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Dull knives are a problem of both the twentieth and twenty-first century. If you go into any apartment in any city in our country, you can easily find that most kitchen tools never knew what a grindstone is. To the cutting tool is not so often stupid, it should be used only for its intended purpose.

Why are knives blunt quickly?

how to sharpen knives

Everything in our world obeys the laws of physics. Under the extensive formulation of "all" and kitchen knives fall. During the cutting process on the working part of the blade is a large load, and under the action of friction force, the blade gradually "loses" the metal particles that are invisible to the eye. How quickly this or that knife blunts depends not only on the frequency of its use, but also on its purpose and quality of manufacture.

How to choose a kitchen knife

Every time you visit the dishes and kitchen utensils in your head, many people have a question: “Why do we need all these many knives?” Do not worry, this issue worries 95% of people. Or, to put it simply, all those who do not professionally prepare food. If you do not set yourself a goal to hit everyone with your collection of knives, then there is no need to buy all their varieties, it is better to give preference to universal models.

The main tool that the hostess should always have at hand is a chef's knife. It is designed for cutting any product. Its distinctive feature is a long handle and a thick blade. The length of the handle of such a knife ranges from 18 to 22 centimeters, and the tip - from 20 to 30 centimeters. The thickness of the blade sometimes reaches 4 centimeters. In such cases, it should not have any chipping.

The second very important assistant in the kitchen is a small knife for cutting. It has a small thin blade and a medium sized hilt. With this knife you can quickly cope with both cleaning vegetables and fast cutting sausages, cheeses, etc.

how to choose a kitchen knife

How to distinguish a good knife

The choice of high-quality goods must be approached with great care. If you do not know how to choose a kitchen knife, and you find it difficult to navigate in their varieties, then you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • The handle should lie well in the hand, not to hang out. It is better to give preference to knives with a wooden or plastic handle, despite the fact that their service life is less than metal ones.
  • The blade should be level. When buying, you should inspect it very carefully for any bumps, divorces and other defects. If you get a knife with a forged blade - this is a great success.

Kinds of knives in the kitchen

Nowadays there are many different kitchen knives: both basic and specialized. Consider their main types:

  • Cook - it was described in the article a little higher.
  • A kitchen knife, or a versatile one, is very similar to a cook, the blade length reaches a maximum of 20 centimeters. Designed for cutting meat, ham, cheese, vegetables.
  • Bread - designed for cutting bread, pastry and flour products, as well as fruits with hard peel. The blade of the knife has special teeth, and its head is usually rounded.
  • For cutting - also was described in the article a little higher.
  • For vegetables and fruits - a specialized knife with a small blade, designed for cleaning and cutting.
  • Sirloin - tool for filing meat and fish. It has a long thin blade that can be elastically to sharpen a knife

Knife Sharpening Tools

We all remember the strange peasants who stood near the markets and offered their services for knife sharpening. Fortunately, time does not stand still, and this can be done now not only in the market, but also at home.

Tools for manual sharpening:

  • grindstone;
  • sanding paper;
  • sharpening sets;
  • specialized sharpeners;
  • file.

For those who love to do everything with their own hands and know how to work with electrical equipment and tools:

How to effectively sharpen a knife with his own hands?

What is necessary to do? How to sharpen knives, making a minimum of effort and spending not so much money. Consider in order the above tools for sharpening.

First answer the question of how to sharpen the knife bar. To do this, place its blade at an angle of twenty degrees.Then make cutting movements on the bar, alternately changing the facets. Two minutes of intensive work is enough for sharpening.

If there was no bar on hand, then sanding paper will be an indispensable assistant in this difficult task. To do this, you need to sharpen the knife along the entire length of its cutting part. But, unfortunately, this method of sharpening is suitable only for not too stupid blades.

If you do not know how to sharpen a knife, then you can purchase a specially designed kit. It greatly facilitates all the work. In it, the grinding stones are located at the right angle for the knife, and all that is required is to make translational movements by the cutting part.

