How to stop slouching girl and man

Women at different times and epochs, claiming the title of the standard of beauty, had one feature - an excellent and proud posture. At the same time, the rest were thinking how to stop slouching.

How did you manage not to slouch at home? To achieve this, it was necessary to resort to various tricks, for example, in the countries of the East, girls learned to dance with a saber on their heads.

During the time of the tsarist empire, cadets of the cadet school, who stooped, tied a board to their backs for about 2 hours so that from their youth they would learn to follow their posture. To stand the test was not easy, no wonder the event was called "heroic."

Today, it is possible to do without radical measures, since many simple and effective ways have been developed to improve the posture of a girl and a man. However, some effort will have to be made.

First of all, it is necessary to realize that the stoop is a serious problem that compresses the chest and does not allow the lungs to turn completely, which reduces the flow of oxygen.Due to the lack of oxygen in the body, a person quickly gets tired, becomes irritable, and performance decreases.

Stoop can lead to a herniated disc or pinched nerves. If you spend whole days driving a car or sitting at a computer, the condition of muscles and tendons worsens, and the pressure on the vertebral discs increases.

Improper posture leads to physical inactivity and causes:

  1. weakening of the muscles;
  2. flatfoot;
  3. reduce immunity.

Curvature of the spine disrupts:

  1. intestines;
  2. the liver;
  3. nervous system;
  4. view.

With a beautiful bearing, the gait is elegant and proud. As already noted, slouching is not only ugly, but also very unhealthy. It’s not for nothing that parents from childhood asserted that they should sit up straight.

How to force yourself to stop slouching?

  1. Self control. Remind yourself as often as possible to keep your posture. At first it is difficult, but then it will become a habit.
  2. Place to sleep. Choose a hard pillow, but not high (some use special rollers), and the mattress - smooth and firm. Do not interfere and high-quality sofa. Orthopedic mattresses are on sale, it is possible to use them.
  3. Mental and psychological state. Experts have shown that a person who slouches is more likely to experience emotional distress or emotional turmoil. Try to understand yourself or contact a psychologist.
  4. Correct weight distribution. If you have to go shopping, try to carry bags (bags) in both hands to evenly distribute the load.

Ways to correct posture

The main way to improve posture at home is sports. Sport strengthens the muscles of the back, helps to lose weight, get rid of scoliosis and lordosis during the initial stages of the disease. You can do martial arts or choose dancing and gymnastics, swimming and fitness correct posture.

For each selected individual set of exercises, the implementation of which requires considerable willpower and perseverance. You need to study for at least 30 minutes a day, for several months in a row.

There is a faster way to correct posture - wearing a corset. Only 6-8 months, according to doctors, and the result will be achieved. The corset is easy to wear under loose clothing, only it is very tight for movement,as the fabric tightly wraps the body and fixes the spine. Corsets - the most effective and sought-after means to stop slouching. They buy a corset after consulting a doctor, because the degree of stoop is different for each person.

Many do not pay attention to correcting posture and postpone the matter until later. Such a carefree attitude towards the body leads to sad consequences. Therefore, control your actions, make sure that your back remains even, do not allow yourself to slouch.

If a person is sitting on a chair, legs should stand with a full foot on the floor, they should not hang out or hang down from a chair, knees and hips should have a 90 degree angle.

If the legs do not reach the floor, use a special stand. There should be no space between the back and the back of the chair. Under the lower back, place the pad, keep your shoulders straightened and relaxed.

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Experts say that a person who has corrected his posture becomes taller, his height increases to 5 cm. This is a weighty argument to think about correcting his posture and work hard on himself.

Stoop exercises for women and men

Many argue that the most effective exercise - pulling up on the bar. Muscles are well strengthened as with a standard tightening to the chest, and tightening the head. True, such an exercise is more suitable for men, but women can easily move to the wall (ladder), with which you can correct your posture, hanging on the hands.

If it is not possible to use a horizontal bar or wall bars, a set of exercises has been developed that will help keep your back straight, acquire a light and graceful gait, and avoid showing serious health consequences.

Over time, you will see the result, strengthen your back muscles and develop a habit to follow your posture. This will help the diary. Consider effective exercises to improve posture at home.Exercises are performed only after a mandatory consultation with a doctor. Self-medication is dangerous and can be harmful to health.

  1. Stand up straight, arm back and squeeze into the lock. Try to raise your hands up as far as possible (towards the shoulder blades). Then take your elbows and shoulders back, press on your back, throwing your head back.
  2. Lie on your back, arms apart.Support is the head and buttocks. Raise your back so that the points of support remain fixed. Exercise to perform 15 times in 3 sets.
  3. Kneeling down, take the heels of the legs in your hands, bend the torso back, fold your head. Hold the position as it will. 5 repetitions are done.
  4. To lie on the stomach, hands to connect to the castle and put on the back of his head, as if going to swing the press. It is better to hook the legs to the closet or bed, and lift the head and torso to the maximum. With each lift, elbows apart. Perform the exercise 15 times in 3 sets.
  5. Lie on your back, put a book or a pillow under the shoulder blades so that a bend appears in your back. Pick up the load, for women - 500 grams, for men allowed a load of 2 kilograms. Straight arms raise and lower the load up to 150 times a day for several approaches. Exercise will help get rid of stoop and improve the shape of the breast.
  6. Exercise is performed sitting on a chair. Hands put on the back of the head, the body bend back. Initially, to make no more than 5 such deflections, later to slightly increase the load.
  7. Sitting on a chair, hands should be joined in front of a “lock”, turned out and straightened.Head down to breathe calmly and evenly. Maximum strain the muscles of the back, neck relax. Exercise helps with headaches.
  8. "Bridge". Try to make a bridge. Do not despair if you fail the first time, have patience and perseverance. After all, it was not for nothing that the wise men said “they will master the road going ...”. Who got the "bridge", the question of how to stop slouching, will disappear by itself.
  9. The simplest exercise. Lean your back against the wall so that the heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and head touch the surface of the wall. It strengthens the abdominal muscles and back. I will not get tired of standing by the wall until the first time is no more than 3-4 minutes. After doing stretch and walk around the room with a straight back. Use the exercise every opportunity, it does not harm.
  10. Exercise helps to relieve stress. Head to draw into the shoulders as deep as possible, try to reach the shoulders with your earlobes. Looking directly, it is better to choose a certain point and fix attention on it. Breathing is even and deep. In this position to be no more than 40 seconds, then slowly exhale and relax. Exercise is good for those who have a sedentary job.Perform before or after 2 hours after eating.
  11. To hand a pencil or pen from hand to hand (one hand below, the other above) behind the back. This exercise is performed both standing and sitting. Good warm-up with long work at the computer.
  12. Walking around the room with a small pad or a book on his head. Helps straighten posture and develop a good gait.
  13. The "cat" posture develops the muscles of the back, in which the back flexes and arches. Initially, do the exercise at least 5 times, then increase the load.

Do not forget, the back should be straight and your head raised. When you walk, do not lower your head down, do not look at your feet, because with this begins the stoop.

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Alternative medicine helps stop slouching. Osteopathic doctors, using manual therapy, help the body to include additional reserves and self-repair.

There are also devices that will help correct the posture. In extreme cases, resort to surgery. But it is better not to start and not bring to such a state, but to pull yourself together and engage in a stoop. It is not for nothing that the spine is called the “health stem”, because a lot depends on the condition of the back.

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With the smallest violations of the structure of the spine, the entire body can suffer and develop a serious disease. With your head held high and your shoulders straightened, walk boldly towards your dream.

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