Interesting crafts made of cones.

It is enough to look around to noticea large number of ornamental natural material. A little imagination, colorful colors and a few stones will be enough to make a family of ladybirds. The bark of trees is suitable for boats. But the most simple and interesting ornamental material is pine, fir and cedar cones. They can be combined with plasticine, beads or simply dyed. To make crafts from cones you need to be in the shower a bit child and have a good imagination.

For creativity, you can use any kind of cones. Everything depends on the idea. Let's look at some interesting options. Such crafts made of cones are easy to manufacture and even a toddler can do.

Christmas tree. Option number 1.

To produce it you will need one bigcedar cone, green paint, the smallest pot under the seedlings, bright beads and varnish with a golden sheen. To begin with, dip the lump into a jar with green paint and hang it until it dries completely. We paint the pot in a bright color and decorate it with the help of sliced ​​New Year's rain. It will serve as a kind of stand for the Christmas tree.

Now glue the hole located on the bottompot and pour into it any croup or fine sand for stability. We insert the cone and fix it with glue. We color the ends of each branch with varnish and sparkles. We take bright multicolored beads and glue them in random order throughout the herringbone.

Christmas tree. Option number 2.

For such crafts of cones, it will take a bitpatience. We gather in the forest about 30-40 opened fir cones. We color them all in green. To do this, we attach a wire with a length of 10 centimeters to each end so that two small tails are produced. Hold on to them, dip each bump into green paint and hang until completely dry.

Make a small cone from the dense paper. We begin to attach colored cones to the finished cone in rows from the bottom. For this, pierce the paper with paper and spin it inside the cone, fixing the bump in one place. Filling the row behind the series, we collect the Christmas tree to the very top. Peak is made from one bump, fixed vertically. The finished product is glued to a dense stand of cardboard, thin plywood or fiberboard. We decorate our Christmas tree with the help of colored beads and New Year's rain.

Attracting the baby to the work can be madechildren's crafts made of cones in the form of various animals or birds. Use for this clay and various natural materials. Take a round bump, complement it with a cheerful face and paws. It turns out a beautiful little hedgehog. Connect several round cones together. The very first fill your eyes with a neat hat. Before you "Madame caterpillar".

To make a pig, you have to paintlong half-opened cone in pink. To supplement it with legs of matches. Piglet, eyes and ears are molded from plasticine. On a piece of cardboard you need to paste dried moss. From small twigs to make a wattle fence and put your mumps graze on the lawn.

Autumn crafts made of cones are obtained not less thaninteresting. Do you want to have a whole family of domestic foresters? Take a bump and glue a beard of paper and eyes to it. From the birch bark, curl up the cone. Secure it with the ends of the stapler. Put on a lump and get a forest tree. This way you can make a big family. To make the characters different from each other, take the cones of different shapes and sizes.

For the craft of the cones "Owl" will need to stock updried leaves. Insert them instead of the wings and complete the lump with eyes and ears from plasticine. On the back fix the thread and hang your hand-crafted article in the room. The owl will guard your undisturbed sleep.

Using bumps, you can make a large number of interesting and unusual crafts that will become a real decoration of your house and a wonderful gift for New Year's holidays for friends and family.

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