If you are a person who has a desire to do something with his own hands, plus a file is attached to this, then the question "How to sharpen a knife?" you will not have. True, we are not talking about the standard tool, but rather about that which is included in some sets of knives. It can be of several types: as a small whetstone grinder, as a cylindrical file with a parallel notch. But, unfortunately, this tool is designed specifically for sharpening knives, which are included in a cheap set of kitchen appliances, and, most likely, will be of poor quality and useless.

how to sharpen a knife

Wonders of electronics

For people who appreciate technological progress, there is a special answer to the question "How to sharpen knives?". The most expensive option is a special tool, or an electric knife sharpener. However, it will be expensive. Its price depends on the manufacturer, the number of slots for sharpening, etc. If you do not know what kind of outlandish device is a knife sharpener, and would not like to get acquainted with it, then there are other options that will definitely closer to thrifty host.

So, it is least likely to find a carpentry machine at home, so this item is more relevant to the dacha variant. On such a machine, you can change the sawing disk to a grinding wheel and proceed to grinding the cutting part of the knife at a slight angle. The latter should be from 15 to 30 degrees. However, the main disadvantage of this method is the absence of a protective casing on such a machine, therefore, sharpening must be done with special glasses, otherwise sparks can damage the eyes.

Similarly, knives can be put in order with the help of a grinding machine. Special comments will not follow here, the process is about the same as in the case of a carpentry machine.

If there are no machines at home, but there is a Bulgarian, then every self-respecting man should know how to sharpen knives with her. Yes, no doubt, this tool was not designed for such purposes, but no one forbids the use of ingenuity to solve their problems. In order to proceed to the process of turning, it is necessary to change the main disk of the grinder to the grinding wheel. With it, sharpen the blade is not difficult. It should be well polished cutting part. This process does not take much time. When turning the knives, the grinder should always follow the safety rules. And it is desirable to wear glasses before starting work, because eyes are the first thing after hands that may suffer in this process.

How to sharpen a ceramic knife

how to sharpen a ceramic knife

In the kitchens of the whole world, not so long ago, new pets have appeared. As you might have guessed, we are talking about ceramic knives, which are spoken by all sales agents, they say, they are not stupid. However, this is pure lie. The laws of friction affect any material. Even ceramic products come to a dull state and require sharpening. Unfortunately, many male representatives think that they know how to sharpen knives made of metal, and therefore will be able to cope with ceramics in the same way. But it was not there...

Surprisingly, a ceramic knife sharpened at home is almost impossible. If you try to apply the standard methods, it can lead to breakage or damage to the blade.

There are two solutions to the problem:

  • Refer to the experts.
  • Buy a special electric sharpener for ceramic knives.

What to do if a knife blunted in a meat grinder

All men love cutlets that are not made at the factory, but at home, from fresh minced, twisted with their own hands. But, alas, over time it becomes more and more difficult, and the point is not at all in fatigue, but in the sharpness of the knives in a meat grinder. Many people think that this problem has only one way out - the replacement of the cutting part. Fortunately, there are several options for how to sharpen a knife in a meat grinder at home. So let's start by the complexity of their implementation:

  • The simplest device is a bar covered with sandpaper. Sharpening the cutting part is extremely simple - by rubbing the blades. To do this, evenly press the grinder knife to the surface of the emery.
  • The second method is the use of special bars. They are installed inside the meat grinder and grind during its use in idle mode.Such bars can be purchased at any hardware store, and with them get recommendations on their use.

how to sharpen a knife in a meat grinder

How to check the quality of the work done

That ended the torment with the sharpening of a knife. But how to make sure you worked for a reason? It is not worth remembering the times of the Middle Ages, when the sharpness of a knife was checked on a sheet of paper or horsehair. After all, the kitchen does not require such jewelry accuracy. It is enough that the knife easily coped with any products. Therefore, to test should finger-tip probe the burr that appears on the cutting edge. After a good sharpening, it should be formed along the entire blade.

Security measures

Specific safety, oddly enough, no one invented. Therefore, all requirements for the protection of your health are formed only on the basis of common sense. So, do not sharpen knives for speed, it is better to make it slower, but better. It is necessary to think about every movement, otherwise the blade may accidentally come off, which will lead to not very happy consequences. And one more point is hygienic: do not forget to wash the knives with detergent after sharpening them.

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