhinestones, or other decoration.

Men's berets

The beret is also part of the military uniform. A special chic for beginners in the service is an independent tailoring of a headdress, therefore we will consider how to sew a paratrooper. You will need:

  • Cloth (150 cm wide) - 30 cm
  • Lining fabric (90 cm wide) - 30 cm

The beret for the paratrooper can be sewn according to the following pattern:

Beret Pattern

Open 1 part of the bottom (number 1 in the diagram), 2 parts of the crown (number 2) and a rim (number 3). The technology of sewing such a beret is similar to that discussed above. Near the head is recommended to be made of artificial leather.

Takes from wedges

Also, berets look very well, sewn from 8 identical wedges cut according to the following scheme:

Beret Pattern

  • Cut out the details should be strictly on the share thread in one direction. When cutting do not forget to leave allowances for seams.
  • Split the details along the contour with a contrast thread. This will allow your product to look much neater and the seams to be smoother.
  • In addition to the 8 wedges, open the rim 58.5 in length (with an allowance of 2.5 cm per seam) and 5 cm wide.
  • Open the lining wedges.

Find out how to sew berets from wedges:

  • Sew all the wedges in pairs, and then the resulting details, flattening all the seams.
  • Sew the bezel on the narrow sides so as to form a circle, press out the seam.
  • Fold the bezel along in half, sweep and iron.
  • Baste the bezel to the beret, while taking a bead of 1.5 cm.
  • Sew the bezel and take it. It will be more convenient if, when attaching, the beret will be at the bottom, and the bezel will be at the top.
  • Similarly, sew wedges of lining fabric.
  • Removing the beret, manually sew the lining to it.

Fur take

Many women would like to have a particularly warm beret, suitable for a fur coat, so consider how to sew beret from fur. You can choose any pattern of the beret, but when cutting it is important to take into account the direction of the pile on the details of the cut - it should be directed in one direction. Another important feature when working with fur is that you do not need to unclamp the seam allowances. Instead, you can straighten them with scissors rings. If the villi are stuck in the seams, gently pull them out with a needle. The lining to the fur beret is attached manually by a secret stitch.

So, after reading this article, you will be able to make beers for every taste. Tailoring a beret is very inexpensive, it is simple and fast. You also learned how to sew a military beret, so you can please the son-cadet or draftee with a beret made with love.

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