How to write an essay?

In journalism there is such a term as gonzo journalism. This is a genre that displays the facts through the eyes of the author himself, showing his personal attitude to the subject of the story.

In literature, this role is played by a literary essay.

It combines many elements of prose. The most common tendency is to write an essay about a person who is known, since it is an essay that allows you to more fully reveal the characteristics of the character of a given person. And the attitude of the author, expressed in the style of the story, shows the influence of this person on culture and history.

In the introductions of various collections, an essay about the author of these works, made by historians and culture experts, is usually given.

Elements of the sketch

  • The main sociological aspect. Since the essay is the genre closest to journalism, it should reflect important social issues. It can be anything from family relationships to the crisis of the judicial system. In order to reveal the full picture of the question, it is necessary to present general provisions and the process of changing the situation.It is useful to bring statistics. Against the background of this problem, an essay is used as a way of disclosing a topic and creating a conclusion to solve a situation. Thus, the essay becomes a socially useful phenomenon.
  • Credibility From the point of view of the journalistic genre, it is necessary that the essay be as documentary as possible. For this, it makes sense for the author to carry out the preparatory work, for example, in the archive, in order to have a sufficient number of facts. Operating with them and adding his own observations, the author builds a composition so as to show the whole scheme of the development of a problem, its causes and effects.
  • Literature. Do not forget that the essay is an artistic genre, so it must have a vivid imagery, richness of metaphors and "drawing" the characters of the main characters. Thus, people who read the essay will see the images of their acquaintances or themselves, since character traits and behavior in certain situations are similar for many people. In the same way, readers associate themselves with heroes of novels or stories.

Principles of writing a sketch

Let us consider in detail how to write an essay.If you have to become the author of the essay, then you must first present the result you want to get. The essay should have all the above characteristics. To begin with, it is worthwhile to observe the sociological aspect and decide what problem your essay will cover, prepare the facts and check their authenticity.

Compositionally, an essay should consist of a specific social issue, disclosed by statistical data, but at the same time introduce a number of heroes. Description of the situations and behavior of the characters should be, as in any narrative.

You can bring a number of facts that reflect the depth of the problem, and then - to concretize it on the example of your characters.

On average, up to 50 subgenres of essay are allocated from the topic and method of writing. For the image of famous personalities usually use a portrait essay, as it reveals the nature and way of life of this person.

In the case when the social problem is complemented by situations involving fictional characters, then this essay is called fictional. To display the most accurate information used documentary essay.

The main value of this genre is in a vivid artistic display of a real-life situation.

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