Infinity Beach Hotel 4 * (Turkey / Alanya): description and reviews of tourists

Infinity Beach Hotel is a country budget “four” located in the Alanya region. This is one of the warmest corners of the Turkish Mediterranean. The hotel is small, beach, suitable for budget holidays. But you can't call him bad.

Of course, not too fastidious tourists go here. Photos of the Infinity Beach Hotel and their reviews, we used to describe this hotel, the level of comfort and services, as well as tell what the target group of guests is rest in it.

Infinity beach hotel reviews

How to get there and what's next

The nearest international airport is Antalya. Infinity Beach Hotel Alanya is located in the center of Konakli village, which administratively belongs to the city of Alanya.

From there to the airport - about 120 kilometers. Therefore, to go for a long time, about 3 hours, and then without taking into account the fact that the transfer takes tourists to different hotels. But the landscapes outside the window are so beautiful that many tourists assure - they didn’t even notice how time passed.

The hotel is located right on the beach. From its buildings to the sea is only 150 meters.Not far from the exit from the hotel is a fairly large shopping center.

To the city of Alanya from Konakli is only 15 km, and they can be easily crossed by bus - dolmush. Near the hotel there is a bus stop and a taxi.

Since the hotel is located in the very center of the village, there is a mosque, a huge number of shops, a large market and a local park nearby.


The village in which the hotel is located Infinity Beach Hotel - Konakli, is a typical Turkish coastal resort, located near Alanya. There are several dozens of hotels (mostly budget "five" and "four").

However, Konakli boasts very clean - even for Turkey - beaches and surprisingly warm sea, where you can swim even in December. If you miss civilization, then about a quarter of an hour - and here you are in Alanya.

But for the shopping and souvenir shopping village is very suitable - there is a good market with sweets, fruits and spices, as well as shops with leather goods at affordable prices.

You can walk in the center of the town, look at the Clock Tower, the mosque, Caravanserai,and in the heat walk through the shady municipal park with beautiful fountains. There are plenty of discos, restaurants and bars here, and young people can find entertainment for every taste.

Territory and infrastructure

The buildings of the Infinity Beach Hotel are built in a modern "resort style". The area of ​​the hotel is not too big - only 3.5 square kilometers. But literally every piece of territory is planted with flower beds and green trees.

The hotel has a shop, two swimming pools, a playground and an amphitheater for evening performances.

The territory of the hotel has an original lighting, and in the evening the park turns into a fabulous spectacle. Beautifully laid out paths, always flowering shrubs. For the convenience of guests, there are several elevators in the buildings so that no queues are created.

Turkey Infinity Beach Hotel


Windows of rooms for guests of the Infinity Beach Hotel (Turkey) overlook the sea, swimming pool or green park. The hotel has 80 rooms, 20 of which are suites.

The area of ​​the rooms is small, which, in fact, tourists complain. Standard rooms have an area of ​​16 square meters, and suites - 22. Nevertheless, the rooms are equipped with modern amenities and have a good design.A bathroom with a hairdryer, shower, air conditioning, satellite TV - everything you need for the comfort of a modern person is present.

There is always hot water. The furniture is normal, the pillows are soft. There is a small fridge. True, safe and Internet access in the room is available for a fee.

Despite the fact that the rooms are so compact, everything works well after a recent renovation, and the problems are immediately fixed. In the TV, you can insert a USB flash drive. Rooms with original design - lighting and decoration.

Infinity Beach Hotel rooms


At the Infinity Beach Hotel, guests can use the conference room and business center, take their clothes to the laundry or dry cleaning, or rent a car. For children there is a playground, high chairs in the restaurant and special cribs in the room. There is a mini-club where parents can send their children during the day of rest.

The hotel has a spa with a sauna, hammam and massage services, but its price is not included in the price. Table tennis, darts, beach volleyball are available for free. During the day, animators entertain guests in the pool, and in the evening they organize various shows and concerts with live music.

Internet is paid. When the pool has a small water park.Slides work on schedule. At the reception there is a Russian-speaking staff. The hostess of the hotel works on a par with their staff and oversees everything personally.

