How to wash white?

Washing is one of the worst nightmaresmistress. And if stains on colored or black clothes are often easily handled by a strong powder, the spots on white are terrifying. Pure white clothing is a gorgeous festive outfit, but a small enough speck to kill this effect on the vine. In order to return the white clothes to the original purity, you need, first of all, to find out the nature of the spots on it. When you find out where the stain came from on your clothes, the question of how to wash white is no longer so difficult. So, how to wash white clothes depending on the nature of the stain?


Spot the fruit on a white cloth immediately dip in warm water, and the very thing to wash with hair shampoo. This will help get rid of even a fresh cherry blotch.


If you get fatty food on your clothes, immediatelySprinkle the stain with chalk, and a little later shake it off. Mel will absorb all the fat. When washing, wipe the stain with a solution of water and ammonia 1: 1. If neither the first nor the second is at your disposal, take the usual dishwashing detergent and wash it with a soiled place.


Before you try to wash the stain on white withusing acetone. If it does not work out, apply a solvent or gasoline. Under the cloth with a stain, necessarily lay several layers of some clean, but unnecessary fabric, so that it absorbs the paint. Spot blot from the edge to the middle, do not spread it over the fabric again. The oil paint will be washed with solvent, watercolor and gouache - cold water, markers, ink and markers - alcohol.


Wash white socks, trousers or blouse from stainsherbs will help a solution of alcohol in 40% (or the usual vodka). Also effective in this case is simple table salt. After such tweaks you need to rinse clothes in warm water, and then just throw in the common laundry.


Stains from red and white wine wash with liquid soap or ammonia.


Since washing white things from old spotsblood is completely very difficult, try to wash the blood off your clothes right after she got there. Do not erase things with traces of fresh blood in hot water. The protein contained in the blood will momentarily curl, and the stains from the tissue will be very difficult to wash off. Rinse the surface blood with cold water, and then wash the thing with hair shampoo or hydrogen peroxide. Old stains soak in cold water with the addition of shampoo.


Spots from women's kisses or justsloppy traffic with a tube of lipstick can be washed off with a dishwashing detergent and warm water. Oily creams and mascara can be removed from white clothes lotion to remove makeup and alcohol.

Nail polish

If you put a spot on the clothes from bright varnishfor nails, place several layers of napkins under a stain and pour acetone or a nail polish remover onto it. Repeat the procedure several times, periodically changing the tissue under the cloth.

Try to take advantage of these tips, andThe spots will disappear with your favorite T-shirt or underwear. But still remember - it's easier to prevent than to fix it. Be careful and enjoy the whiteness of your clothes!

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