How to tidy up your skin?

The skin of the face is most susceptible to age-related changes, defects and various problems. If her condition is very neglected, you need to restore health and beauty in a complex way: modern cosmetological procedures, tools and recipes are used for this.

Cosmetic devices

If you can not afford to go to the salon often to the beautician or do not want to spend time and money on expensive salon procedures, you can purchase a suitable cosmetic device. There are a lot of devices for cosmetology, and each has its own functions. With regular use of a suitable device, you can achieve the ideal skin condition: get rid of wrinkles, acne, comedones, age spots, smooth skin and improve complexion. Search for "your" device can be in pharmacies, medical departments and online stores.Hydrafacial MD Allegro

One of the best can be considered devices HydraFacial MD - With the help of this device, in one session, you can conduct a full-fledged high-quality set of procedures: cleaning, treatment, rejuvenation, lifting and moisturizing the skin.The device has FDA certification, is popular in more than 80 countries and has prestigious awards. Suitable for any age and skin type, it can be used at any time of the year.

Comprehensive care with cosmetics

Each skin type at a particular age, in a given environment, is distinguished by its condition and its inherent defects. Thus, adolescents most often suffer from increased fat content and a tendency to acne and other irritations, mature skin is prone to pigmentation, coarsening and wrinkles, people with a dry type lack moisture and suffer from skin sensitivity. Cosmetics manufacturers take into account these moments and produce lines and separate products for complex skin care and solving its individual problems.

To rid the face of skin problems and keep it in good condition, select a line of suitable cosmetics from one manufacturer, so that one harmoniously complements the other, and their compositions "do not argue."

Cleansers: peels, scrubs, masks, soaps, foams and gels for washing. Many do not recognize soap because of its strong effect on the skin,but modern cosmetics can boast a rich and useful composition - such soap cleans, heals and nourishes, ideal for oily skin. The gel differs from facial foam with a thicker texture and deep cleansing: the gel will be good for evening cleansing to remove makeup and accumulated dirt, and the foam comes in the morning, when you just need to refresh and clean the skin, it is also ideal for a dry type. Peels and scrubs are used once or twice a week for deep cleansing of dead cells, small impurities and clogged pores. Each of these products has its own texture and differs in the size of abrasive particles - the softer and more sensitive the skin, the less abrasive for it to use. Cleansing masks are also used infrequently: once or twice a week for deep cleansing, healing and nourishing the skin. They are chosen depending on the type of skin and apply according to the instructions.

The cleansing is completed with tonic - it removes the remnants of impurities, cleansing agent, tightens the pores and prepares the skin for nourishment with further cosmetics. If the skin is generally good, you can refuse the tonic.

Healing, moisturizing and nourishing products: serums, creams, nourishing masks. These cosmetics perform the main part of skin care, so special attention should be paid to their composition. The ingredients in the composition are descending: the closer to the beginning, the more component in the tool. The greatest role is played by the first five or seven positions - the rest play a complementary role, they are few in composition. Pay attention to the fact that at the beginning there were useful chemical and natural ingredients suitable for your skin type.

Folk remedies for complex skin care

In folk medicine, you can find recipes for getting rid of not only specific problems, but also to improve the skin as a whole if there are several defects. A couple of examples for simple home care:

  • folk skin care productsIf the skin of the face quickly becomes oily, prone to acne, rashes and acne, as well as coarse and dirty, you can use a soda scrub at home with normal regularity (a couple of times a week). Foam up some soap for the face, add a small amount of soda into it and mix, then apply on the skin, gently massaging for a couple of minutes.Then rinse with warm water, finish washing with cool to narrow pores, use tonic and apply a nourishing cream. You will notice that the skin has become softer and cleaner - this is how a mixture of soda and soap acts. The recipe is not recommended for sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Mask for contaminated skin with irritations and uneven complexion. Mix a little hydrogen peroxide with baby powder to a state of sour cream. This mixture disinfects the skin, whitens, heals and dries inflammation. After her face brightens and the skin becomes dry. Frequent use is not recommended so as not to disturb the natural skin balance. Typically, these masks are used in the course: 2-3 times a week when running, then for prevention they do it once a week. The mask is applied for 20 minutes, then it dries, the remnants are cleaned with a napkin, leaving a thin layer, and go to bed, wash the face in the morning, as usual, and moisturize.

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