Iron Man Costume for Carnival

After the movie about Iron Man appeared on the screens, his hero gained immense popularity around the world. Some fans of this hero had the idea to create the exact costume of Iron Man from the film or to invent their own image of this hero.iron man costume

Fans of their idols

Norwegian John Beckensten spent more than a year to create an Iron Man costume. For this he used plastic and fiberglass. But the American Anthony Lee, in order to recreate the costume of his favorite hero, used polyurethane plates and a special mixture of sculpted clay and resin. And to make the costume realistic in the course went old parts, servos, rivets and LEDs.

A few tips to create a costume

If you also decide to become a designer, then you will need fresh ideas, inexhaustible inspiration and a unique approach to the choice of material. It is necessary to make the costumes of Iron Man, starting with the development of all the component parts, and the dynamics of movements should be taken into account.To do this, you can find drawings and use their copies in various sources, or you can create your own drawings. To make a helmet, it is best to take tin or any soft metal. Just do not forget to make functional gaps and after cutting parts to process the edges.

iron man costume

It is best to fasten parts with rivets and staples - it is less traumatic and fast enough. Inside the frame of the helmet you need to glue with any soft cloth and insert glass from sunglasses or reflective lenses into the slits for the eyes. As a basis for the body, you can use any jumpsuit. It is desirable that he was under the throat and from the dark dense fabric. Well, if the fabric is with a lycra thread, it will not fold when moving. To be comfortable on the fabric to attach armor, use a dummy. For painting parts, it is best to take car paint in cans. She lays down exactly, and gives the desired shine. And if you are able to make hydraulic devices so that the parts are connected and at the same time move freely, then the frame for the body in this case is cut out taking into account the holes and fastenings for auxiliary elements.Only on your skill and imagination depends on what you get Iron Man. The costume can be just a fancy or technological invention. But in any case, the child will be delighted.

iron man costumes

How to make a suit of Iron Man out of paper?

To do this, you will need heavy paper (160 g / sq. M), a sharp cutter, a cutting mat, an awl, tweezers, epoxy glue and PVA, fiberglass, glue gun, paint, ruler and velcro. Armed with drawings, transfer them to your paper, begin to cut and glue the necessary parts. When glue the helmet, it should be greased with epoxy glue. As soon as the glue dries, fiberglass will be used (glass mat can be used). You cut the material into squares and stripes and on the inside you glue it in several layers. To give a perfectly smooth shape, you can use a primer, putty and sandpaper. All other parts of the costume are made in the same way as the helmet. Particularly small parts need to be held with tweezers while they are glued together, and stationery clips help very well with this. Finished parts covered with automotive paint.To connect all the parts you need a glue gun. In those places where the details of the suit should be movable, glued gum. This is the lower part of the leg, the belt and phalanxes of the fingers. In order to connect the parts, you can use the Velcro (they are sold in any fabric store). Just in the right places stick their pieces. That is, in principle, the whole basic manufacturing process. The suit of the iron man is almost ready! It remains to show imagination in the work with the illuminated costume and other accessories for him.

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