How to shrink legs?

Beautiful legs are able to drive mad any man. Long, beautiful legs - the key to the success of any woman. But what if the legs are not perfect? How to shrink legs? For this there are certain means and exercises.

How to reduce calves

First of all, it is necessary to understand the reasons that the caviar looks impressive. Is it overweight or muscle volume? If it's overweight, then you need to choose the right diet. If the whole thing is in the muscles, then it is easy to fix with exercise. Callanetics - gymnastics consisting of slow and unhurried movements aimed at stretching certain muscles will help you in how to reduce legs in volume.

  • Warming up You can not immediately begin to engage, the body does not like sudden loads. Caviar to start to prepare. For this perfect run on the spot for two minutes and squats. And best of all running on tiptoe.
  • Breath. Even, well having straightened a chest cell. Take a deep breath, pushing your shoulder blades back. Now slowly bend over, bending your back, and stretch your head and hands to the floor.If you feel discomfort, close your eyes and relax your muscles, letting go of the pain. Level up again and repeat the exercise 7 more times. You may think that this does not help you understand how to reduce the muscles in your legs, but it is not. This exercise has a complex effect.
  • Stretching Stand up and take a short break. Now bend the left leg at the knee and clasp the foot with your left hand. Stand like this for a while, keeping your balance. Then slowly move your arm and leg back, trying to put your leg parallel to the floor. At first, when the muscles are not prepared and not yet stretched, it may not work. But the strength and work a little effort. Perform this exercise regularly, and you will succeed. Do the same with your right foot and arm. After that, shake all the limbs well and give yourself a break to restore your breath.
  • Relief. The last exercise not only on the development of muscles, but also on creative thinking. Imagine yourself a ballerina in pointe. Stand on tiptoes and walk like that, stretching your leg nicely, like a soloist of the troupe. Such an exercise will make your muscles more prominent.

This set of exercises will make you forget how to reduce the volume of the legs. Do it three to five times a day, and within a couple of weeks your calves will take on a completely different look!

About foot size

Now let's see how to reduce the size of the legs. Many women are complex about the large size of the foot. In addition, it is not always possible to find the desired size of the pair of shoes you like.

Alas, only the surgeon can really reduce the size of the leg. Making the bone grow back is impossible. But in the east since childhood, women are bandaged with legs to make them small. As a result, the foot develops incorrectly, the fingers are crookedly pressed and adhere to the leg. In old age, Japanese women just can not walk.

But you can reduce the foot visually by correctly picking up shoes, clothes and gait.


  • High heel. Due to the rise, the leg is lengthened, and the foot is bent and appears shorter. Moreover, high heels always add femininity.
  • Oval sock. The rounded ends make the foot smaller and neater, while sharp-toed shoes lengthen the foot very much.
  • The game of shadow and light. Remember that “white fills”, and “black slim”. Same with the leg. White shoes attract attention and make the foot bigger. Black as it hides the foot in the shadow, making it smaller.
  • Haberdashery. As you know, transverse stripes shorten the length.Therefore, to visually reduce the foot, you should choose shoes with a lot of transverse straps, with lacing and with colored transverse inserts. But do not overdo it with rhinestones and other bright decorations. Why draw too much attention to what you want to hide?
  • Wedge It is on the long foot that the wedge looks beautiful, so do not deny yourself this pleasure.


  • Pants. Pants should be wide and long to hide the foot. You should wear either straight or flared trousers. This is especially true for sports trousers when you wear flat shoes.
  • Skirts. The cut of the skirts should also be flared or even. In principle, you can wear tight-fitting dresses, but they must be of an unusual style in order to attract attention and not keep your eyes on the feet.
  • Tights. In no case do not wear bright tights! They must be solely in tone with the shoes in order to blend in with it and make the foot inconspicuous.


  • Step slowly and measured, from heel to toe, to make the steps quiet and silent. Like a cat fluffy paws. Make the steps smaller and neater.If, on the contrary, you take wide steps and stomp your feet heavily, this will draw everyone’s attention to your feet.


  • Get rid of unnecessary complexes. Cinderella with tiny legs is now very small, because human growth has generally increased over the past few years. Moreover, sports style is now in fashion, and large feet are always an attribute of strong and athletic women.
  • Stop hiding your legs. This will only draw extra attention to your feet.

If you are thinking about how to reduce hair on your legs, then everything is pretty simple. Instead of a razor, use an epilator or depilator.

Removing hair epilation, you damage the hair follicle, but because they grow thinner and much slower.

When depilating, you also expose your hair and its bulb to chemical attack, but the result will be much worse and not so long.

In any case, remember that as long as you do not love yourself the way you are, the whole world will treat you the same way!

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