The hotel is pretty clean, cleaned carefully. Often settled before the appointed hour without any additional payments. Music at discos is good, but all entertainment ends at 11 o'clock in the evening. This is a plus for someone, and a minus for someone.

But young people can go to have fun in other hotels or night clubs, since they are very close here. And if enough people gather, the animators book a special bus at 11.30. He takes everyone to Alanya, "hang out", and then delivers back. It's safe there, the public is decent and there are no fights. There are foam parties.

Hotel Infinity Beach Hotel Restaurant


As usual in Turkish beach hotels, the Infinity Beach Hotel feeds all-inclusive guests. Meals are served in the main restaurant with a terrace. In addition, the hotel has four bars - the main, in the lobby, by the pool and fast food.

The cuisine is international, although there are many Turkish dishes. Late breakfast and night soup is possible. Between lunch and dinner provide an afternoon snack. Snacks, drinks and cocktails are served at the bar throughout the day.By the way, fruits here, as in many other hotels, are not cut into pieces. So guests can take them to the beach.

Breakfast - pancakes, eggs in different variants and a lot of types of cheese. At dinner, there is often meat and chicken, however, there is little fish, and desserts are not too many choices. Although the cakes are delicious. Sometimes served lamb. But a lot of vegetables and salads. But the dishes are almost not repeated.

And during the day they baked Turkish national flatbread gozleme with cheese and greens. From drinks there is a cola, fanta, whiskey, rum. Very comfortable in the hotel bars, excellent service, you can sit in the evenings, drink wine and cocktails, and relax.

Infinity Beach Hotel Alanya beach bar

Vacation at sea

The beach is very close to the hotel, do not even cross the road. The coast consists of coarse sand mixed with small pebbles, so that the coral slippers will not be needed. There are sun beds, which are usually enough for everyone, so do not rush to occupy them from six in the morning!

And if something is suddenly broken, contact the staff and they will replace everything, fix mattresses and umbrellas. In a word, they will do everything to make you comfortable and comfortable.

At the Infinity Beach Hotel there are two swimming pools, one of which is for children.Around them there is a terrace for sunbathing, loungers, deck chairs and umbrellas. This service is free for guests.

The sea is very good, the water is warm, clean and clear. On the beach there are soft drinks.

Infinity Beach Hotel beach


Tourists who lived in the Infinity Beach Hotel, unanimously claim that they were lucky with the location also because the hotel is very close to Alanya. Therefore, you can visit this famous city by yourself. This is a very atmospheric place that just breathes history.

Dalmatash caves with stalactites, Cleopatra's sandy beach, as if transferred from Egypt, a huge ancient fortress and Byzantine castle Ich-Kale, the medieval shipyards of Tersane, picturesque cliffs and pirate bays - all this you can inspect every day, and no one will fit you.

And at the pier, you must take a photo against the background of the Red Tower. In the castle, tourists usually visit the Archaeological Museum with rare mosaics.

If you want to travel to farther edges, then be sure to choose Cappadocia. It is closest to all other interesting places located in relation to Konakli.

Most often, travel companies offer a day trip to Pamukkale,which includes not only a visit to the white natural terraces with thermal water, but also a visit to the ancient ancient city of Hierapolis, where, according to legend, the tomb of the Apostle Philip is located.

Trips to Alanya from Infinity Beach Hotel

Infinity Beach Hotel: reviews of tourists

Travelers described Infinity Beach as a good hotel for budget holidays. The hotel guests like its location, friendly staff, many of whom understand the Russian language.

Since the hotel is small, there is quite calm. Very clean, and the sea is very close. Food is normal for four stars. The waiters and the bartender are good, the rooms are excellent, the air conditioning is working and not noisy.

But some tourists do not like the quality and variety of food, as well as the fact that they do not give out beach towels. If you take them from the room, then you can be fined. Travelers are also not very pleased with the fact that the hotel constantly interrupts the Internet, although it is paid.

But if you go for a quiet, relaxing holiday, counting on the fact that the hotel will have few children and is not noisy, then you will get to where you want.

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