How to use the manual tile cutter correctly?

High-quality processing of tile materials is impossible without the use of special tools. At enterprises and in professional construction, such problems are solved by electrical equipment and productive machines. But for home conditions, the acquisition of such units is impractical because of their high cost and small amounts of work.

To prepare one row of 5-10 elements, for example, will allow and manual tile cutting. Depending on the version, it can provide both direct cutting, and figure clipping, and create a hole. But in all cases, a truly high-quality result is achieved only if the instrument is properly treated.

How to use a manual tile cutter? The main principles of operation are reduced to slowness, accuracy and increased attentiveness during the work process. These are basic requirements, without which delicate cutting of tiles is not enough.

how to use a manual tile cutter

Preparation for work

Proceed to the processing of the material should be only after checking the instrument for the integrity of the structure, its serviceability and functionality. For fidelity, it will be useful to test the tile cutter on waste blanks and construction waste.

Then the workplace is organized:

  • The cutting line must be well visible, so rich, comprehensive coverage will be a prerequisite for obtaining a high-quality result.
  • Equipment for measuring procedures is also prepared, but in the process of work it is removed to the side, as well as consumables.
  • The next question is also important - how to cut with a manual tile cutter so that the smallest probability of hitting third-party objects under the saw blade is excluded? It is advisable to clean up after each approach not only fragments, but also dust with dust. That is, upon completion of the next operation, all garbage is removed from the desktop.

This will be the key not only to high-quality cutting, but also to the safety of the performer.

Cutting process

how to cut with a tile cutter

The operation is performed in two stages:

  1. At first, you should put a risk on the originally outlined contour. This will be the line of final cutting, so you need to be especially careful in this part of the work.
  2. The next stage involves cutting directly on a given line.This is a no less important stage, the quality of which is largely dependent on the reliability of the fixing of the tile on the working platform. Experienced liners also recommend lubricating the tool roller and the target section of the workpiece with oil. This measure reduces the risk of slipping of the functional organ and minimizes the probability of obtaining a curve of cutting.

We cut the tile by hand tile cutter so that throughout the whole operation the wheel converges with the transverse line. The mechanical support of direct cutting is important here. The power direction with the help of the handle-lever lowers the roller and is driven to the end with the support of sufficient pressure.

Again, this action should be practiced in advance, because an even and straight cut can be achieved only with a single pass. Experts perform this procedure as a single stroke of optimal strength, but for this you need to feel well the tool and the hardness characteristics of a particular material.

cut tile tile cutter manual

How to use an electric motorized tile cutter?

This is a special category of tools for processing tile material, which combine the advantages of mobile portable units and machine electrical equipment.At the first stage, a markup with an indication of the cutting contour is performed, after which the apparatus is placed on the target blank. But the further course of work will be different.

How to use a manual tile cutter with an electric motor after completing the preparation and marking:

  • The tool is connected to the network, the power plant is started, and the operator begins to sink the saw member to the working surface.
  • Cutting is carried out with a diamond disc, which is under the direct control of the contractor. But unlike mechanical manual tile cutters, electric models still have a more stable frame, which minimizes the risk of getting a defect.
  • The user controls the cutter along the guides originally installed. In some versions, adjustment is provided for the angles and depth of the cut, which does not allow to accidentally step aside or make the wrong cut. That is, the operator will need to adjust the effort with which the cutting will be made.

how to cut tile tile cutter manual

Post processing tiles

Regardless of the type of tool used, sometimes additional processing of the material is required.This may be a rough adjustment of the cut for the purpose of resizing, and easy finishing polishing.

In the first case, it is recommended to use grinders with a coarse abrasive. By changing the nozzles, you can go to a dot correction with fine refinement of the edge. Surface and spot correction is usually performed with an emery paper, a file or a grinding stone. In order to minimize the amount of work in the final stage, conditions should be created for obtaining smooth edges.

How to work with a manual tile cutter so that the cutting line comes out clean and smooth? First, the risk is to be done as deep as possible by means of coreing. In this case, the cut line will be maintained, and no chips will appear on the surface. Secondly, the cutting part in the form of a roller or disc by the time of operation should be in optimal condition. A dull item is more likely to leave a marriage.

Safety when working with tile cutter

Hand tools are less traumatic, but with it you should remember about safety rules. The user must cut with goggles so that the splinter and the resulting dust particles do not get into the eyes.

And on the contrary, it is not recommended to use gloves for hands - the clamping mechanism in case of gripping the matter can also lead to injury.

From a security point of view, the question of how to use a manual tile cutter with large amounts of work is important. Flow operations leave a lot of fine dust. Even careful periodic cleaning will not eliminate small particles. Therefore, work should be done in a respirator or respiratory mask.

How to choose the model of tile cutter?

best tile cutters

The main criterion is the size of the tool. They determine the method of location of the tile cutter on the surface, and the thickness of the material allowed for processing. For example, small desktop versions cope with blanks of 10-15 mm in size. Massive floor carvers with a length of more than 600 mm successfully work with thick paving slabs.

There is also a separate category of small tile cutters. Their design focuses on the implementation of small break-offs. Some models neatly adjust the edges for ready to finish finishing, eliminating the need to use abrasives.

Special tool features - what to consider?

how to work tile cutter

If you plan to not only perform direct cutting, but also holes (for example, for switches and sockets), then you cannot do without a “ballerina”. How to cut a tile with a manual tile cutter with this addition?

It is enough to fix the device on the target area, adjust the radius of the circle to the required dimensions and start the operation. The force for cutting the hole is fed through a separate handle, which you need to not only push, but also scroll, as is the case with classic hand drills.

To improve the stability and reliability of the position of the tile cutter, it is possible to provide a more massive platform with a reinforced frame. At high loads, it remains stable, eliminating the risks of accidental displacement of the cutter.

Top tool makers

Tile cutters are widely represented in the STAYER, Bosch, DeWALT and Fubag lines. Under these brands, durable and structurally reliable models are produced, suitable for professionals and home craftsmen.

In the Russian segment, the best hand tile cutters are the companies Enkor and Zubr. For example, to create a high-precision cut, the specialists of the first company propose a functional modification “300mm 1/6 3657” on bearings, the cost of which is only 700 rubles.


electric manual tile cutter

Of course, tile cutting is not the only tool that allows cutting tile material. Such tasks can be solved by the angle grinder, which is often found in the household and has a wider range of functions. Nevertheless, builders recommend using a tile cutter if possible.

The manual electric version will be the best option both for the beginner, and for the skilled master. The advantage of this solution is associated with higher chances of getting a smooth cut, as well as convenience and safety. In the extreme case, you can save a little and purchase a mechanical instrument.

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