How to weave a choker?

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How to weave a choker?

The choker is an original jewelry made from threads, pearls, and glass beads. They wear it mostly around the neck. This adornment received this name due to the fact that it fits snugly to the neck. Now the fashion for chokers is gaining momentum, and many fashionable women dream to have them in their box. In the article we will explain how to make chokers from threads and fishing line.

Thread Choker

If you want to make a choker from threads, then it is worth remembering that it will not be elastic. For manufacturing it is necessary to prepare:

  • multi-colored floss threads;
  • scissors;
  • suspension (can be without it);
  • connecting ring;
  • round nose pliers.


  1. Take 6 strands of the same color and length and tie them together. In order for the product not to move during the work, you can glue it to the flat surface with adhesive tape.
  2. Cut the multicolored threads into small pieces of 10-15 cm, depending on the required width of the choker.
  3. Perpendicular to the main threads, fasten an additional one, which you will work with.
  4. Braid each warp thread with the right knot. The right knot is woven as follows: wind the main thread with an additional spiral and tighten the additional thread tightly.Thus, it is necessary to process each main thread.Choker
  5. After you finish the first additional thread, you can proceed to the next one.
  6. Thus, you need to weave until you get the product of the desired length.
  7. You will have a funny centipede. When the weaving is finished, trim the extra edges of the extra threads.
  8. Tie a pendant to the product.
  9. From the free ends of the main threads you can make pigtails.

Fishing line choker

Chokers made of black fishing line resemble a tattoo and are called “tattoo chokers”, respectively. For the manufacture of this type of chokers you need to prepare:

  • fishing line (preferably elastic) - 2 meters;
  • beads;
  • scissors;
  • office clip;
  • the book.

Choker weave

  1. Fold the fishing line in half and attach to the book with a clip.
  2. Make a loop. To do this, take the left thread and pass it under the right. Then pull up and tighten, but not tight.
  3. Then make the same loop on the other side: take the right thread and pass it under the left thread and pull it up.
  4. Every 5-6 loops add 1 bead. If you want the choker to be completely studded with beads, add it to each loop or through one (you get one side with beads).
  5. After you finish the weave, make a bundle.To do this, you need to make a few loops, but tighten them very tight.
  6. Remove the choker from the book and tie the ends together. Excess fishing line can be cut.

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