How to slow down time?

The older a person is, the faster time passes for him. According to psychologists, there is no mysticism here. Just in the life of an adult individual most often there is no place for bright moments. Labor days fly by gray and sad. But for the child every day is a discovery. During 12 hours of wakefulness, a lot of interesting things happen to him. Moreover, the situation is so impressive for the child's psyche that every event of the day is remembered by a bright spot. That is why it seems to people that the minutes in childhood stretched much slower, and of course, as a child, a person did not have any questions how to slow down time.

How can slow down time

As soon as adult life falls on us, time becomes less favorable. But the change in his perception is actually a completely controlled process and is within the power of each of us. Here are some practical tips on how to slow down the perception of time:

  • Create a stressful situation for yourself. It is in seconds of danger that many people notice for themselves the slowing down of time. In fact, scientific experiments have proven that technically, during force majeure, the minutes do not change at all.But the work of the brain increases dramatically: in a stressful situation, the instinct of self-preservation forces our gray matter to work for survival, to look for ways of salvation. In one minute, the brain gives out and analyzes much more information than in a calm environment. Increased brain activity and creates the effect of slowing down time. In addition, in moments of stress, one of the brain areas, the amygdala, is activated. He collects impressions created in a dangerous situation. Such a detailed memory further enhances the effect of delayed perception of time.
  • Fill life with bright events. Experiment, try something that you have never done and so on. In other words, psychologically begin to live the life of a child.
  • Try to reproduce the events of the past day before bedtime - from its beginning to the end. Even if it seemed quite ordinary, you will be surprised how much has been done in just 12 hours. Try to feel this time in every second. Doing the exercise regularly, you will notice that during the day you will begin to attach importance to those events that previously seemed inconspicuous.You will begin to feel your time, live a full day, and not its gray projection. Such exercises make some people think about the meaning of their own lives - what precious moments are spent on and whether the events lived and the actions taken are worth those seconds.
  • Perform special exercises that help you understand how to slow down the perception of time: our goal is to learn to focus our attention, to get rid of extraneous thoughts from our heads. To do this, sit back in a chair or on the couch. Take a look around you? If a person is sitting next to you, try to study it thoroughly now: catch the pace of breathing, the slightest change in facial expressions and gestures. Take a deep breath and hold your breath a little. You should try to feel every second of the running time. This effect will increase if you start counting seconds. The minute will start to drag on. Try to fix for yourself this feeling, to feel the passage of time. Now, restore your breath and mentally return to a state of concentration in seconds of lack of air. From the first time it may not work, but during regular training the effect is guaranteed.

These few tips will help you learn to control your time. Now you can use time to your advantage, managing everything and not forgetting anything.

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