Is it possible to love two?

Love triangles ... is it possible? This question takes us by surprise. And the first desire is to say "no!" At once. But there are in life situations where one spouse is cheating right away two people who love him, and he does not like anyone. What is it - love two people at once?

Threesome Relationships

Is it possible to love two? There are many films about love triangles, which we are anxiously watching. We experience for the heroes, while trying to understand what exactly a woman and a man are looking for in such a split of relations.

Is it possible to love two at the same time? Unfortunately, or, perhaps, fortunately, but such situations are encountered. What if you love two people? Man does not have power over this. He can not order his heart. Sometimes it seems like a serious relationship with one person becomes an attachment, a habit. And suddenly a new attraction appears on the horizon. The passion is inflamed. Here it is necessary to include your mind and think about whom you are experiencing real feelings and with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Here at once the question arises about the relationship to two men or two women.

Love Triangle and Morals

Since the possibility of such asituation is not in doubt, I would like to consider this issue from a moral point of view: can you love two at the same time? It is clear that there are societies where love for two people does not violate moral standards. For example, in the Muslim tradition, the husband has the right to have several wives, as they say - like two girls, but, on the other hand, they do not create marriages for love.

And what about a man who loves twowomen, but at the same time adheres to the usual religious views? To begin with, find out for yourself what you are willing to sacrifice: the truth in a relationship with a spouse or a quiet sleep? It's worthwhile to figure out for yourself what feelings you feel for each participant in your love afflictions. If you have not yet confessed your love, consider whether it is worth it. If you confess and stand on the verge of betrayal, take a pause for a day or two, stay alone with yourself and soberly assess the situation, what to do next, so as not to ruin your life completely. If all this does not help, contact an experienced psychologist, but be prepared for the difficulties that await you in the future in order to return to the normal track of your life.

I love two men. What to do?

Often there are situations where a womanfalls into such a labyrinth: at the same time I love two men. Sometimes this happens not on purpose, but on its own. Sometimes a woman herself is looking for a lover. The husband is immersed in work, devotes little time and attention, and the woman wants warmth and affection. So she is looking for this attention on the side. A woman loves two men. The romance is gradually twisting, but there comes a period in her life that she begins to understand that their relationship has gone too far and to break the relationship with neither one nor the other can not be physically or morally. What should she do in this situation? To begin with, calm down and do not do foolishly. It is important in this situation to shield yourself from communicating with both men.

If there is an opportunity to leave for a couple of days,think, come to, consult with your mom, girlfriend or just a person you can trust, do it. And if nothing helps, it makes sense to seek help from a psychologist. In any case, the grief between the two partners is very difficult to call love, because in one partner you are looking for something that is lacking in the other. Consequently, these two people in your life, these two kinds of relationships are one big aggregate, mutually complementing each other.

Where is the mistake

Therefore, it is best for you to understand: maybe in one case - it's just a habit, and in another - just a passion. Maybe your relationship with one for the sake of benefit and benefit, and with another - real, sincere feelings. Think about it properly, and then it will become much easier to live, since you will not torment yourself with doubts about any partner.

And in conclusion I want to say: cherish what you have, do not try to destroy what others can not even build. Take care of your loved ones. You can turn mountains for them, if your feelings are real!

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