How to wear covers?

All car owners know that it is very difficult to keep the seats in their vehicle in their original form, since a lot of dust and dirt accumulates on their surface. Solving this problem is not difficult - you just buy covers. In the store you can purchase them depending on your own taste and preferences. Here is a purchase made, and before you there is a new problem - how to wear covers?

How to wear covers

To begin with, covers should be removed from the packaging in order to understand what elements they consist of and what they are intended for. Experts advise at first all the details of the newly purchased product to expand in the cabin of the car in such a way as then they will have to be installed. Covers designed for the front seats are placed on the front seats, and covers designed for the rear seats are placed on the rear seats.

It is necessary to carefully understand what kind of seat is designed for this case - for the right or left. The fact is that in many models the covers for the left and right chairs are very different from each other.This requirement applies not only to the part of the cover, which is designed for the seat, but also for its back. In this case, you should focus on the absence or presence of mechanical regulation of the supports of pockets, armrests and back. This scheme can be attributed to the installation of covers on the rear seats.

Before you put on the covers, you need to carefully sort through the automotive product. Pay special attention to the head restraints. The fact is that in some models, the front head restraints are larger than the rear ones, although at first glance this can be overlooked, but it can be checked.

To check the side elements of the head restraints need to attach to each other. There is one more important point - to install, you should define the back and front parts. For some cases it is just necessary.

Carefully consider the armrests, they also have the front and rear. For the correct installation, it is worthwhile to figure out what part of the front and what back they have. For this you need to carefully consider their side parts. The side with a large bend is the front end.

Installation Procedure

First, the covers are put on the front seats. How to put on the driver and front passenger seat covers?

  • There is no need to remove these seats from the cabin to install covers on them.
  • Headrests are removed from both seats.
  • After that, put the cover on the back of the front seat and pulled down. Three elastic bands, located on the central seam, are inserted between the back and the seat through the slit, after which they are tensioned so that the cover fits tightly on the chair. Only after that under the seats gum is fixed with hooks.
  • The next action is the lower part of the car cover worn on the seat. This part is expanded in all directions and with the help of hooks is fixed under the seat.
  • After that, the back of the product is stretched on the back. To do this, pull it down and fasten the gum under the seat with hooks.
  • The last stage - a cover is stretched on the headrests and a rubber band is tied. In those places where the rods of the headrests enter the chair, a cross-shaped incision is made. After this, the cut edges are tucked into the caps and head restraints are inserted.
  • The same actions are carried out with a different front seat.

How to put covers on the back row of seats

  • Rear seats are dismantled and removed from the car.
  • After that, it is necessary to throw cover details on the corresponding parts of the seats. Those parts where there is a zipper are designed for the back of the seat, and without a zipper for the bottom.
  • The car cover, designed for the back of the rear seat, is tensioned with gum from top to bottom, and then fixed with hooks.
  • After that, a cover is put on the lower part of the chair and straightened in the direction from the front of the seat to the back. Before fixing the hooks with a hook, you must tighten it with elastic bands.
  • After all these actions, the upper and lower parts of the rear seats are installed in the car.

It is possible to put covers on a car and without taking out automobile seats. But in this case, it does not work out a quality fit. As a result, the covers can wrinkle, burst and fail before the fixed covers.

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