How to sow tomatoes - the basic rules

Selection of planting material

Before you think about how to sow tomatoes, you must select and purchase planting material. Seeds buy those that are suitable for growing in your area. These varieties have passed the test of endurance and gave a good result. In no case can not be cunning with the methods of growing seedlings. If you bought seeds for open ground, then we sow directly into the designated beds, rather than growing them in the greenhouse. You should not buy bags with bright pictures only because of the appearance, be sure to read the annotation on the back of the to sow tomatoes

Seed preparation

Seeds are scattered on the windowsill and heated in the sun. Next, you need to conduct a rejection. Making it yourself is not so easy, so we resort to a little trick. Dried seeds dipped in a little salted water and watch. The empty ones will remain on the surface, while the full ones will go down. The seeds that were rejected are washed with salt water under running water. We process from pests and microbes in a slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate.Again, wash and leave to lie in a warm liquid for 12 hours.

Sowing time

In the question of how to sow tomatoes, not the last word remains with the time of planting. In each region, it is its own. In the middle lane, it is customary to plant the seeds in March - the first and second decade of the month. This time is calculated by gardeners thoroughly. Seedlings planted in the ground in the last decade of May or the first of June. Before that, it should grow about 60 days.

how to sow tomatoes


If the seedlings during growth are not subjected to a pick, then it will be more healthy and tall. But then how to sow tomatoes? Yes, very simple. Each seed is prepared in advance its capacity, where it fits. Sometimes, if the planting container is large, several grains are planted. When shoots, the weakest are removed.

Care of seedlings

We place tara with the earth and seeds closer to the light. By the end of the second week, the first grains should be turned. In order for the seedlings to be strong and tall, the temperature at the beginning of its growth must be no higher than twenty degrees Celsius. Watering needs frequent and abundant from the very beginning of germination. After the appearance of several leaves it increases in volume.Top dressing is made once in two weeks, and in small doses. Every day, starting with a small, and then gradually increasing, carry out hardening of plants. Begin the tempering process when the outdoor temperature is above ten degrees of heat. But this is a separate issue in the question "how to sow tomatoes."

how to sow tomatoes


When tomato sprouts become large, they should be sent to the ground. How to plant tomatoes, more precisely, to plant seedlings on the beds? First you need to prepare the ground. They dig her up, feed her and make sure that she is warmed up. Planting in a cold land is prohibited. Tomatoes are very thermophilic plants. Well, here we came: the beds are warm, there are already a dozen leaves on the bush, it’s time to replant. In a case like sowing tomatoes, the transplant time is very important. Slightly delayed - and the plant becomes long, begins to bloom. In this case, it is necessary to cut flowers in order to achieve at least some harvest.

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