How to unscrew the torn bolt?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
April 4, 2013
How to unscrew the torn bolt?

Over time, the metal from which the bolt is made, "gets tired", becoming less durable, easily breaks, and its thread can be easily broken. After that, unscrew the bolt becomes more difficult. But you should not panic, you just need to know some ways about how to unscrew the plucked bolt, and then you will get out of this situation as a winner.

How to pull a torn bolt: tools

If a bolt has a thread broken, then you can try to pull it out, prying with a yank or nail puller, as far as the broken thread allows. Then, without removing the tool, it should be unscrewed, depending on the design of the bolt, with a screwdriver or wrench.

If you do not have a nail puller on the farm, you can slip a flathead screwdriver right under the hat of the bolt, rest it on something, so that a lever is formed, and gently tap the screwdriver on the handle, as a result the bolt will gradually come out of the hole. At this time it is necessary to try to twist it with a screwdriver counterclockwise.

If a small bolt is stuck, then try to pry it with a nipper. To do this, simply hold the cap of the bolt between the jaws of the tool and with an effort to pull over. When the thread is completely broken, it will come out without much difficulty, and if not completely, then you need to twist the nippers together with the bolt in a counterclockwise direction.

In the case when the bolt head provides slots for a screwdriver, then the question is that it is almost impossible to give force in the necessary direction, since the bolt rotates. To eliminate this problem, you need to sharpen the cap under the adjustable wrench or to make 2 slice under the pliers opposite each other. After that, grab the cap and unscrew the bolt, pulling it onto you.

Special kit and glue

If a bolt with a torn thread is in a hard-to-reach place, then it becomes a real problem. And naturally, the question arises about whether the bolt was torn off - what to do? But there is a way out of this situation. To do this, you need to drop a little glue on the metal, and glue another hardware. For these purposes, the glue “Liquid nails” is very well suited, since it greatly simplifies the task, only before it is dropped, the surfaces should be degreased.After the glue has completely dried, you need to try to pull out both bolts, pulling the glued bolt towards you and turning it along the thread.

If you often encounter a similar problem, it is better to purchase for this purpose a set of extractors, which is a few taps with reverse thread. With it, you can easily pull out the bolt, but first you need to drill a hole in the bolt, pick up the diameter of the fastener and screw it in counterclockwise. When the bolt rotates with it, it will be easy to pull it out. Now you know how to unscrew the torn bolt, and problems for you will not exist.

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