Knitting hat-turban: process description

The turban is a traditional headdress for residents of India, Africa and other hot regions of the Earth. Ethnic motifs in tailoring are used quite often. Designers are attracted by the unusual forms and materials, of which the peoples of the world once came up with a variety of styles. This headdress is not only available on the catwalks with high fashion - everyone can repeat this unusual model from scrap materials. Popular among needlewomen is a wool or acrylic hat-turban, knitted. Description of the process of working with photos and diagrams can be found in our article.

What to wear

In appearance, this headdress evokes a strong association with the Eastern world, snake charmers, and the desert. This is what attracts many fashionistas. Fans of non-standard parts of the wardrobe have to taste its exoticism. The coat of the simplest cut will sparkle with new colors along with a similar accent.

hat turban knitted description photo

A turban hat knitted with knitting needles will suit almost any face and head shape. The description of successful and stylish combinations let us consider together. Of course, such a hat is ideal for women with an oval face and high forehead, but this is not at all an indispensable condition.

Now the turban is worn not only by representatives of the Eastern world and Muslim women, but also by European women of fashion. Also, turban habitually combined with a wardrobe in the style of boho. However, modern fashion breaks all stereotypes and canons. Now it is not uncommon to see on the street a girl in a turban and in a short dress or sundress. This choice is often made in the summer, when the sun is especially scorching. In this case, the headdress does protect against overheating and completes the summer look.

An elegant and stylish turban with an evening dress on the floor. This accessory is used even by famous divas on the red carpet. There are still countless options with which you can combine this accessory: with a classic office suit and shoes, with a strict knee-length dress, and even with jeans and a t-shirt. A matter of taste, which option will appeal to you.

knitted hat turban knitting scheme and description

List of required materials

For experienced needlewomen, there is nothing simpler than a turban cap knitted with knitting needles. A description of the materials used is not required, because they will be found at home by any craftswoman who knows how to use the basic tools for handmade. So, to create an unusual headdress with your own hands, you need to take:

  • 150 grams of yarn of any thickness and shade;
  • standard needles 2.5-3 mm, which will correspond to the thickness of the threads.

That's all! No more magic rituals are needed to get started. You can tune in to a creative tune, pick up a brooch or other jewelry and set about knitting the canvas itself.

Knitted hat-turban knitting: scheme and description

Even if you have never dealt with knitting and yarn, it’s not too late to learn a new craft. Especially in this model there are no daunting patterns and hard-to-reach parts. Newcomers in needlework can easily cope with the task.

Many people know how difficult it is sometimes to find a suitable headdress for you - it doesn’t fit the face or the shade doesn’t fit the coat. When the preparatory stage of selecting the threads is over, our turban cap knitted will already be half ready. The description of the knitting process will be described in detail below.

Knitting turban: a description of how to sew a finished canvas

knitting turban cap description

So, all the materials in front of you and there is a great desire to make your own hands a fashion accessory. Then let's get started:

  1. We collect the height of the turban (approximately 24 loops), and then we knit a row, half the circumference of your head, minus 2 cm.
  2. We divide loops equally. The left side of the canvas is removed on an additional knitting needle or pin and set aside. To the right, add 4 rows of loops. Then we change them in places and put all the loops on one knitting needle to knit the second half of the strip.
  3. In order not to spoil the drawing, where there are two identical loops, we knit together, and in the end it is necessary to make an increase. Close the row.
  4. Next, we knit 8 rows using the pattern "English gum", and the next 2.5 cm we use the pattern "1x1 gum".

The bottom of the product is done like this:

  • We knit 2 rows using stocking knitting.
  • We knit a pair of facial loops together - this is a series of reductions.
  • The next 3-4 rows - ordinary knitted stockings.
  • Next 2 rows - double stocking stitching (combine 2 loops together).
  • The last 8 loops tightened.

The bottom of the headdress can be steamed, necessarily using wet gauze. Such is the simple scheme of creating a hat that you can not buy in the store.

What you get

The beauty of handmade in the uniqueness of each product. One of these masterpieces - a turban hat, knitting. Description, photos of the finished cap we have already considered, but it will not be superfluous to once again admire how the famous women elegantly connect their outfit with an unusual headdress.

knitting turban description how to sew

You now know how to tie a turban with your own hands and with which it can be successfully combined. Creative inspiration to you and easy loops!

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