If you swallow a needle, what will happen? How to help, where to turn?

To be in a dangerous situation, it is not necessary to engage in extreme tourism or have another risky hobby. Sometimes troubles await us at home, among the usual things. For example, if you swallow a needle, what will happen to the body, how will it cope with a foreign object? The situation seems foolish enough to someone in their right mind to swallow such an object, but life sometimes proves that it is possible.

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How can I eat a needle?

Most often this happens by chance. Small children do not know that it is dangerous, they can, out of curiosity, pull a shiny little thing into their mouths. Adults ingest sharp objects by carelessness. The most harmful habit in this case is to keep small sharp objects with your lips while you work.

Men swallow small nails, screws or screws during all kinds of carpentry work, furniture repair.Female seamstresses can hold pins and needles with their lips - this allows them to free their hands and at the same time keep in close proximity the necessary things for sewing. Of course, this violation of the simplest safety.

Few people think about it - if you swallow a needle, what will happen? How much will the treatment cost? Is it worth the saved minute for such a risk? But the problems can be easily avoided without putting yourself at unnecessary risk.

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What to do after swallowing the needle?

If you were careless or a sharp object got into your mouth as a result of a tragic accident, which also cannot be ruled out, first of all you need to keep calm. In no case do not try to induce vomiting or act as if a foreign body gets into the respiratory tract - this is a completely different problem.

If you swallow a needle, what will happen? Will she start to migrate through the body, wherever she wants? The most common horror story - the needle will surely reach the heart and pierce it, because it will attract it like a magnet. To ensure that it gets into the heart after swallowing, too many factors must coincide to be considered a high risk. However, such a development is possible.

You can not be nervous, make sudden movements.The best scenario: lie down carefully and call an ambulance. After being transported to the hospital, they will definitely take an x-ray to find out exactly where the needle is: in the esophagus or has already safely entered the stomach. The operation is assigned on condition that evacuation of a sharp foreign object is not possible in a natural way. The patient is prescribed a special diet - a viscous porridge protects the walls of the esophagus and stomach, there is about 80% chance that the needle will come out with feces.

the child swallowed a needle

If a child swallows a needle

All the above recommendations are true for the baby, but there is one important nuance. Fear has large eyes: in about half of the cases, an x-ray or does not detect the needle inside the child, or it is on the collar, on the sleeve, in the bib. But doctors recommend not to engage in self-esteem. If it seems to you that a child has swallowed something spicy, it is better to pass for a panicker than to miss valuable time.

It is very difficult, but it is necessary not only to demonstrate calmness, but also to console the baby. It is important that he is not nervous, but also not to let him run, jump and indulge. While waiting for the doctor, read the book to the child, or ask the doctor where to bring the little patient - perhaps this will be faster.If you swallow a needle, what will happen? Of course, there is a certain risk. But in most cases, everything ends well.

the cat swallowed a needle

How to help pets

Cats and dogs become victims of masterful negligence. If the needle is lying on the floor, the animal can accidentally pick it up, start playing with the thread, and as a result be treated with an unpleasant sharp object. On the street, a domestic dog can become a victim of dog hunters - sometimes they throw up not poisoned meat, but minced meat filled with needles.

If a dog or cat swallows a needle, then you will not be able to tell about this unfortunate beast. An animal may painfully swallow if the esophagus is injured, vomiting may open, and this significantly increases the risk of additional trauma. At the slightest suspicion, you need to take your pet to the veterinarian, X-rays will help to diagnose and prescribe proper treatment - an operating room or, as is the case with people, a special diet to ensure the needle leaves naturally.

Important symptoms: listen to yourself!

“But I don’t feel anything!” Is a frequent comment. In the representation of people, terrible agonizing pains must begin immediately. But if you swallow a needle, the symptoms may never appear.Painful sensations appear only when the tissues are damaged, and it is not immediately possible to determine the origin and localization of sensations.

Typical pains can occur if the needle tip enters the ganglion, or pierces the wall of the esophagus, stomach or intestines and begins to migrate through the body. If you have any suspicions, it is better to ask your doctor for a referral for an x-ray.

what to do if you swallow a needle

Recovery period and precautionary measures

The postoperative period, if surgery was required, involves the implementation of the recommendations of physicians. What to do if you swallow a needle, but it safely moves along the digestive system to the exit? Do not interfere with the body, so it is better to stick to a reasonable diet. Viscous porridge has proven itself as a wonderful tool when swallowing random sharp objects or shattered glass.

The experience of extracting a needle or other dangerous item from the body usually becomes an excellent motivation to comply with safety regulations. Magnetic needles and order in the workplace significantly reduce the risk of accidental needles or nails falling into the esophagus.

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