Installation of basement siding with their own hands. Technology, installation features

Installation of basement siding with your own hands is quite possible to carry out. However, for this you need to be familiar with the technology of the work.

Pedestal siding features

do-it-yourself basement siding installation

Due to the presence of special additives in the material has a high ductility. This determines the ability to undergo a large number of extensions and contractions with variations in weather conditions. If you decide to purchase a basement siding, the technology and assembly instructions should be studied by you.

To serve such a finish will be capable of more than half a century. During this time, the panels will not assume the need for additional processing or protection with special formulations. The described cladding material has a small weight, which indicates that it will not create additional loads on the facade and floors.If you decide to assemble the basement siding with your own hands, then first you need to take into account one drawback of this material, which is the high consumption of panels due to the peculiar technology of fixing the cloths among themselves.

Preparatory work

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Before starting the process, it is important to calculate the number of panels required for the work. This will help the area of ​​the lined surface, as well as the dimensions of one web, the last of which is 50x120 cm. The effective area of ​​the basement will need to be divided by the area of ​​one web. Thus, you will be able to get the quantity of products that should be purchased. Installation of basement siding with their own hands should be made on the system of battens on the principle of installing traditional siding.

Installation of the frame system

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In order to install the crate for the installation of basement siding, it is necessary to prepare a wooden beam or metal guides. The first option does not show proper durability, as it will constantly affect the ground. Therefore, experts recommend choosing a steel frame.The height of the batten must be determined taking into account the climatic conditions. If the ground freezes in winter, the grate should be raised 15 cm from the ground. Otherwise, the crate must be installed directly from the ground. The technology may involve the installation of a frame system in the form of horizontally or vertically oriented elements. If it is intended to mount the material exclusively in the basement part of the building, then it is advisable to prefer the horizontal method. If the finish will be made on the entire area of ​​the facade, it is recommended to install the crate vertically. The distance between the guides of vertically oriented elements should not exceed 90 centimeters. As for the horizontal components of the frame, the step should be reduced to 45 centimeters.

Recommendation to master

basement siding under the stone do it yourself installation

If you install the basement siding yourself with the use of panels of the brand "Dolomit", which have dimensions of 22x300 centimeters, then it is desirable to install on the vertical crate. Among other thingswhen installing frame elements, it is necessary to apply a building level, since the appearance and durability of the cladding material will depend on the quality of the installation.

Siding installation technology

installation technology of basement siding under stone

Starting to mount the ground siding is necessary from the starting rail. It needs to be strengthened in a horizontal position, it is necessary to carry out the marking in advance. In the corners of the building you need to install internal and external corner elements. Fixing of the rails and panels is made by means of galvanized nails, the length of which can vary from 30 to 40 millimeters. It is necessary to choose fixture taking into account a wide hat. In the role of an alternative solution can be screws with the same length, however, with the presence of a press washer. When fastening panels, screws or nails should be inserted into special holes, but they should not be installed as far as they will go. A distance of 1.5 millimeters should be left between the fastener washer and the panel. Thus, the panel should not be fixed rigidly, it is necessary so that during the temperature expansion the products can move freely without being damaged.For the same, it is necessary to put thermal gaps, whose width is equal to 5-10 millimeters, which are provided at the joints, in the corners of the building. The gaps will have to be decorated with a crown corner, which will ensure aesthetics.

Features of the work

basement siding do it yourself installation instruction

If you install the basement siding "Alta-profile" with your own hands, the panel must be cut at the left corner so that they have a flat edge. At the next stage, the panel is installed in the corner-platband and the starting bar, now you can mount to the crate. Next, the panel should be docked with the previous one using the groove. The starting bar after installation must also be strengthened. The last panel is trimmed to the desired size and fixed. Next, you will need to close the edge of the area-platband. This technology should be used when facing the entire base. The final stage is the installation of the finishing bar.

What you need to know the master

installation of basement siding installation features

If you purchased the Deca basement siding, you can do it yourself using dry technology. It involves a fairly quick completion of the work.The whole process may take about two weeks. This applies to especially large projects. A big advantage is the fact that you don’t have to work on preparing the walls. It will only be necessary to choose the right material, as well as deal with all the nuances. When purchasing a material, it is necessary to make all calculations, as well as to determine the characteristics. It is worth remembering that the size of siding under stone, wood or any other material may vary from different manufacturers. If you do not take this into account, you may have to buy the missing items. Otherwise, you will have to expend solid canvas. This will increase the expense and cost of the work. If you purchased a basement siding under stone, do-it-yourself installation should be done using panels that belong to the same lot. This is due to the fact that the paintings from different batches may have different colors. The result is a base with noticeable errors. If you still have to use panels from different batches, you must first mix them in an arbitrary order.

Secrets of the installation of crates

The technology of installation of the batten involves the need to follow the direction of installation from left to right. You should not start manipulating the next wall if the lining on the first wall has not been fully completed. In addition, during installation, the advancement will need to start from the lowest point of the surface. If the work will be carried out at low temperatures, it is recommended to store the siding panels in a warm and well-heated room. Only under this condition, the quality of the plasticity of the material will remain normal, it will simplify the process of work.

How to eliminate errors when installing siding

The technology of mounting the basement siding under stone implies not only maintaining the temperature gaps, but also the elimination of excessive pressure on the locks of neighboring panels. The blades must be fixed easily and without much pressure. However, it will be necessary to ensure that the connection is sufficiently reliable. It must be remembered that the fasteners must be driven into the body of the batten to a depth of 1 cm or more. For fixing, you can use aluminum or galvanized fasteners in the form of hardware. During operation, this will eliminate the appearance of rusty stains on the panels.It is important to ensure that the nails are perpendicular to the base. This is the only way to ensure accurate and reliable installation. Installing hardware at a certain angle is unacceptable. Can be mounted basement siding with their own hands. Installation, instructions should be well studied. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve the desired effect. In order to arrange the inner corners, you should use a J-shaped profile. Before you install them, the surface must be closed roll waterproofing. As for the outer corners, they also need to arrange with the help of special profiles. Their installation is made by the same technology that is used when mounting siding panels. The modern solution is the installation of these components of the system on its own mounting profile. In the process of covering zones that are located in the area of ​​doorways, installation of spacer bars may be required for fasteners. If, facing the plinth, you notice that the width of the panel is greater than the height, then you need to trim the products from the bottom. The bottom edge that has been cut must be inserted into the J-shaped profile that replaces the starting strip.In order to ensure the removal of rain and melt water, grooves must be made in the gutter of this element. It is possible to make with the help of the grinder, this tool allows you to apply short cuts.

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