Interactive doll "Karapuz": reviews

The modern bright world of toys is huge and diverse, it is able to realize almost any fantasy of little girls and boys. For example, dolls. Twenty years ago, the limit of dreams and the desired gift from the girls were instances that can say "mom" or sing a little song.


Today, the leading place in the puppet championship is occupied by interactive dolls. Equipped with various functions with voiced effects, they seem to be alive for a child and, not least, are designed for independent playful activities of a kid with a smart toy.

interactive peanut doll

What do manufacturers offer?

In this segment of the market there are a large number of brands. One of the brightest representatives of the puppet world is the interactive doll "Karapuz".

This toy is presented in an assortment with a variety of models of different sizes and with a different set of functions. Such dolls as “Maria Ballerina”, “Ariel”, “Cinderella”, “Rapunzel”, “Masha”, “Polina”, “Baby dolls”, “Maria”, “Elsa”,"Princess Sophia", in different variations with interesting accessories, will be able to satisfy the needs of the most capricious customers. But the most common doll "Karapuz" is an interactive girl Alenka, who has gathered in herself a maximum of functions and skills along with the external attractiveness. For comparison, consider below the characteristics of this doll and two more of its "tribeswoman."

Interactive doll "Karapuz" (40 cm)

This baby is very similar to a real baby! Despite his infancy, he already knows a lot:

  • You can hear how the baby prattle sounds funny if you press on its handle, while the baby's eyes and cheeks are ridiculously moving;
  • if you put it, the baby will not like it very much, which he will immediately notify with his cry;
  • You can calm the baby by taking it to the pens again;
  • falling asleep, the toy baby sweetly snuffles.

Such an interactive doll "Karapuz" will please both the daughter and the mother, making it possible to recall how just recently her child was the same baby. For a more diverse game with a baby doll there is a rattle and bottle.

 Peasant Alenka Interactive Doll

This brand also has a more “grown up” doll “Karapuz” Alenka - interactivemodel designed for children aged three to five years. Next, we consider the characteristics of its nearest "relative".

Interactive doll "Karapuz" Alenka (45 cm)

Alenka is a toy copy of her owner, practically a girlfriend, so it will be very interesting for a child to play with her. The doll has in its arsenal more than one thousand words and phrases on various topics, is able to sing songs, pronounce tongue twisters and numbers, as well as to make riddles and ask questions. And if the hostess gets tired or wants to sleep, Alenka will tell her a fairy tale and sing a lullaby.

 interactive peanut doll 40 cm

Special features

  1. The toy is presented in various models with many outfits.
  2. The height of the doll is forty five centimeters.
  3. It works with six finger-type batteries included in the kit.
  4. In order to activate the toy, you need to turn the switch located on the back to the On position.
  5. When turned on, you can set the current date, as well as the child's birthday, and then Alenka herself will congratulate the little mistress on him.
  6. When the doll says something, her lips move realistically.
  7. The toy is made of high quality safe materials, odorless.
  8. Alenka has beautiful blonde hair from nylon, they can be combed and decorated with hairpins.
  9. The toy is packed in a colorful gift box in the form of a book.

interactive toddler doll


The interactive doll "Karapuz" Alenka has seven different games in his arsenal:

  1. She will help the child to learn the alphabet in a playful way, Alenka, competent in her age, says the letters and pauses so that the child can repeat them. She also has a song for each letter.
  2. Doll Alenka knows several children's puzzles that he will surely ask, and her mistress will only have to answer "yes" or "no."
  3. With the help of "chicken counting" Alenka will help the girl to learn the numbers and better remember them.
  4. A doll girlfriend can offer her mistress two tongue twisters to choose from: about the little ones or the "Greek". She repeats them at a different pace, first slower, then faster.
  5. If a child wants to play mothers, Alenka will be happy to support this idea and ask her new mother to wash her, brush her hair, brush her teeth with her and, of course, feed her.
  6. New girlfriend also knows how to play in the hospital. And before the start of the game, she will ask the hostess about whether she has medical instruments.And having received a otkatelny answer, will suggest to use a spoon, a pencil or a pen.
  7. And if you want to play on your birthday or birthday party, joyful Alenka will sing a crocodile cartoon song about Gena, tentatively suggesting that all guests should gather and put out the candles on the birthday cake.

When, having played enough, the child wants to turn off the doll, it is enough just to press her right hand. In order to transfer the original toy to the standby mode (sleep), you need to hold down the right-hand grip for a few seconds. All the date and time settings after turning off the toys get off, so they will have to be corrected again by turning on the doll again.

interactive doll Alenka 1000 words toddler

Such model as interactive doll Alenka (1000 words) "Karapuz",slightly different from its namesake and has its own characteristics:

  • wide range, different outfits;
  • 56 centimeters in height, she is the same size as a real newborn baby, which means that the hostess will be able to dress her up in her outfits, from which she has already grown.


Users note that the doll is interactive (1000 words, 45 cm) "Karapuz"will be a wonderful gift for girls aged three years (before this age period, they still can not fully experience all of its possibilities).She is pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of many words, the ability to answer questions and move her lips like a person during a conversation.

The owners of the toys and their parents highlight the following advantages:

  1. It has a pleasant voice and pretty face.
  2. The toy is very good in terms of safety (there is no smell of synthetics; awarded diplomas of international exhibitions for high consumer properties; the switch is located on the back, which will not allow the child to get to the batteries).
  3. The clothes of the doll are sewed very high quality with smooth seams, the threads never stick out, the instruction manual is attached to the box.
  4. Thanks to the function of setting the current date and birthday of a child, Alenka can always answer what day it is. And when the little mistress wakes her up on her birthday, she will hear congratulations and a song about "Birthday only once a year." This will be a pleasant surprise for the child.
  5. Alenka understands various phrases: answers the question of how her name is called, quietly sings a lullaby song when the hostess puts her and herself to sleep. After the request to play, the tireless toy will offer several games to choose from (hospital, birthday, or daughter-mother). If you ask a doll to tell a fairy tale, you will hear a story about a princess on a pea.In addition, a comprehensively developed Alyonushka recites poems about Bunny and Goby.
  6. The doll will help the child learn the alphabet, count to ten, and teach patters.
  7. The toy is beautifully and stylishly dressed, clothes are removed. The body of the pupa is soft-padded, the handles to the wrists and legs are also soft, and the hands, the legs from the ankle and the head are rubber.

 interactive doll 1000 words 45 cm toddler


Highlighted consumers and some disadvantages:

  1. In the prone position does not close the eyes.
  2. When you turn off the doll, the date and time settings are reset, they have to be set every time after switching on.
  3. If the phrase (command) is pronounced at an insufficiently close distance, it does not recognize them. For the same reason, it is necessary to speak with the doll in silence, if there are a lot of lively voices around, she answers at random.
  4. Although the doll's hair is beautiful and thick, she should not do her hair (unless she combed slightly). Since the hair is sewn to the mesh, which is glued to the head, if you are zealous with experiments on hair styling, it is quite likely to damage them.

interactive doll peanut Alenka 45 cm


Doll "Peanut" Alenka is an interactive copy of her mistress, she will certainly like your daughter if she loves to play with dolls a little.The realistic size and diverse set of functions of this toy will be able to block the discovered flaws and give a real pleasure from the game communication. In addition, the considered toy will be a great gift for any little princess.

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