How to weave from 4 strands?

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How to weave from 4 strands?

A braid of 4 strands looks bulky and elegant. It can be weaved both in the center of the head and on the side. We'll talk about how to weave such a spike yourself.

Plait a braid of four strands: instruction

Since weaving braids from 4 strands is not toosimply, it is better to pre-carefully prepare the hair. So, so that the locks do not get tangled, apply a little varnish or foam on the hair, a gel for styling, then go to work.

  1. Using a comb with a narrow handle, divide the hair into 4 strands. It will be more convenient to divide first into 2, and then every 2 strands.
  2. You can begin weaving spikes from 4 strands with anyconvenient for you. We propose to do this starting from the left side. To do this, place the leftmost string on the adjacent strand and place it under the third one.
  3. Now put the rightmost strand under the next one.Scythe
  4. Again we return to the extreme left of the strand. We put it on the next one and skip it under the next, third row of the order.
  5. On the left, we put it under the next one.
  6. Again, take the leftmost strand, stretching it on top of the next and pulling the bottom of the next strand.

As you can see, our steps are repeated. Continue to carry them out until the length of the spike is enough for you.

Tips for braiding plaits

  • If you want to weave 4 strands on the side of the head, then first you needScythewill allocate 4 strands and make the first overlapsextreme strands on both sides. Then each overlap of the extreme strands will need to be supplemented by picking up the hair from the appropriate side. This way you will gradually weave all the hair into your pigtail.
  • You can also divide all the hair into a parting andto weave out of them two braids into 4 strands, beginning from the vertex and to the very tips. Or you can tear the braid strictly in the center. To do this, use a comb to separate the hair on the top of the head and begin to weave the hair, adding hair from the sides.
  • To make the hair look more sumptuous and beautiful, as weaving weave, release the strands a little, making the plaits loose. However, if the hair is very much, it will look nice and tight spikelet.Scythe
  • The tip of the pigtail can be tightened with an elastic band orlock it with a barrette and leave it open. Alternatively, you can bandage it with an elastic band and then fill it with a braid, fastening it with the help of invisible hairpins and hairpins. In this case, the hair will look more solemn and solid.
  • Ready pigtail can be decorated with specialhairpins with beads or flowers on the end. You can also skip the satin ribbon along with one or several strands, which will also give the spit a special charm.

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