My husband has a mistress: what to do?

Being the only one for life is difficult. Of course, not all men are prone to adultery, but most of them, unfortunately, commit this unseemly act from time to time. And then you desperately grab your head: your husband has a mistress, what to do? Let's try to figure out together what to do in this case.

What to do if the husband has a mistress

Traditionally, it appears when you expect it the least. The situation plunges the woman into shock, sober reflections she is no longer under force, reasonable conclusions are impossible by definition. In no case do not try to take revenge on your husband with “the same coin” - intimacy with a lover, for whom you do not have any feelings, will leave only emptyness inside you. It makes no sense to revenge and mistress. Not bring the desired result and daily reproaches to her husband, even if, obeying your onslaught, he will break the link on the side and return to the family. Such a life will quickly turn into a nightmare, provoking mental disorders in children.

There are three options for further developments: a new life without a husband, the struggle for his return or the continued existence of a love triangle.Which path to choose? It is difficult to answer this question, although it is obvious that the main thing is not to make foolish things in the heat of it, yielding to emotions and feelings. Clarification of relationships, disassembly and scenes of jealousy will not bring any benefit. At the same time, when your health and nerves will be tested, your husband and mistress can go on honeymoon.

Radical measures

It’s not worth 24 hours a day to bother yourself with the question of how to discourage a husband from a mistress. Try to change the situation in the house, distract. Until you come to, you can live with friends or relatives who support you. Do not shut yourself in any way! And just soberly weighing all the pros and cons, decide whether you need such a husband or not, is it worth fighting for the preservation of the family or is there no point in this fight? To do this, decide what your future life will be. Arrange the scale of your desires, evaluate the possibilities and only later make a choice and develop a strategy. Will you be able to separate her husband from his mistress? It depends on many factors.

Immediately make a reservation that a happy family life in the future will be possible only in the case of your real love for her husband and his sincere forgiveness.If the depths of your soul subside insult, then no trust relationship is impossible in the future. And first of all you will suffer, of course. If, on reflection, the woman decides to still fight for her husband, she will be obliged to answer a few questions for herself. In particular, what was he looking for on the side? What did he miss with her? Why does he go to the other?

Causes treason

The reasons for which the husband goes to his mistress, maybe a few. This desire and vivid sensations, novelty, and the lack of sex, and sexual dissatisfaction. Sometimes a man gets an outside story to test his potential seducer. Having established the reasons, it is possible to start their elimination. It is also important to establish whether the lover’s husband is only a frivolous hobby that does not entail any serious consequences. In this case, their relationship is unlikely to be long, and the husband will return to the family on his own.

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Aside from the annoying question: “So does the husband have a mistress?”, Try to acquire the image of a confident and calm married woman. Let your feelings not be reflected on your face, let your husband break his head, why do you have such a blooming look, do you feel fine without him? That and look will begin to be jealous, and this is a powerful way of holding! But to rush for help to all kinds of fortune-tellers and fortune-tellers is not worth it. It will not bring benefit, but it can cause you trouble.

A long stay inside a love triangle can even amuse a man; therefore, without delaying, put him firmly before a choice, let your perseverance encourage her husband to make a decision. Of course, there is a risk that a man will go to "her", although this can also be his positive. After all, the cases where the gorgeous mistress becomes a disgusting wife are known.

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