Biography of Irina Shadrina


The girl became known to the whole country thanks to her airs on the Russia 2 TV channel. There she leads the projects "Blow Head" and "All Inclusive".
Irina received her secondary education in Kazan. She graduated from school number 39, where the main focus is on learning English. A year later, Shadrina received a diploma from the University of Roehampton, where she also studied English.
In 2007, the TV presenter became a graduate of Kazan State University named after Ulyanov-Lenin. At the Faculty of Philology, the girl studied at the Department of Romance-Germanic Philology. At this educational process is not over. A year later, Irina Shadrina graduated from the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

TV career

Irina Shadrina is listed in the state of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, on the Russia 2 TV channel. First, she appeared in the frame of the program "All Inclusive". This is an information and entertainment program about sports with life and life in sports.The program started in the fall of 2010, but Irina Shadrina as the leading, or rather co-host of Mikhail Gendelev, appeared only in the summer of 2011. First, the program appeared on "Russia 2" on weekdays at 5 am and lasted four hours, after it appeared on the daily broadcast. And on the channel “Sport 2” the program is released only with sports reports. In the program Shadrina works in the third format. That is, "All Inclusive" has gone through three reforms, in the latter case, all the rubrics not on the sports topic were removed from it.
Further, Irina Shadrina appeared in the football show “Head-kick”. The chief presenter of the program is the son of the famous actor and TV host Sergei Belogolovtsev Nikita. And just Irina helps to broadcast.
Charming Irina ShadrinaCharming Irina Shadrina
Fans notice that in the frame Irina Shadrina speaks extremely rarely, but the ether, of course, adorns her presence. The director often shows a girl, and takes her in large shots.
“Head-kick” is the first talk show about football. The program talks about the lives of athletes, their professional successes and failures, earnings and personal life. Moreover, discounts are not done by anyone.Leading, in particular Irina, skillfully talk with famous athletes and ask tricky questions in the forehead.
In early 2012, Irina Shadrina became the leading hockey project "The main part". There she again works in tandem with Mikhail Gendelev. The girl has already established itself as a high-class professional with outstanding external data.

Personal life of Irina Shadrina

Intrigues to the program's airtime are added by the fact that Irina Shadrina was married to an athlete. Her husband and father of her child was a football player of Kazan "Rubin". But which one, the fans are still guessing.
There is a version that Irina was the wife of Alexander Bukharov, at least this surname is most often called meticulous fans. Accurate information on the World Wide Web can not be found. The young man was seriously injured, but this did not prevent him from leaving Rubin and concluding a contract with Zenit St. Petersburg.
However, some are also called the ex-husband Shadrina of ex-Rubin player Alexei Karyagin.
Irina Shadrina. MAXIM photo session
However, now the heart and life of Irin Shadrina is occupied by a certain person, whose name is not known to anyone.On the personal life of the presenter can be judged by the wedding ring, which the girl wears. In the registry office, after a divorce from the player "Rubin" the girl has already managed to go.
“I have a Cartier engagement ring from the Trinity collection. I like it very much, first of all because there are three types of gold in it: yellow, white and pink. And there are no pebbles. This is a decoration that fits literally everything. In addition, the ring - a real puzzle. Only by assembling it correctly can you wear a ring. Sometimes people get panic at the registry office because of this, because if you put it in the wrong place, you would never wear it. Here each link symbolizes feelings: love, friendship, loyalty, ”the TV presenter shared.

Erotic photo shoot

It is worth noting that, unlike her colleagues, Irina Shadrina did not hesitate to participate in a candid photo shoot and capture herself in pictures in her underwear. However, for a girl who broadcasts with a sports bias, the figure of Irina is appropriate. It is worth noting that Irina Shadrina has maintained excellent forms, despite the fact that she is the mother of two children.


Irina Shadrina is a fan of the football club "Rubin".
Headbutt.Irina Shadrina
“My choice is due to the fact that I was born in Kazan, this is my team a priori,” says Irina, “and it doesn’t matter where I will live later, I will always be rooting for this club. Everyone looks at me in amazement and asks the question: “You are ailing for Ruby.” I seem to be in opposition. ”
Irina even names specific players with whom she sympathizes.
“I really like the goalkeeper, Ryzhikov. Very nice guy, adult, sensible, with a good sense of humor. I also like midfielder Alexander Ryazantsev. A young guy, charming, good, effective, open, I love such people, ”says the TV presenter.
Just Irina not so long ago in the plane met with Salvatore Boketti. He plays at number 27, and this is Shadrina’s favorite number. She was born on this day, her car number contains this number and a lot of things from the 27th. She is also delighted with the Italian, and believes that he has a great future.


Irina Shadrina often happens abroad. And she loves shopping there. The girl loves calm, discreet clothes without excesses. At work, the TV presenter wears dresses, and in everyday life she prefers to relax from them and walks in T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. But still believes that in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman should be a black cocktail dress.However, Irina, besides black, loves dark blue, brown, blue, beige and white.
Famous TV presenter knows English wellFamous TV presenter knows English well
“I'm not a little girl, I have a height of 180 centimeters. And, as a rule, in ordinary stores, I do not find things for myself. I need long jeans and long sleeves. In ordinary dresses waist is always higher than necessary. The standard height for which sew dresses, 15 centimeters less. And therefore, when I find a dress on my height, it is already perfect, ”says Irina Shadrina.

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