Insidious toxocars. Parasite treatment

If every person heard about pinworms, then few people know about toksokarah. Toxocara are parasitic roundworms that affect the internal organs and eyes of a human carrier.

toxocary treatmentInfection

For a person, the source of infection is most often pets, namely dogs. They pollute the earth with their feces, with which the parasite's eggs come out. But a patient with toxocarosis cannot infect another person, because the development cycle of the worm in the human body is incomplete, that is, no mature individuals appear. Dog contamination is up to 15.2%. Significant is the fact of contamination of the earth by animal feces. This provides a significant contamination of the soil with the eggs of the parasite - from 1-3%. Land samples are 60% positive.

Toxocars in children

Children, professional groups of people (gardeners, veterinarians, workers of municipal services) are most often ill. Not bad spread the parasite and cockroaches. Thanks to research done in Japan,It was proved that these insects eat most of the eggs, up to 170 pieces in one experiment, and up to 25% of them are released back completely viable.

toxocars in children

Toksokary. Symptoms of infection

Manifestations of the disease depend on the localization of worms and their number in the body. Clinical signs of toxocariasis are divided into two forms: visceral and ocular. The first is often manifested by fever lasting several days, possibly months. The temperature most of the time subfebrile, much less febrile. Individual lymph nodes may be inflamed, and total lymphadenopathy is often observed. Most patients suffer during the period of infection with bronchitis or pneumonia, the development of asthma is possible. X-rays of such patients reveal single or multiple infiltrates, show enhanced pulmonary pattern. 80% of those infected have an enlarged liver, 20% have spleens, and one-third have various skin rashes. There are cases of the course of toxocariasis with the development of pancreatitis and myocarditis. The migration of larvae to the brain causes damage to the central nervous system, which is manifested by convulsions or seizures such as epilepsy, paralysis and paresis.Observed altered human behavior - affects or hyperactivity. A permanent symptom of the disease can be called eosinophilia, accompanied by increased ESR and leukocytosis. Blood biochemistry often shows an increase in the level of bilirubin and an increase in the activity of liver enzymes.

Ocular Toxocariasis

If a person is infected with a small number of larvae, then an eye disease develops, which results in uveitis, granuloma, chronic endophthalmitis, optic neuritis. Larvae can migrate into the vitreous body.

kotksokary treatment

Toksokary. Treatment of the disease

In most cases, the doctor prescribes the drug Vermox for treatment. It is taken on a pill twice a day for 2-4 weeks. Assign it to patients of any age. This drug is good because it has no side effects. If a parasite such as toxocara is detected, the doctor may prescribe the treatment with a drug called Mintezol. Its dosage depends on the body weight of the patient. As side effects occur headaches, drowsiness, poor appetite. Another remedy is Dithrazine Citrate. It is used quite often, toxocars die under its influence. Treatment with this drug may be accompanied by fever in rare cases.Quite often, nausea and dizziness. It is quite dangerous infection with such a parasite as toksokary. Treatment for a disease that they provoke has a favorable prognosis, if, of course, it is started on time. But a strong invasion can even lead to death.

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