Medicine "Isoniazid": instructions for use

The drug "Isoniazid" is a synthetic anti-TB drug that has a high bacteriostatic activity against the causative agents of tuberculosis.

Therapeutic effect of the drug "Isoniazid"

The instruction indicates that the active ingredient is isoniazid, a substance isolated from isonicotinic acid.isoniazid instructionThe tool has a bactericidal effect against bacteria tuberculosis. However, other pathogens have no pronounced effect. When treating children, the drug is prescribed only for a positive test for tuberculin.

The release form of the drug "Isoniazid"

A prescription prescribed by a doctor may contain various types of medication. Indeed, the drug is released in the form of a solution for injections and tablets. It should be noted that the solution has no particular advantages over the use of tablets. The therapeutic effect in both cases is about the same.

Indications for use of the drug "Isoniazid"

The instruction says that the medicine is indicated for all forms of tuberculosis, meningitis tuberculosis. The tool is taken as part of complex treatment, regardless of age. The use of the drug is effective in acute processes.isoniazid recipeThe drug is prescribed for the elimination of mixed infections with the joint intake of sulfonamides, antibiotics, fluoroquinolones. Tablets are used for the prevention of tuberculosis in contact with patients with this ailment in an active form, children under four years old and the elderly with a positive analysis.

Contraindications medication "Isoniazid"

The instruction prohibits the use of medication for hypersensitivity, a tendency to seizures convulsive and epilepsy, poliomyelitis, hepatonephritic failure, ailments of the nervous system and mental pathologies. Treatment is unacceptable in myxedema, psoriasis, ischemia, toxic hepatitis, diseases of the peripheral and optic nerves, eczema, phlebitis, pulmonary and cardiac insufficiency, cirrhosis of the liver, bronchial asthma, hypertension, marked atherosclerosis.

Side effects of the drug "Isoniazid"

The manual says that at acceptable doses, the drug is well tolerated.isoniazid analoguesHowever, in some situations, allergic skin reactions, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, headache, pain symptoms in the heart area can be observed. In addition, psychosis, drug-induced hepatitis, euphoria, and worsening sleep may develop. Negative reactions subside with a decrease in dosage or a temporary interruption in therapy.

The drug "Isoniazid": analogues and instructions

The drug is taken orally in various ways: inhalation, intramuscularly, intravenously, intracavernous and in the form of tablets. Therapy is long and depends on the severity of the pathology, age and tolerability of the drug. Tablets give once a day, 300 mg. Children remedy prescribed in a volume calculated by multiplying 10 mg per patient weight. Injections are made with deviations of the gastrointestinal system. To the most high-quality analogs can be attributed drug "Izozid".

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