How useful cowberry for our body?

The fact that cranberries are very tasty berry is known to many, but what is useful for cranberries is not everyone knows. Our great-grandmothers also used her leaves and berries for medicinal purposes.

This medicinal plant contains a hugestock of vitamins, mineral salts and organic substances. The berries are simply overcrowded with ascorbic acid, B vitamins, carotene, vitamin E, etc. Using cranberries, you can not worry about your figure, because it is quite low-calorie - 40 calories.

Let's consider how useful lingonberries are for specific diseases.

Juice from berries cranberries has proven itself with beriberi.

Perfectly helps with gastritis with a low acidity.

For hypertensive patients, this berry is simply irreplaceable, since it has the property of lowering blood pressure.

In summer, during hot weather, the juice from cranberries perfectly quenches thirst and will fill the body with a portion of vitamins.

With colds, berries have a mucolytic effect, which contributes to better sputum discharge during coughing.

How useful bilberry-berries we have learned, but apart from her, her leaves possess medicinal properties. In their composition, a lot of tannins, arbutin, tannin, carboxylic acid and vitamin C.

From the leaves of cowberries, the broth is mainly prepared,which is recommended to drink with enuresis in children and diseases of the genitourinary system. The broth has a diuretic effect, which allows you to take it with kidney disease.

Rheumatism, gout and diabetes mellitus are best cured when using cowberry decoction.

Tea, brewed from cranberry leaves, is recommended to be taken regularly, as a restorative and preventive remedy.

In addition to broth and tea from cowberry, salads are very popular with the addition of this useful berries.

Broken salad with cranberries

For cooking, boil: one large beets, two medium carrots, four eggs. We also need 100 grams of cheese, half a glass of walnuts, a glass of berryberry berries, mayonnaise and a pinch of salt.

Cooking method: vegetables, cheese, squirrels and yolks rubbed on a small grater, Walnuts crushed. We defrost the berries and put them in a colander in order to make the glasses superfluous. If desired, we squeeze a couple of cloves of garlic into mayonnaise, mix it and let it brew.

To make the salad turn out not only tasty, but also beautiful, it is recommended to lay out its layers in a glass salad bowl.

We spread the salad in this order: beets, yolks, carrots, protein, cheese and walnuts. Each layer of salt and lubricate mayonnaise (except for nuts). Leave the salad for a few hours to soak up the mayonnaise. Before you submit to the table, lay out the final layer of berries cranberries.

Salad with cranberries and mushrooms

Very light and healthy salad for all occasions.

Necessary ingredients: 150 grams of bilberry berries, 250 grams of pickled mushrooms, onion, salad, half a cup of olive oil, a teaspoon of juniper berries, 200 grams of boiled pork, fresh herbs, salt to taste.

Preparation: Marinated mushrooms are well washed and sliced. Onions are cleaned and finely shredded. Wash the cranberries with mushrooms and onions. Juniper berries are added to the olive oil and thoroughly grinded. We combine all products, salt to taste, we add spices and fill with juniper sauce. On the dish we spread the leaves of the lettuce, on top of them we place the cut boiled pork and over it we lay out the resulting salad. From above you can sprinkle with herbs.

Cowberry sauce with cheese

I suggest you try a sauce of cranberries with cheese, which you can fill almost any dish.

We need: 100 grams of cowberry in any form, 100 grams of cheese (melted), sour cream, sugar and salt.

Preparation: cheese we put in a warm place, so that it melts and looks like sour cream. Then add cranberries, sour cream (kefir), sugar, salt to it and whisk thoroughly until smooth. The universal sauce is ready.

I hope now you know the usefulness of cranberries.

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