How to stack?

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How to stack?

Today, there are many ways to beautifully put such a hairstyle as a bob. This haircut allows you to perform different hairstyles depending on the event, time of year, environment, etc.

So, how to stack? For installation you will need a standard set - gel, varnish and foam. Foam gives hair volume and allows you to get a lush hairstyle, even with a small amount of hair.

Options for how to stack

  1. The standard version is a classic styling. While drying the hair, wrap the round comb the ends of the strands inward, separate the strands of the fringe from the main hair and brush them all back. Form a bang and fix it with lacquer. The main part of the hair is divided into two halves by a direct parting (a small part of the hair - from the temple to the temple - lies in the parietal region). Then we comb the strands of any part and make a small roller, fasten it behind the backside with a hairpin or barrette.
  2. Extended quads. How to style to highlight all the beauty? You just need to divide the hair into a straight parting and release a large strand from the bangs, then apply the gel on your fingers and randomly beat the hair. At the end we fix everything with varnish.
  3. If the hair is lush, you can divide them into a side parting, beat the hair with your fingers (apply the styling composition to your fingers). After that, select a small strand of hair from the bangs and lower it to the forehead, the rest of the hair fold back. Fix varnish as desired.
  4. Kare with curly strands. At first we twirl hair on curlers. After that, carefully remove the bobbins and comb the strands with your fingers from root to tip. Then we put on the hands a little gel and comb the strands one more time. Make a side parting, shape the bangs and fix everything with varnish.
  5. There is a rather extravagant hairstyle based on the short form "Caret". This option can be seen in the video on how to put a square in a disco, which is now enough on the Internet. So, having dried your hair, apply a small amount of foam or gel on your hands and beat the hair from the roots. Then comb hair with a comb with rare teeth and distribute the comb with round teeth (focus on the parietal part of the head). Temporal locks down on his cheeks, and the rest of the hair is laid in the original cap. Fix lacquer.
  6. The next option very accurately shows how to properly stack the car.We moisten hair with gel or wax for styling and make parting on the side. Carefully separate the hair to the middle of the crown and comb it on both sides. Then, from the parting to the left side, smoothly comb the small strand of bang and fix it behind the ear. We drop the remaining hair on the face, divide it into small teeth and direct the ends on the face, while using the styling tool.

I would also like to draw your attention to very useful advice on how to style the bob so that the hair after a slight styling is lush. It is necessary to comb almost dried hair first on one side and dry it, then on the other and dry it too. Then you should lower your head down and shake your hair. Then we make a small side parting and fix it with varnish.

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